Stay Updated With News Using Google Media Tools

Use Google Media Tools to Stay Updated
Journalists, news agencies, and other media people have been using the internet and tools from Google for a long time to assist them go about their duties. For example, weather channels occasionally make use of Google Maps and Google Earth to demonstrate the effects of certain changing weather patterns. The New York Times recently used Google+ Hangouts to conduct an interview with US Secretary of State, John Kerry, about Syria's chemical weapons. And it doesn't end there. To assist journalists and media organizations further, Google has launched Google Media Tools, a centralized hub aimed at empowering journalists of all skill levels with more ways to connect with their audiences and communities.

Google Media Tools?

Google Media Tools is a collection of various Google Tools and Resources that would help Journalist go about their duties. It includes various common tools, such as Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Search Trends, and so on, along with other not-so-common tools such as Google Fusion Tables, Google Charts etc. Hence, it's a collection of digital tools that can enhance newsgathering and exposure across television, radio, print and online. It is designed to cover everything a journalist might need, from research to developing to publishing,

Google Media Suite

Google Media Tools, however, isn't just a listing of tools Google already offered. Rather, it's a one-stop shop that is a learning center as well so that journalists of all hues and skill levels can create compelling stories with all the tools Google has to offer. It helps journalists refine their advanced search capabilities, improve audience engagement through Google+, learn how to visualize data using Google Maps, and a lot more!

It has many tips and tricks as well to make technology do some of the heavy lifting in the daily lives of journalists, and also showcases the power of the Internet overall in reaching new audiences and giving journalists more ways to make an impact.

In addition to the conventional Google tools, the Google Media Tools also features cool resources for journalists, such as the Google Transparency Report which highlight data disclosures made by Google to governments around the world (I know right?). Also included is Google Politics & Elections, a useful tool to have especially when governments start to churn. And according to Google, more exciting stuff is on its way!

We’ll add more resources including case studies, tutorials and expanded content in the coming months, and will soon launch the site in other languages as well

Excited about these recent development, journalists? Do you use any of the tools Google has to offer media personnel? Tell us about them in the comments section below. Cheers :)

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