5 Useful Pinterest SEO Tips For Marketers

Pinterest for Business
Pinterest is so much more about sharing images. When you come to think of it, people on Pinterest are more interested in what they want (probably in the future), as opposed to what they're doing (as on Facebook, Twitter etc.). And with Pinterest Guided Search, users can look through billions of pins to find things they've probably never seen before! So in a sense, Pinterest is the perfect network for marketing.
When we talk about search (Guided Search) and marketing, the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) automatically comes to mind. It is a way for marketers to make their content more visible in search.

So in this post, we'll talk about SEO tips for the Pinterest marketer. These tips come directly from Anna Majkowska, a software manager on Pinterest’s search team, who said "it’s not too complicated, easier than optimizing for Google."

1. Profile optimization

It is very important for marketers to complete and optimize their Pinterest Business profile. Keep in mind that you need to have a Pinterest Business Account for branding reasons, and not a personal profile. Here are things you should do;
  • Include your brand name in the Account Name and Username. This helps with branding
  • Write a strong description about your business, and include many relevant keywords
  • Verify your website with Pinterest and gain access to web analytics
Sample profile - Allrecipes

2. Pin Buttons

Encouraging users to pin content from your website primes the Pinterest search pump. The more good pins you get, the better your authority and the higher your posts will rank.

3. Keyword Descriptions

As mentioned above, make sure you full out the descriptions with relevant keywords that describe your business. Be careful, because these descriptions serve as captions, and will make or break potential customers. Avoid using hashtags, because they serve no purpose on Pinterest. Also, when naming boards stick with straightforward, simple names.

4. Rich Pins

Rich Pins are a way to pull structured data from your site and display it on Pinterest. Depending on the type of Rich Pin, they can show price and availability for a product, ingredients for a recipe or address, phone number and a map for a place. Such content ranks higher in Pinterest search. It’s also more visible in Pinterest users’ feeds and therefore has a higher click-through rate.

Check out the post below to learn more about Rich Pins;

5. Get More Followers

Add the follow button to your site, on as many pages as possible. Promote your Pinterest account on other social accounts. The way it works is the more followers you have, the higher authority of your profile and your boards, and the more likely your Pins will rank highly in Pinterest search,

Although Pinterest is dominated by pins about fashion, travel and cooking (which isn't a surprise, since 70% of Pinterest users are women), there are opportunities to target other topics. BuzzFeed has had great success with spreading its humor content. If your topic is competitive, look for niches that have a high volume of searches, but a lower volume of content, such as cocktail juices in the recipes category.

Good luck :)

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