Google Updates Site Search Box In Search Results

sitelinks search box
Sitelinks are Google's way of letting users know what links could possibly be most relevant to them. They help users find content more quickly. Building upon that understanding, Google has implemented a new site search box that appears within sitelinks. This search box will make it easier for users to search for and reach specific content on your site directly from the search results page and through your own site-search pages

What is the site search box?

When users search for your company/website by name, e.g. [my blogger tricks], they may actually be looking for something specific on that website, for example a contact page or a specific section of the site. Usually, when Google algorithms recognized this, they'd display a larger set of sitelinks and an additional search box below that search result, which let users do site: searches over the site straight from the results, for example;

Google announced a few changes to this site search box within search results. This search box will now be more prominent (above the sitelinks), will support auto-complete, and - if you use the right markup - will send the user directly to your website's own search pages.

See the new example below.

As you can see, the box has been moved above the sitelinks in the snippet, and auto-complete results have been added to the search results in that box. In addition, developers can now instruct Google to send the search results directly to their own site by marking it up.

Should you mark up your site?

If you implement the markup on your site, users will have the ability to jump directly from the sitelinks search box to your site’s search results page. If Google doesn't find any markup, it'll show them a Google search results page for the corresponding site: query, as it has already done until now.

We will soon share a tutorial on how exactly to mark up your site as instructed by Google. Til then, stay tuned :) And if you have any questions, feel free to let us know. Cheers :)

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