How to Get the Best ROI from Your Social Media Strategy

Get the Best ROI from Your Social Media
Social media has greatly impacted society and business as a whole. According to Pew Research, around 72% of Americans use social media in some way. Many use social media sites to share information, to connect with friends, and to engage with news content. With a growing number of people flocking to social media, it’s no surprise that businesses morphed their marketing strategies.
It’s safe to say that social media is the future of marketing.

With a successful social media strategy, you can better connect with consumers, increase brand awareness, generate a growing number of leads, and even increase your website traffic. This all leads to more sales and more income.
Here’s what you need to know about getting the best ROI from your social media strategy.

Create a Strategy for Each Platform

Each social media platform that your business has a presence on requires a specific strategy. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others all have their own best practices and nuances for boosting brand awareness and customer engagement. The steps you take for getting likes on Instagram will be very different from how you increase engagement on Facebook.

While you may not need to use every social media platform available today, you'll at least want to know why you're using each platform and which target audience you're looking to reach. It’s also important to know what types of content work best on each platform. No matter which social media sites you choose to use, what’s most important is to always provide quality content. You can be an active member of every social media site, but if your content is boring or not reliable, you won’t achieve your ROI expectations.

Know Your Audience

How well you know your audience will make or break your social media campaign. Social media marketing is all about engaging and connecting with your followers. In order to turn a profit using social media marketing, you need to really know your audience. This includes having a clear idea of what topics most interest your audience, what challenges they face, and what content they prefer.
Without knowing your audience, your entire social media campaign is a shot in the dark. So how can you better understand the wants and needs of your followers?
There are all sorts of ways to better know and understand your social circle. Options include:
  • Responding to comments on posts and blog articles
  • Replying to questions posted on social media
  • Looking at demographics
  • Collecting feedback
Once you have a good idea for your target audience is, and what they want and need, you’re in a much better position to best serve their needs. Getting to know your audience also shows that you care. This is a huge perk when retaining and attracting new customers.

Relevant But Unique Content

As you get to know your target audience, you’ll have a good idea of which topics they most enjoy reading about. You can pinpoint the hottest topics in your industry by using Google Analytics. You can also search through past social media posts and blogs to see which ones spurred the most engagement.

Knowing which content most interests your social networks helps to ensure that your content doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

Post Consistently...

In order to maximize your marketing potential on any social media site, you have to post consistently. Posting a few times a day is ideal for getting the most views. When determining how often you should post on a social media site, you'll want to understand many factors, such as how content posts (i.e. chronologically), the underlying algorithm, and any other factors. How often and when you post greatly depends on the social media platform. Often times you’ll find that you have to tread the fine line between posting enough and posting too much.

Facebook is an ideal example. Many studies have found that one Facebook post each day produces optimal results. In fact, a study conducted by Hubspot found that businesses that posted more than once a day experienced a 50% drop in engagement for each post. On the other hand, if your business has an active Twitter page, you’ll want to tweet between 3 to 30 times each day.

…And At the Right Time

Timing also plays a role in the success of your social media marketing campaign. You won’t get much engagement if you post a new blog or an Instagram photo when most of your followers are asleep. Research when your target audience is most active on social media, and then focus on posting during those times in order to optimize engagement. For example, the most liked videos on YouTube are often posted on Thursdays and Fridays between 12 pm and 3 pm (based on your audience’s time zone). This is because these times are when the largest number of users are actively searching for new video content to watch.


A social media strategy can be a huge success, especially if it’s properly planned and is designed to meet your target audience’s needs. Be sure to follow these tips and tricks so that you can get the best ROI from social media marketing now and long into the future.

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