Why Should You Join New Social Networks Early On?

Ello and Tsu - new social media to watch
It is true that life has become too fast-paced to be delving into social networks left and right. Joining every other social network is a mark of the overly ambitious, and is sometimes frowned upon. But when a promising new network pops up, getting onto the bandwagon isn't necessarily a bad thing. We have seen two new social networks surface this fall, and here's why you should check them out before everyone else does.
New networks don't make highlights unless they bring something new to the table. Ello, the social network, promises to be anti-Facebook in that it isn't cluttered with ads and spam, whereas Tsu, another new social network, shares its advertising revenue with users and thus allows them to get paid for their social media activity.

Whether these new startups can go up against the likes of Facebook is another matter. But each has a potentially game-changing idea, and some social media power users would rather be on the other side if that happens.

Build contacts

When a network is new, people are more willing to connect because everyone is there exactly to find new friends (plus spam has not spoiled the game yet). At this stage, you can easily find out who is here for fun, and who means business. You can easily identify authoritative profiles, and build strong links with them. These profiles are likelier to respond because they themselves are new to the network and are looking for connections.

Get ahead of the competition

Being first means being put in the spotlight: It’s easier to build your network when you represent the well-established and well-recognized minority. Not only do you get the hang of it before anyone else, you can quickly become an authority and carry on with that reputation.

For example, early users on Twitter who started marketing gained followers quickly because there was little to no competition, and since so many new users were flocking to the network, they were looking for suggestions and found the users already marketing. Some brands took off in this way.

Become an expert

Become an expert on the new network. It helps to be a power user, especially if the community/site becomes big (Easier to build relationships with new members/visitors. Social proof can help to build the trust immediately). You can even suggest improvements to the site. Founders are more likely to listen to a power user.

Also, various networks offer bug bounty programs for power users who are paid to find bugs and security loopholes in the network.

Have you joined any new social networks of late? Let us know of your experiences in the comments section below. Cheers  :)

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