Find out how we made over 10,000 Views on SlideShare!

Creating successful slideshows on SlideShare
Have you ever considered how much slideshows can do to spice up your content? After all, they are a content vertical, just like images and videos. And as it turns out, they can bring in a lot of traffic too! In this post, we'll talk about how we generated over 10,000 views for our SlideShares. In yesterday's post, we talked at some length about driving traffic to your blog via slideshows. But today, we'll be more specific, and will focus on the slides themselves. And we'll show you by example how to create a successful slideshow.
Before you move on, be sure to check out our previous post in the series.

Part 2Find out how we made over 10,000 Views on SlideShare! (current)

Example slideshow

The following is a slideshow from a public presentation given by Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai. It generated over 7,000 views, whereas another slideshow from the presentation got around 3,000 views, making a total of well over 10,000 views for the SlideShares!

You can check this slide, other slides over at the MyBloggerTricks presentation channel on SlideShare.

What makes a slideshow popular?

Complete your profile before anything else

Take a look at our profile on SlideShare.

This concise information can make a big difference when it comes to online marketing. And this holds true everywhere; whether you're a freelancer selling your skills, or a Tech enthusiast publishing video reviews. Fill out all the information, and add your full name, along with a decent looking display picture.

Notice particularly the link and description. The link points to our home site, and this will serve to provide the bulk of our referral and/or second-level organic traffic. Now look at the description. There are a couple points to be gathered from it.

First and foremost, it is short and very readable. Second, you will see a brand association "STC Network". This brand association helps with your trust rating, and people are more likelier to check it out. So if you haven't branded your business already, go ahead and do it now! Now the third and most important part is the keyword usage. Notice the keyword "Online business". You will see that this keyword is used throughout.

The keyword is the most important part!

And I can not stress this enough.The keyword is what makes things happen for you. Notice how the keyword "Online Business" also appears in the title of the slideshow. And it has been used ithin the slideshow as well. So give yourself a good 10-15 minutes, do some keyword research, nd come up with a great keyword that you think can sell.

Make use of the tags!

People find related slideshows via tags. So the tags that you enter can play a great part in bringing the bulk of the views to your slides.

As you can see from the tags used for this slideshow, a lot of keywords have been used. Notice again our focus keyword "online business". The more the tags and the keywords in the tags, the better.


And as always, share your slides as much as possible, especially on the first day. If it gets a lot of shares and views on the first day, then it'll get featured on the SlideShare homepage, which can boost the traffic even more. So encourage your friends to share as well, and see your views soar through the roof!

Got any questions regarding SlideShare-ing? We'd love to help! Just leave us a comments in the section below. Peace :)

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