6 Actions Taken against Blogs that are Flagged

Yesterday, we did a post on some of the things that are against Google's policy, Writing about these things on your blog might result in your blog getting deleted, or at least flagged. It also might get flagged as a result of other people reporting your blog for a violation. When this happens. your blog is automatically entered into Google's flag queue. A team will then review those flags, and if no violation is taking place, they will simply let that blog go. Otherwise, appropriate action against the blog is  taken to maintain the safety of the network, and to ensure no such thing happens again from that party in the future.
So how can you tell when your blog has been penalized? Google does send the blog owner an email message detailing them on the situation, and a recourse to be taken (if any). You can also tell when any of the following happens to your blog. These are the actions Google takes against flagged blogs indeed found guilty of violation(s).

Actions taken against blogs that are flagged

Mature content interstitial - This usually happens in case of adult-content hosted on your blog. Your blog will be placed behind a 'mature content interstitial', which means that it will no longer appear in safe search. It can only be searched by users who have their family filter turned off, which effectively reduces your traffic.

Blog becomes visible only to the author - Others won't be able to see or search your blog. Only you would be able to see it.

Deletion of offending content - Frankly speaking, this is the least that could happen to your blog. Google will only remove the content that's violating its policies. So as long as your website isn't filled with such content, you're fine.

Disabled Blogger account - OK, now this is getting serious. If you have been copying content, or spamming, you might end up getting your account banned.

Disabled Google account - Google won't just stop at disabling your Blogger account. If your offense is serious, then your entire Google Account, with all the associated profiles related to other Google products.

Reporting to law enforcement - OK, things are getting pretty real now, so you might as well snap out of it. If you're involved with cyber-crime, or are promoting illegal activities, you might get reported to law enforcement agencies. Now would be a pretty good time to pack your bags and run away :

How to report a violation?

These steps, harsh as some of them may sound, are necessary for the sake of the safety and sanctity of the Blogger network. If you see someone violating Google's guidelines by doing any of the things forbidden by Google, please don't hesitate to report that particular blog to Google.

To report a blog, simply visit Blogger's Help Canter section about reporting abuse. Do give Google's guidelines before filing a report. If you're sure that a blog is violating the policies, then you can use the different links given at the end of the report abuse page in Blogger Help Center to file a report. Help make the internet a better place by reporting policy-violators. Stay blessed :)

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