Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of Iran in 2017

female Entrepreneurs of Iran
In this so male-dominated world, a woman can be a president of a country, a designer of a leading brand, an owner of an successful business,while still being a devoted mother,caring daughter and a obedient wife. In short, women are no way behind than the males and this idea goes pretty well when we talk about the females of Iran. Iran is one of those countries that are known for following their traditions strictly but the best part of this nation is the liberty it has given to its women who are found to be extra creative in all major domains.

Here are top 10 female entrepreneurs of Iran. Have a look!

Nahid Shahmehri

Current position: Senior Member of IEEE
Age: 52

She is a professor computer science and also head of the division of the databases and information techniques and has her PhD in the computer science from Linkoping’s university.

Mina Bissell

Current position: Iranian American biologist
Age: 56
Mina Bissell Irani Entrepreneur
She is an Iranian American biologist and had been a former head of the life sciences at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

Atoosa Rubenstein

Current position: Editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine
Age: 42
Atoosa Rubenstein Irani Entrepreneur
She is also the founding editor of the CosmoGIRL magazine and is also the originator of Big Momma Productions, Inc. and at the same time. She is a participant of The Candie’s Foundation Board of Directors that focuses on the education of young people.

Rakhshan Bani-E'temad

Current position: Iranian film director and screenwriter.
Age: 59
Rakhshan Bani-E'temad Irani Entrepreneur
She is an internationally and critically acclaimed film director as well as dramatist and is known as Iran’s number one premier female film executive which is why her movies are not celebrated on an international level but is very famous among Iran’s audience as well.

Nahid Persson Sarvestani

Current position: Award-winning Iranian-Swedish filmmaker and director.
Age: 54
Nahid Persson Sarvestani Irani Entrepreneur
Some of her most famous documentary films include Prostitution behind the Veil, My Mother - A Persian Princess, The End of Exile, and The Last Days of Life.

Farshid Moussavi

Current position: Founder of Farshid Moussavi Architecture (FMA)
Age: 45
Farshid Moussavi Irani Entrepreneur
She is an architect by profession but is also a professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. She also works as a cofounder and principle of Foreign Office Architects.

Niloofar Beyzaie

Current position: Leader of theater group "Daritsche".
Age: 47
Niloofar Beyzaie Irani Entrepreneur
Apart from being the leader of theater group "Daritsche" she is also the executive, play writer as well as the lightning and costume administrator.

Mahshid Amirshahi

Current position: Iranian novelist, short story writer, humorist, literary critic, journalist and translator.
Age: 77
Mahshid Amirshahi Irani Entrepreneur
Some of the stories and books she has written have been translated into French and German languages such as String of Beads, After the Last Day and Peyton Place.

Pegah Anvarian

Current position: Iranian-American fashion designer from Dallas, Texas
Age: 49
Pegah Anvarian Irani Entrepreneur
She made her inauguration in 2005 and soon her work was well received making her a part of various popular publications like Lucky, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, W Magazine, and Harper's Bazaar.

Anousheh Ansari

Current position: Iranian-American engineer and co-founder and chairwoman of Prodea Systems.
Age: 47
Anousheh Ansari Irani Entrepreneur
Her family is among the sponsors of the Ansari X Prize and some of her best memoirs encompass My Dream of Stars that was co-written with Homer Hickam.
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