Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of Pakistan in 2014

Women Entrepreneurs of PakistanThough Pakistan is one of the most controversial countries in the world out there, the fact remains constant that this country has a lot of potential and when it comes to especially the women power. We did discuss a detailed article on the top 10 powerful women of India who are known for their entrepreneur skills and here we are again with the top 10 women entrepreneurs of Pakistan in 2014. Have a look!

1. Jehan Ara

Current position: President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES
Age: 56
Jehan Ara Pakistani Entrepreneur
She is the newer representation of the entrepreneurs of Pakistan whose main goal is to transfigure the entire economy of the country.

2. Mehreen Jabbar

Current position: Pakistani film-maker and television director/producer.
Age: 42
Mehreen Jabbar Pakistani Entrepreneur
She has won the popular Public Award (the People’s Choice Award) for the making of her movie Ramchand Pakistani which was her first feature length film as well, and got releases at the same time in Pakistan, India and UK.

3. Sidra Iqbal

Current position: Noted Pakistani journalist, TV anchor and a motivational speaker
Age: 35
Sidra Iqbal Pakistani Entrepreneur
She is among the most celebrated youth icon of Pakistan and is renowned for her efforts in the youth activism for which her main concerns are the development of the youth and women entrepreneurship along with the television media.

4. Haseena Moin

Current position: Pakistani dramatist, playwright and scriptwriter.
Age: 72
Haseena Moin Pakistani Entrepreneur
She has done tremendous work in some of the best plays for stage, television as well as for the radio, some of which have also gained national and international standing. She is also the receiver of the Pride of Performance award for her similar services as well.

5. Sharmeen Obaid

Current position: Pakistani-Canadian journalist and documentary filmmaker
Age: 36
Sharmeen Obaid Pakistani Entrepreneur
Her documentary film called Saving Face which was released during the year 2012 has gotten her an academy award and she has also won an Emmy award for her textual Pakistan: Children of the Taliban in 2010.

6. Sultana Siddiqui

Current position: Pakistani television director, producer and a businessperson from Karachi
Sultana Siddiqui Pakistani Entrepreneur
She is one of the famous directors of the Hum Network Limited and is also the president of the same channel. She has received multiple awards as a best producer and President Award of Pride of Performance from the government of Pakistan.

7. Khadija Mushtaq

Current position: Founder and chief executive officer of Roots Ivy International Schools.
Age: 46
Khadija Mushtaq Pakistani Entrepreneur
Her distinction is all because of the fame that has been archived by her students since during the past few years a lot of her students have received up to 1.6 Billion Rupees worth of Scholarships.

8. Roshaneh Zafar

Current position: Founder of Pakistan's First Woman Micro-finance Bank
Roshaneh Zafar Pakistani Entrepreneur
She belongs to a very educated family of Lahore and she is the only one who has malformed her vision of Pakistani women entrepreneurship into reality by giving them ofmicro-finance loans opportunities.

9. Rabia Garib

Current position: Chief Executive of Toffee TV
Rabia Garib Pakistani Entrepreneur
She is also the cofounder of the Rasala publications whose main focus and concern is with the latest IT trades and developments.

10. Sheba Najmi

Current position: Host of “Press Review” and Consultant at The World Bank
Sheba Najmi Pakistani Entrepreneur
Her main focus is on the leading products ideally the mission focused social enterprises that can transform the complete economy of the country.

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