How to Make a Full-Time Income Working Online

make full time income online
Tired of the same old 9-5? Looking for a change in pace? Maybe something with greater flexibility and more opportunity to improve your income? Working online isn’t something out of a fairy tale; in fact, thousands of Americans make a full-time living working online from their home, a coffee shop, or even their own office. Here’s how to make a full-time income working online.


You can become a freelancer in a variety of industries; from writing and editing to journalism to photography, graphic design, web design, and more. The possibilities with freelancing are only limited by what you can push yourself to do. With freelancing, you’ll be able to choose your hours, your rates, and your clients; giving you as much creative freedom as possible.

This is an excellent option for stay-at-home parents or anyone who doesn’t want to clock into the office any longer. Working remotely as a freelancer allows you to go anywhere in the world and still be able to perform your tasks. Always wanted to move out of your hometown, but your job is holding you back? Freelancing might just be the solution for you.

There are several platforms available, such as Fiverr, which work to connect freelancers with new clients from all over the world. Fiverr is a pretty popular freelance platform, with thousands of users per month; so you’ll find no shortage of potential clients available to you. 

Surveys and Task Work

If you sign up for a few different survey-taking sites, you could easily make a full-time income just completing task work and surveys. Companies pay big money for the information that you and other survey takers provide about their products and retail practices, and you can cash in on this lucrative business via sites like Survey Junkie.

Most survey sites operate the same; you’ll complete surveys and task work, get awarded virtual points or rewards, and when you’ve accumulated enough points, you can cash out for a payment or gift card.

Survey taking isn’t the most profitable online gig, but you can certainly make a decent amount of money if you sign up for a few different survey sites at once. Just be sure they’re legitimate sites, as there are still scam survey sites that won’t actually pay anything for your efforts. Read reviews on Survey Junkie if you’re interested in giving this money-making method a try.

Etsy or E-commerce

If you’re good at making crafts or other hand-made goods, the Etsy marketplace might be a good option for you to turn your simple hobby into a money-making venture. Etsy is a worldwide marketplace that focuses on quality hand-made items from artisans all over the globe, and you can join the community simply by signing up.

You’ll be charged a small amount for each listing, but Etsy is quite affordable, and plenty of vendors do their business exclusively with the site. The site has an impressive user base, which gives you plenty of exposure to potential customers from all over the world. You can sell pretty much anything on Etsy, provided it adheres to the site’s guidelines. Your selling practices also must meet certain guidelines, or you risk being booted from the site.

Alternatively, you can start your own e-commerce site to make a full-time income. E-commerce sites grant you the flexibility of owning your own business without the overhead of running a brick and mortar location; which can be quite costly when you account for rent, utilities, insurance, etc.
Should you choose to start your own e-commerce site, you’ll want to hire a professional designer to get your website set up correctly. Don’t be tempted into using DIY sites like Wix or Weebly for your e-commerce site, as you’ll want it to look as professional as possible and function well.


You’ve probably read about how blogging can create extra income, but did you know starting a blog and/or YouTube channel can actually help you generate full-time income? According to, the highest-grossing YouTube content creator is Daniel Middleton; at a whopping $16.5 million. You read that correctly. 16.5 million dollars. How’s that for a full-time income?

Blogging and YouTube channels both generate ad revenue; that is, sponsors pay the content creators money to advertise their products or services on the creator’s platform. With enough of a following, you could be making some serious money. Maybe even enough to quit your 9-5 and become a full-time video producer or blogger.

The hardest part about this option is building your audience. It can take quite a while to build up a large following, but regular uploads and posts combined with quality, entertaining content are your best bet.
People enjoy personal stories of triumph, overcoming adversity, and inspiring stories they can relate to. If you think you have an inspiring message and want to share it with the world and make a full-time income, try YouTube or starting your own blog.

With some hard work and determination, and no small amount of personal marketing, you’ll be able to grow a following, and hopefully, the income level you’re looking for.


There are plenty of ways to make a full-time income online, you just have to know where to look. Keep your eyes open for freelancing opportunities, or start your own store or Youtube channel and start generating some interest in your brand of advice or hand-made products.

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