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Create labels and pages in Open Live WriterNow when Windows Live Writer is dead and Open Live Writer has taken its place as its Open source clone, many blogger users have started complaining about errors and absence of features in OLW. We have already discussed how to fix these OLW errors and today we will share some exciting tweaks to help you organize blog labels and edit Blogger static Pages using the new Open Live Writer. Note that the official download copy of OLW has no option to set categories but do supports to add/create stand-alone pages but with this simple tweak you will be able to create new categories and assign multiple categories to a post. This tutorial is first time shared online to help you make the best possible use of OLW's unreleased features.

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Category Option is available only in the Nightly Copy

Inside your OLW window, Click the tab "Blog Account" followed by "Blog options"

blog options

Then click the link "See blog capabilities" just below the password field.


capability in OLW

You can clearly see that the following options are not supported:

  • Categories
  • Multiple Categories 
  • New Categories

Which means neither can you apply a label or multiple labels nor can you create a new label for your blog posts.

To enable the Category box, you will need to download and install the "Nightly" setup copy.

Difference between Nightly and Release

According to Scott hanselman (OLW co-developer) they have two builds of Open Live Writer, the NIGHTLY (they build it many times a day) and the RELEASE. They use the nightly for testing, but it means that Open Live Writer will be downloading 5 megabytes every day, a few times a day and updating itself with features they are testing. Release copy is updated a few times a year, maybe once a month but the Nightly copy is updated on daily basis to test new features. .

So if you want to get the most updated copy each time just like I did and had the benefit of getting an extra feature of "Category", you can surely uninstall your Release copy and replace it with a Nightly one.

No Category Option in Release

no category option

Category Option in Nightly

Category option available in OLW

As you can see there exists a Category box just to the left of "Set post date" utility.

Organize Labels in Open Live Writer

(1) Setting a Label

Blogger labels are case sensitive but OLW has handled this problem quite smartly. You don't need to worry about letter casing while assigning labels to your posts in OLW. All you need to take care is to ensure you are not making any spelling mistakes.

For example if your blogger label is "Affiliate Marketing" , you can easily set this label to your post inside OLW by writing "affiliate marketing" or even "AffiLiatE markETING" , no matter what you write as long as the spelling is correct, OLW will apply the label correctly. Spelling mistakes would create new labels in your blog!

To set multiple labels to a blog post, comma separate labels inside the "Category box" . As shown below:

adding labels

(2) Create a New Label

You can also create new labels inside Open Live Writer to tag your blog posts.

Simply write down your new Label inside the "Category Box" and publish your post to Blogger! That's it.

creating new label

New Label will be created and added automatically to your blog post. Thus OLW helps better organization of your blog categories. You can easily create, remove or apply label to a specific post but if you wish to delete a label from your blog completely then you will need to do that through your blogger dashboard.

Creating and Editing a Static Page

This is an amazing new feature that OLW has which "Windows Live Writer" lacked. This option was only available for WordPress blogs but now thanks to "Open Live Writer" opensource courtesy, blogspot users can create static pages for their blog using OLW editor.

To create a new Page go to File Menu > New post > Choose "New page"

Create a Page

That's it! Give your page a title and hit publish.

To delete a Static Page in blogger, you will need to do that by going to Blogger > Pages

Delete a Page

Need Help?

Let me know if you needed any assistance in better understanding the technical configurations of OLW. I would love to help. I hope this tutorial series may help most of you in better configuring the blogging tool. Peace and blessings buddies! =)

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  1. Does this support WordPress Blogs?

    1. Yes friend, for self hosted wordpress blogs(100% perfect like WLW).But i am not sure for blogs.

    2. yes for sure it supports blogs!

  2. Getting error while trying to install OLW. Please help. :)

    1. Uninstall previous OLW completely and then re-install the nightly version buddy

  3. Aren't the blog labels pulled from the existing blog like WLW?

    1. yes they are pulled from existing labels created at

    2. I can see the labels even refresh:

      If open existing posts, it comes along. But writing new post doesn't show the label for selection.

  4. Hello,
    Nice blog.
    This blog given us info about hoe we can edit label and content of blog online.
    Thank you for this article.
    BY Anaya

  5. I used to place ads in my blogger posts. Is there any possibility to see the HTML view of our blogger posts in OLW so that I can place my ads from there?

  6. Last summer I upgraded Windows Live Writer to the most recent version. After that I could no longer use it. I have since upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and was very happy to get WLW (and Photo Gallery). PG works just fine, but WLW doesn't. When I try to publish a post I get a message not found:not found. I went searching and found Open Live Writer. I was happy about that. It seems to work as well as WLW EXCEPT for one thing--there are no pictures showing on my blog preview or whatever you would call it. I use the 'new' theme for blogger. Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, Timeslide show a picture from each post when the blog page opens. All the posts prior to Windows 10 are showing a picture. I gave up posting for awhile because of not having WLW (I used a different computer which still had the 'old' version of WLW). Now I'm back to posting, but all that shows on the preview page is a blank square with the name of the post. I've even tried putting the picture before any text, but still just that blank square. Yesterday I composed a post in Word using the blog template, but I can't post from there. I just typed there and copied and pasted into the blogger template on the website. Then I had to add the pictures there, which is a pain.
    Why aren't pictures showing on the preview page as they do for the WLW posts and the blogger post? Is there something I am missing that I need to do?
    It is so easy to find a certain post--all I have to do is look for the picture I know is in the post, easier than trying to remember the title of the post.
    My version of OLW is Build