Pinterest Introduces Web Analytics to help out Webmasters

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest has gained quite a bit of popularity over the course of its life, short as it may be. This image-based social media is a great way to share pictures you like with other people. A lot of the pins, or image shares on Pinterest come from other websites, from where people can easily pin pictures in much the same way they can Like or +1 a post. Since so much of the data on Pinterest comes from outside sources, Pinterest has finally decided to launch a new Web Analytics program which will help website owners understand what sort of images interest people, and how best to harness their potential streams of revenue.

"The goal is really to help websites understand what content is resonating with people on Pinterest," Cat Lee, Product Manager, said while talking to Reuters. Pinterest has laid out all the ground-work to monetize its popular pinboard-like service. It is a free service to start with, but experts believe that it might start drawing revenue by providing premium services to business in the future. This is backed up by the fact that Pinterest has a large following, and is being heavily used by popular retailers such as Dell, The Gap, and Patagonia etc.

What can you expect?

From Pinterest, you will have access to a variety of analytics data regarding pins from your website. For example, you will be able to see how many people pinned from your site, how many people saw those pins, and in turn, how many actually visited your site. Besides this, you will also see your most pinned, most clicked, and most recent pins. This will give you an idea of what is popular on your website, and what isn't.
To access Pinterest Analytics, you need to verify your website. If your site isn't verified, you need to visit this verification help page from Pinterest, and then get your site verified in very simple steps. Verify your site now, and if you have a confusion, feel free to ask us.

Once verified, go over to your Pinterest profile, and switch to Pinterest's new look by following this link. Once this is done, visit your Pinterest again, and look for the Analytics option in the top-right corner.

You will now have access to your website's analytics! Explore the, all you like, and see what you can do to improve your content. If, for some reason, you have problems accessing your analytic, please tell us about it. We'll try to help as best as we can. Peace :)

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