Why Blogspot Gives Two Description Fields To Edit?

two description fields in blogspot blogs

Blogger dashboard settings allow users to change the description of the blog twice once under the "Basic" option and next under "Search Preferences > Meta Tags" option. Blogspot users often find it confusing to understand the purpose behind each of these description boxes. We will discuss in detail the basic difference between each of these description boxes.

Purpose of Blog Description Field Under "Basic" Option

You can edit this description of the blog by going to Blogger > Settings > Basic : Basic.

blogspot description box

Description under Basic option is your front-end description of the blog that is shown as text under your Blog Title inside the Header section. You can call it as your blog punch line, blog slogan or a brief blog description. It must be short and precise, not longer than 3-4 words which could be your targeted keywords also. .

Note: It is not your meta description that is displayed in search results. It is your front-end textual blog description that is shown to your blog visitors. You can choose to display this description or hide it. It has no SEO value compared to meta description that we will discuss later in this post.

In our case it is "Transforming Bloggers Into Entrepreneurs"

blogspot description below blog title

Purpose of Description Field Under "Meta Tags" Option

You can edit this description of the blog by going to Blogger > Search preferences > Meta tags: Description.

blogspot meta description box

This your blog's Meta Description that gives search robots a brief introduction of your blog in no more than 150 characters. This is not shown to your blog visitors but is added inside the template source file. Visit your blog and click "Ctrl + U" to view source. Search for "Description" and you will see the meta description HTML tag as shown below:

blogspot meta description box

I have created several tools for creating SEO friendly meta description tags which you can try below:

By default blogger shows your blog meta description inside all your blog posts, static pages and archive/search pages. As a result of this two meta description tags are created on your source page. Once for the blog homepage and once for the post description (description you type in blogger editor: search option). To counter this problem read the following post where I have suggested a perfect solution:

If you can't see a meta description option for your blog posts in the editor then please read this post:

I hope this post may have cleared your confusion on what exactly is the difference between each of these description fields. Let me know if you have any questions. Peace buddies =)

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