Pinterest Announces Guided Search For Easier Content Discovery

Pinterest Guided Search
Search engines are great for answering specific questions. For example, a tutorial for building Android apps, weather conditions in a city, and so on. But don't you sometimes feel at a loss to pinpoint what you're looking for, and randomly sift through the internet for a chance encounter? Perhaps you need some creative ideas for your upcoming vocations. But there never existed a search engine that could help you with such stuff.

Until now.
Pinterest has today introduced their Guided Search to help you find ideas. It is a predictive search engine that is powered by social curation, and is made for exploring new stuff. Guided Search is perfect for situations when you don't know what you want to ask! It helps you get ideas from more than 30 Billion Pins hand-picked by other people, such as travelers, foodies, techies, and so on!

How it works?

Whenever you search for ideas, such as suggestions for vocations, working out, cooking, etc. descriptive guides will help you sift through all the good ideas from other Pinners just like you who are/were interested in the same thing(s), and have suggestions for you. You can scroll through the guides and tap any that look interesting to steer your search in the right direction. Hence, 'guided' search.

Suppose you're home alone, and have a mood for cooking. You can look up recipes that are easy to make. You can use the guided search from Pinterest, and use Pins from other wannabe cooks to guide your search and get specific - Chinese, homemade, quick-to-make, and so on. You can also search for specific styles for when you decide to get a new haircut, for example.

The guides are there to get you where you want to go, but the best part is leaving a little room for a pleasant surprise. Exploring getaway ideas might lead you to a treehouse adventure, a motorcycle trip down the coast, or maybe even something else you didn’t know you were looking for. You might be surprised where you end up!

This feature is being rolled out on mobile in English to start, and then on web and everywhere else around the world soon. Learn more, get the app for iPhone, iPad or Android to give it a try. Let us know about your experience in the comments section below! Cheers :)

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