How can a "Fish Aquarium" Keep you Punctual in Office?

Fish aquarium keeps one punctual in officeAround 22 beautiful and colorful Malawi, guppy and tropical fishes joined STCnetwork! These fishes were brought in for a purpose that is extremely related to work productivity and performance. The most difficult of all things for an entrepreneur is remaining punctual with office work. When you have no boss at top to monitor and supervise your activities, as a human we are all bound to become lazy and lethargic at some point and especially unpunctual when it comes to Office timings.  I love sleeping a lot and barely open my eyes unless I have slept enough for 12 hours! As a result my office opening timings are never fixed, sometimes I go at 11:00 AM while sometimes I go at 3:00PM. Indeed this habit will make me dump and lazy in future if I don't take precautionary steps to avoid sleeping a lot and making sure I setup a fix time to go office every morning. Neither did exercise help me with this lazy habit nor did sleeping early at night. The only best solution that I came around was placing a "Fish Aquarium" or "Fish Tank" at the Office!

Fish Feeding really makes one Punctual

Fishes are fed twice every 24 hours using a food supplement that looks like spherical balls which includes necessary nutrition for a healthy fish life. These fishes are so cute and adorable that you can barely miss feeding them on time else they would have a much shorter life and some would barely survive. Fishes even eat each other's wings or tails when they are not properly fed. Since they are living beings just like us, so I make sure that I treat them with care and feed them on time without delaying.

This habit has made be in fact quite punctual. Sometimes I jump off my bed just to reach office the sooner possible so that I may feed these little babies on time with proper diet. Just yesterday, I left my breakfast because I had a dull sinking sensation within my stomach that may be the little creatures are hungry, so I rushed straight to Office and started feeding the little ones. I had my breakfast after the fishes were properly served!

Aquarium keeps you and your customers socially active!

I never feel alone when I am in office thanks to these colorful little beings that smiles at you when you look at them. They even are quite hospitable to customers who visit the office. Customers find these colorful creatures quite fascinating and these clever beings never miss an opportunity of bringing a smile on a new visitor's face. =)

They keep the office lively, full of love, harmony and joy. Seeing so many lively colors in front of your eyes really makes one more productive and vigilant throughout the day.

Some Tropical Fishes are deadly carnivorous!

I am not sure if this term would be right for these beautiful little creatures but in fact the little ones are way quicker and sharper compared to the larger ones. Two days have passed now and around 4 of the fishes are hunted down by the Shifu Gang (it's the name I have given to the naughty ones), amongst the dead are the black balloon fish and few Malawi ones. The shifu group eats up the tails and wings of the bigger ones and I honestly feel too bad when I find a fish being badly tortured by this group. I am new to fish keeping and not well trained on what combination of fishes are kept together to make sure they breed and live for a longer period. The shop keepers being profit-motivated misguided me in this matter but with time I am learning how to keep better care of them and make sure no one is harassed! =d

Share your experience and feeding tips!

Let me know what tips could you give me to take better care of these little babies and make sure they are well looked after. How often do you feed them and what tips can you share regarding the combination and selection of same type of fishes that live in harmony without eating up each other! :p

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  1. Mohammad, you shared a nice idea which can really make us punctual. I like the name of your naughty fishes, hehehe. It made me smile because, actually, the word "Gang" is usually used for the people who make violence. So, "Shifu Gang" is perfect name for them.
    I have no experience with Fishes. So I can't give you suggestions. You can find some tips on internet. By the way, this post is instructive and entertaining as well.

    1. I beleive we all have the child within us who loves exploring things and take joy out of the adventure. Same is the case with me, I love birds and fishes a lot. However this is the first time I have brought an aquarium:

      The updates are:
      Just bought a Bowl aquarium with Chiclets for my home as well so that the children there may find it interesting! =D

      I also cleaned up the aquarium tank at office because they mess up the water quite quickly and the Filter system also was blocked so had to spend 2 hours in cleaning stuff! =d

  2. Wow... Just Great. I also have the wish to buy Fish Aquarium and Insh Allah I will buy one Soon :)

  3. Make sure you pick the right selection of fish else they would bite one another!! :D