Why Google Is No Longer Updating PageRank?

Why Google Stopped PageRank Update
PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that rates websites on a logarithmic scale of 0-10, with 10 being the best. Google has had a tradition of updating the algorithm quarterly, but it has now been more than 8 months since the last PageRank in December last year, which in turn was 7 months too late. While in service, it remained one of the more trusted metrics for evaluating the quality and importance of a website, which is why some unfortunate websites are stuck with an undesirable PR rating. So will Google ever update PageRank again? And exactly how important is this metric in SEO today?

Why PageRank updates stopped?

The update was due in the second or third quarter of 2013, but it was not to be, apparently owing to some problem with the PR algorithm. Google's Matt Cutts explained that the 'pipeline' to send PageRank updates to the toolbar is broken, which means that PR will not update automatically.

According to Google, too many people obsess over PageRank, even though it is not 'very important' anymore. Hence, fixing the problem isn't a priority.

The PageRank update in December last year was not entirely intentional. According to Matt Cutts, the "Team was fixing a different back-end service and did a PR update along the way."

Will Google Kill PR?

So what does this mean? Is PageRank doomed, because the data it depicts is now very much out of date? Well, that is not entirely true. PageRank is still relevant.

Bear in mind that the problem was caused by a broken 'pipeline' between PageRank algorithm at the back-end and the toolbar. PageRank is constantly updated for its internal use for ranking pages. It’s just that the outside world doesn’t know about how things have changed in a prompt and consistent manner.

Google obviously thinks that consumers don't need the latest data, because publishers obsess over it too much. So why not pull the meter from the toolbar altogether? Google said that despite everything, consumers still find it useful. Now I'm not sure what exactly do they mean because on the one hand, according to Google, people still need the data. But on the other hand, Google also thinks that people obsess over it too much.

Of course, anyone using the toolbar also sends Google back data about what they’re viewing. So maybe Google keeps the meter going because it wants that viewing data. But even so, they should come clean. Either update it regularly, or remove it altogether!

What do you think about Google's not-so-often-updated PR updates?

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  1. So when does the Google release it's next pagerank update? Do you have any guess? Fun Loud

    1. It is possible that Google may never update PageRank again. That doesn't mean that PR is no longer important. Google still calculates it, and everything about increasing PR probably still holds true. It's just that the public is no longer able to view the updated PR

  2. Yee! First Comment! By the way when google update its pagerank?
    Please can you tell me a tip or trick to improve my site performance i update it daily but Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank are not incresing :(
    This is my site-
    PFCI Tech!

    1. As I said, Google PageRank probably won't be updated again. That doesn't mean it's gone - you just can't see the updated version. Your site could be sitting on PR 8 and you might now know about it :)

    2. Hello,
      I have a free co.vu custom domain. Does it effect my alexa rank not decreasing?

  3. Is there will be no PR update from now and My Blog's PR will not be updated and this may be not good for the ranking and is the PR's of the site's with pr's will be removed or it will be kept continued. But Google may be doing to overcome this :)

    1. It will be kept continued in the background - but won't be visible to the public. Your site might attain PR 8 and you wouldn't know about it!

  4. That's sad for me because I had been trying to increase my PR and you are saying it won't be updated for Public now.