Auto Update Credits Info in Template Footer

autoupdate credits info in template footerIt makes a lot of sense to always add your website name along with Copyrights Date/time in Footer credits to let your users get accustomed to your brand identity and also know that you reserve full copyrights of the content you share on your blog. A credit link consists of mostly your Trademark/benchmark name (i.e. Blog Title) and the Time interval for which you deserve full ownership of your Blog resources and of its use and distribution. When we design Blogger templates we often add Credit links or attribution links at the bottom of the blog footer to let everyone know who designed and developed the template.

In your case if you want to remind your visitors of who owns the content and resources then you can surely use the simple script shared below which will dynamically insert your Blog Title, Blog link and current Year in your blog to let everyone know of your Copyrights. After using this XHTML + JavaScript, no matter how many years may pass by, your footer credits will always show the current Copyrights Legal Date, thus preventing you from manually updating the Date each year and Blog Title each time you update the Site Title. If it is 2015 it will show © 2015 and in 2020 it will automatically get updated to © 2020. Therefore this tutorial will help you Auto Insert Copyrights Legal Date and Trademark in Blogger Footer Credits. Lets get started

Update Blogger footer Credits

1 Go To Blogger > Template > Backup your Template

2 Click Edit HTML

3 Search your Footer Credits code and replace the contents with this Simple code.


<a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'><data:blog.title/>™ </a>© <script type='text/javascript'>document.write(new Date().getFullYear());</script>, All Rights Reserved.


My Blogger Tricks™ © 2015, All Rights Reserved.

Things to note:

  • data:blog.homepageUrl will be replaced with your Blog Homepage URL
  • <data:blog.title/>™ will be replaced with your Homepage title i.e. Your Trademark
  • The green highlighted script will be replaced with Current new Date of the year. getFullYear() returns the year in four digits. You can learn more about it at JavaScript Date Reference
  • You can replace the bold black text with any custom message you may like

4 Finally save your template!

Your Footer will now be automatically updated each time you change your blogspot blog title or when the new year arrives!

Need Help?

Let me know if you needed any help with this simple XHMTL trick that uses Blogger layout tags and some simple JavaScript. Wish you great weekend buddies. Have fun with friends and family. Peace buddies! =)

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  1. Hi Mustafa,

    That is a really cool piece code which you've shared. It is always advised to keep the copyright year updated and inserting this line of code will give us relief from bothering to change it every year.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I am so glad you found it useful and worth trying. Surely I needed it too so applied it on most of my blogs ;)

  2. Great Post Bhai, Really Helpfull

  3. Mohammad, is your blog affected by Panda update?

    1. Alhamdulillah not but why are you asking? Have you experienced a traffic drop? :/

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      And, I am not experiencing traffic drop but a wondering traffic increase. In previous week, (on 23 July) I had posted that I am temprary closing Blogger Guiders and that time, my alexa rank was 400,000+, backlinks was 90+ and traffic was 100+ pageviews. But now, I have stopped posting on it and now, Alexa rank is 300,000+ (and decreasing fastly), Backlinks are 460 and 300+ of them are dofollow and traffic is 250-350 pageviews.

      I don't know how. [img src=''/]

  4. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai ;) thanks bhai really awesome idea :)

  5. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai.. you are the best among the blogger I ever seen

  6. auto page refresh blogger is not violate google adsense policy?

  7. Thanks, dude! It works. But it uses some sort of script. Does that slowed down my pageload a little bit?

  8. Thank You very much for this tricks. I am very thanks full to you. May god blessed you and gift you light in mind, life, and after life. I will share this by crediting you . thank you again.