Top Emerging Technologies Entrepreneurs Should Consider

Nurture a Business idea into reality
Are you an Entrepreneur looking for the next big idea that would take the world by storm? Generating ideas for startups can be just as daunting as nurturing them from the ground-up to become successful businesses. Fortunately for Entrepreneurs of today, there is a host of technologies they can utilize to take their business to the next level, be it from an investment standpoint, or for a new startup idea.
Our aim here is to turn our readers into entrepreneurs. So if you're reading this and want to be an entrepreneur, or are already an entrepreneur looking for a business idea, here are some of the latest technologies you can explore, and utilize to nurture your idea into a reality.

Emerging Techs - 2014

3D Printing

3D Printing is perhaps the hottest technology trend today, and although still in its infancy, it holds major potential for technology in the near future. It can help businesses diversify their products, and facilitate pull-based marketing by enabling users to highly customize the products that they want. Besides, 3D Printing will give birth to more innovative products and applications.

3D Printing

In-Car Tech

Our car of today is more machine and less travel companion. But with Google launching Android in cars and Apple following suit with Apple CarPlay, we're one step closer to that dream. In-car technology is another growing trend that holds many opportunities for those looking to build a connected ecosystem of the technologies you wear/carry around and the technologies embedded into cars. Again, there are vast applications of this technology which make it worth exploring.


Bitcoin is the perhaps the second-hottest tech these days (after 3D Printing). It is a currency that is not specific to any region, and hence is free of any fees or taxes. What's more, it is encrypted, and can be sent anywhere in the world instantly without having to wait for bank clearances etc. It's like gold, but only better, and easier to carry! This is one area that holds many promises for the near future.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality will be a paradigm shift with respect to the way we interact with apps and games. It has some major potential, and will give way to as yet unimaginable applications. And not only will it effect software, but hardware as well and how it is made. It can pave the way for some really cool wearable tech as well. Definitely a technology worth looking into.

Virtual Reality

Online Education

As the World becomes more connected with the internet, financial and regional barriers are no longer a concern. You no longer have to go to Stanford or MIT to learn computer programming - you can learn it at home by listening to lectures from experts. This has given rise to various knowledge platforms and online learning solutions. hundreds of millions of people are looking for information, and you can be the one to provide them with what they need. The market is huge, and the possibilities endless.

Home Automation

From automated central heating system to surveillance cameras and other connected hardware and wearables that will assist your life at home, there are literally endless possibilities in and around home automation. Hardware, software apps and services - all can take a turn for the better in this industry, which is only just opening up.

Renewable Energy

As the world consumes more and more non-renewable energy and dries up its fossil fuel reserves, scientists estimate that we only have a few good decades ahead of us. After that, the battle will be fought over non-renewable tech, which has already started to grow. Not only does this industry have a huge investment potential, it could also make daily life easier with limitless free energy. The innovation of today will save the planet for tomorrow.

Renewable Energy

Wearable Tech

Smart watches, digital glasses, health monitors - the possibilities are limitless for technology that can be worn or carried around. From amusement to making daily life tasks easier, there are a lot of applications in the wearable-tech industry, which is starting to take off. With a huge target market, it has promise of making many billions, and there's always a lot of room for innovation.

Have you have any experience working with any of these technologies? Tell us all about it in the comments section below! All the best for your great business ideas! :)

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