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"Best CPM Ad Network" - Does such a terminology even exists? Or it should rather be "Best CPM Ad Network as Per your Needs"? In fact with industry giants like Google AdSense, there can surely be no other company worthy to compete this billion dollar giant in providing state of the art technology for publishers to monetize their websites and blogs. But not every publisher qualifies for AdSense and not every publisher likes contextual advertisements to display on his site. How can you choose to decide which one out of the long list of ad networks is actually trustworthy? As a result you are all set to look for best alternatives to AdSense and BuySellAds that may help you make some extra passive income from your available ad slots.

best CPM ad networks 2018

We use Buysellads on our sites but we have recently started testing selling unsold ad space or backfill ads using AdClerks, formerly known us PublicityClerks which we  reviewed last year and still recommend as the best alternative to buysellads and surely amongst the list of best CPM Ad networks of 2018 due to its quality platform and auto-pilot revenue engine that surely helps you to increase ad revenue earnings.


What is AdClerks?

AdClerks is a rising star amongst top CPM ad networks. It provides fully automated self serve ad platform, allowing users to buy & sell online ads on an open marketplace featuring hundreds of hand picked sites. It has so far succeeded in attracting over 10,000 registered websites and advertisers and serves over 15 million ad impressions monthly.

AdClerks is based in UK with a hand-picked international team of digital experts led by James H. 

If you are looking to sign-up and submit your blog or website to AdClerks or get more information about its payment terms and site features then please read the in-depth review below.

Introduction To OneClerk

OneClerk is a new ad network exclusive to AdClerks users that offers publishers with the power to sell unsold ad space via CPM ads. OneClerk automatically monetizes your unsold ad space while still making your ad slot available to purchase on AdClerks marketplace.

OneClerk is a powerful CPM ad network that helps you make extra cash from your unsold ad impressions by instantly loading ads via backfill with a 80% fill rate.

See this daisy chain for easy understanding:

AdClerks ad zoneif unsoldOneClerk ads if not enabled'Advertise here' banner or 'Backfill code'

For example if you have created an ad zone but no advertiser is currently interested to purchase that slot, then why wait and waste those precious page impressions? Instead of waiting you can let OneClerk to instantly sell that empty inventory for you on CPM revenue model for as long as your ad slot is not sold out. OneClerk will display only family-friendly ads  from quality advertisers and brands.

You can also use OneClerk on BuySellAds using the backfill option to sell your unsold ad slots. All you need to do is to paste the AdClerks asynchronous JavaScript code inside the backfill box.

You can replace that 'Advertise here' label on unsold space at buysellads with a high paying advert from quality advertisers, automatically using OneClerk.

display OneClerk ads on buysellads

Following is a brief breakdown of how OneClerk works:

  1. OneClerk can be enabled only on Ad zones having ad size 300x250
  2. Revenue generates via a dynamic CPM
  3. OneClerk ads vary and are GEO targeted, so you will not always see them. It will be displayed to targeted audience of your site only.
  4. Viewable ad impressions and revenue data are recorded every hour on the stats page
  5. Earnings will be credited to your AdClerks account balance after 2 months
  6. Your ad zone will still be purchasable on the AdClerks marketplace and will override OneClerk ads if purchased
  7. You can opt-out or disable certain ads anytime by contacting support

You can find more information about OneClerk here.

Get OneClerk Approval By Sending Opt-In Request

Before you may start using it, you will need to send an opt-in request to get OneClerk approval from AdClerks team. There is no strict eligibility criteria for getting OneClerk approval except that your website or blog must be in good overall standing when it comes to monthly impressions, quality content and professional design.

Follow these easy steps for sending Opt-in request for OneClerk:

  1. Log Into your AdClerks account
  2. Then click OneClerk option under the Publishers tab on your sidebar
    OneClerk dashboard
  3. You will see a notice that your site is not yet approved with OneClerk. In order to get listed simple click the green button at your top-right. Opt-in to OneClerk
  4. AdClerks team will review your site and if it was eligible, your site will get OneClerk approval instantly within next 24 hours.
  5. Once approved, OneClerk is activated automatically and you can start selling unsold ad impressions!

After receiving the green signal you can start creating a new 300x250 zone or enable OneClerk on an existing Ad zone.

Setup Up a 300x250 Ad zone For Sale on AdClerks

Only this size is eligible with OneClerk ads at the moment. So you will need to enable OneClerk only on an Ad zone having dimensions of 300px wide and 250px long.

Setup your new zone by following these basic steps:

  1. Click "My Websites" from your AdClerks Dashboard
    AdClerks websites list
  2. Then click "New Ad Zone" button Create new Ad Zone in AdClerks
  3. Fill the form. Make sure to choose the 300 x 250 option while selecting Ad Size. Click the "Submit" button and you are all done! Choose ad size 300x250
  4. You will be displayed with the JavaScript code that you will paste on your website. If you want to enable OneClerk on this ad zone, simply click the "Edit Zone" button to right as shown in the picture below: Edit zone in AdClerks
  5. Scroll to the bottom of your page and you will see the option "Enable OneClerk" Enable OneClerk
  6. Click the submit button and your zone will instantly start displaying CPM ads for all your unsold ad impressions.
  7. Now you can monetize every impression as shown below, that simple! :) OneClerk dashboard showing ad earnings

Any Questions Regarding Setting Up OneClerk?

If you face any problems in enabling OneClerk functionality in your account then feel free to ask me by posting your comments below. I would love to help you. If you have not yet joined AdClerks then I strongly recommend that you join it by reading this tutorial.

If your AdSense account is disabled or AdSense has rejected your website or if you have failed at getting BuySellAds approval, you can still try your luck by joining AdClerks which is a new player and not that strict in approving new sites currently. Every new brand treats you with softness at first. I got my buysellads approval easily years ago but today their approval criteria has gone really tough. This could happen to AdClerks as well, who are soft at present but they can grow strict as soon as they grow too big. So better today then regretting tomorrow. Wish you all a safe blogging journey and sustainable ad revenue earnings. :)

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