How To Gather Thousands of Traffic Catchy Ideas for your Content?

Generating traffic catchy ideas for your content

The secret to becoming a great content writer is to produce great content. Pretty straightforward, yes? What determines the traffic hits for your content is the topic. This 'topic' part is the most important one and also the first and foremost thing to decide before the actual writing. A content writer would always wish to acquire a constant source of unique and interesting topics for him to write on, but such a source is naturally not available. This is why generating ideas that can grab you an ample amount of traffic is the hardest step in online content writing. But there are solutions to every issue right? Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you in generating traffic catchy ideas for your content.

1. Brainstorm:

Brainstorming is one technique used in writing that actually helps a lot. For content writers, it can generate several ideas for a topic. What you need to do is write down the subject of interest or your core topic on the top of a page and then write all that you can think of about that topic. You may even write phrases or draw images but make sure everything that comes to your mind about that particular topic is written on the page. When you’re done, you analyze the words and phrases and generate a creative topic. Brainstorming helps you in identifying the several unique aspects that you can approach a topic with and hence makes the ideological step of your writing easier.

2. Use Social Media:

The social media networking websites like Facebook get almost everything shared on them and all sorts of discussions made on them. By logging on to Facebook from a researcher’s point of view, you can actually gather a lot of intel about what’s hot and what’s not. You can also check the reviews of various people about a particular subject which can help you in narrowing down your search for idea generation.

3. Check the latest trends:

An old and obsolete topic is not welcomed by many. You need to make sure what you write on, is what’s hot in the market these days. You can use a lot of different platforms to analyze for what is being discussed the most currently about your subject of interest. You will naturally come up with many ideas for your topic and the traffic would naturally be attracted to the owing to the fact that the topic is modern and recent.

4. Interview your target audience:

One fine way of knowing what attracts the audience is going and asking them this question. You can casually, discuss about a subject with random people from your target audience just to know about their thoughts and preferences which will help you in identifying what needs to be written on. Google might be a really good tool for research but getting live opinion from people has its own advantages. Use them to the fullest so as to generate effective and creative plus essential ideas for your content writing. 

5. Actively participate in forums:

A forum is a place where people get to make discussions about a particular something. You cannot go interview your whole target audience, can you? However, an easy way of interacting with them is via forums. Participate in forums, give your opinions, respond to others’ and also see how others respond to your opinions. You can get to learn a lot of stuff about a particular subject with these discussions and that will naturally open up your mind and make it easier for you to determine what to write on.

6. Stalk other’s work:

Now I'm not talking about simply stealing other’s ideas as that is never recommended. The purpose of this stalking should be to identify what others are writing about a particular subject. This is generally the most helpful approach as it makes things pretty clear to you but you should not go for it all the time. Once you get to know what others discussing about a subject, you can wither discuss your own opinion about it or pick up a similar aspect of that subject to write on.

7. Use Google Search suggestions:

Google Search is technically a writer’s very good friend. But here we’re specifically talking about the Google Searching robot which can help you in identifying what’s hot. The search suggestions list is based on what is searched the most about a particular topic. You can actually try that out to generate traffic catchy and important ideas for your content. Just type a phrase on Google search and let Google tell you what’s important about it.

8. Observe the electronic and print media:

The electronic and print media like the Television and newspapers, respectively, can increase your knowledge about subject a lot. Also, the topics and ideas presented there are very proper and essential as they are naturally meant for a large audience. They can help you in identifying various unique and interesting aspects of a particular subject which you can write on later. You may also check old newspaper and observe the trends and patterns used there and apply them to your writing.

9. Newsjacking:

The process of newsjacking is to extract various unique ideas from a news that you can write on. This is mainly used by journalists while writing newspaper headlines. You will see that quite often, an important topic is not approached directly but from an indirect and unique perspective. You need to take a constructive angle of a topic and write on it. An interesting and compelling idea will naturally attract more traffic than a plain and straightforward one.

10. Jot down ideas for future reference:

While doing any of the above procedures of even if you’re doing nothing at all, but suddenly an idea comes to your mind, write that down. Keep a proper notepad for this purpose. You can later review and analyze your notebook to get assistance in generating several creative and innovative ideas. We tend to forget things after a while and its best to write them down. An idea may not appear really appealing at some time, but later with a more open mind, you might be able to produce a great content out of it.

Got any tips of your own? Feel free to share in the comments section below. Peace :)

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