The Top Search Highlights Of 2014

Each new year brings us joys and sorrows, pain and relief, new innovations and set-backs. But most importantly, leaves behind a legacy - memories and experiences that shape us for the better. If the most popular searches of the year are any indication, 2014 was not too delightful a year. But hey! Life has its up and downs right? Check out this video on the major search highlights in the year 2014.

Robin Williams

The passing of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams shook the world, bringing many people online to search for more information and to remember - and putting Williams in the #1 spot on Google's global trends charts. There was even an uptick in searches related to depression tests and mental health in the days following his death.

World cup

Nothing brings people together like sports, and 2014 had one of the biggest athletic events in recent memory. The World Cup in Brazil had its fair share of unforgettable moments and had everyone glued to their TVs and mobile devices all summer. From Luis Suarez’s bite heard around the world, to Tim Howard's superman performance vs. Belgium, to Germany’s incredible run to their fourth title, the competition certainly lived up to its reputation and topped the charts.

ALS Ice bucket challenge

While sports brought people together, so did a good cause. This year, awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, reached an all-time high around the world due to the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As celebrities and everyday people alike braved a bucket of ice cold water for a cause, donations to help find a cure for the illness hit almost $100 million.

Malaysia Airlines

How could a plane just vanish into thin air? In the wake of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, that question propelled the mystery to the global trends charts. As the investigation continued on the ground and online, people stayed hopeful for a happy ending despite the dim odds: searches for “mh370 found” outnumbered searches for “mh370 lost.”

Certainly not a good year for Aviation, as we saw the most number of air accidents this year.

Peshawar Tragedy

Also, not in this Google video but still widely searched for worldwide in the last couple of weeks is the recent Peshawar tragedy in Pakistan. The brutal terrorist attack on a children's school, killing 132 innocent kids and injuring many more sent shock-waves around the world. The 16/12 incident is no less than a mini 9/11.

But there's light at the end of every tunnel. New year is almost upon us, and many see it as the beginning of a new hope. In the end, life goes on, and it is us who have to decide whether to sit back and mourn, or move forward and make a positive impact.

May the new year be full of happiness and joy for all. Amen

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