Creative Tips To Use Twitter For Growing Your Business

Creative ways to use Twitter for Business
If you think Facebook is the most important network for increasing your audience and growing your business, then think again. You can drive better engagement through Twitter, because at Twitter, people are listening, instead of just blabbing around like at Facebook. Twitter interactions always turn out to be more fruitful, and Twitter followers usually prove to be more engaging. There are various ways you can use it to your advantage. Here are some creative ways you can use Twitter for growing your business.

Hold a conference!

Sounds weird, right? Weird is good! Weird is creative. You can use Twitter to host an entire conference! Many companies do that. Adobe runs a cool initiative by inviting professionals in the creative industry to join a week long creativity themed chat powered by a yearly hashtag. Last year's hashtag was #AYVSummit13, and the event aimed at giving the power of voice to the young creative minds.

By drawing experts, you can reach out to a whole new audience. And besides, it only needs to be a once in a month or once in a year event, so doesn't need much of an effort either.

Twitter Conferences

Q&A Sessions

If you're an expert in your field, or at least have a good knowledge of whatever it is that your business is about, you can organize regular weekly Q&A sessions! This strategy will especially help bloggers who are experts in their domain, since there are always more bloggers who want to learn more.

These sessions create a feeling of “being home” that makes your business “native” to your followers. Not only will you get immediate response from your followers, it will also create a buzz about your brand.

Start a contest!

Contests and giveaways tend to work better on Twitter than they do on Facebook. You can build whole new hashtags around your giveaways. Contests are a tried and tested way of getting new followers quickly. You can target your competitors followers, and inflate your user base. Most of your other strategies aren't going to be effective unless you have a large fan-base to start on.

You can get twofold benefits from this strategy by asking people to follow you on Twitter, as well as subscribing to your mailing list in order to participate in the contest. This strategy, coupled with some smart advertising here and there can help you grow your network exponentially.

Organize meetups

Just like conferences online, you can organize meetups with your most loyal fans, influencres, and more! Get some Twitter buzz going, and then talk about hanging out somewhere. You'd be surprised at how many people might show up for free coffee :) This strategy will give followers a sense of intimacy with your brand, and they might even become evangelists of your business!

These were some of the many unusual tips we had for Twitter. If you want more tips, just keep reading or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Cheers :)

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