Introducing Pro Blogger's Kitchen!

A Blogger's Kitchen

As a single watchman of your entire website, you often fail to reach your blog audience in every single post. With growing readership, comes a great responsibility. The reason people subscribe you is because they love your work and they expect a lot of help from you. In my case, I found it almost impossible to do justice with readers' queries. I fail to reach every single  reader because dozens of comments are posted every day. It takes a lot of time to load each page and post a response. Sometimes replying comments takes more than 2 hours. Therefore we thought of a way that could significantly help just not us but everyone of you in the way you help out and reach your blog readers. To counter this growing author-reader communication gap the idea of a Kitchen hit my mind!

What Exactly is a Blogger's Kitchen?

Of course a kitchen is a place where you cook delicious recipes and it's a place which every member of the family loves to visit! Similarly a Pro blogger's kitchen would consist of a combination of posts where each post would address a separate [Topic] recipe! Confused ? let me explain:

Your blog is made up of categories that describe your niche. For example here at MBT our main categories/recipes are:

  1. SEO
  2. SMO
  3. Web Hosting
  4. Template Customization
  5. Copyrights Violation
  6. Advertising networks

Our readers often have several questions in mind and each question deserve an answer but unfortunately due to tough schedule, we often fail to address every single problem. To help out all such visitors with their queries and to interact more actively with our readers, we are introducing the idea of a Kitchen with recipes. We will publish a total of 5-7 Posts, where each post would have a specific Topic/Recipe. Readers would be allowed to ask questions related to that topic alone. Off-topic questions will be straight forwardly deleted and never answered. We will be answering questions posted in these 5-7 recipe posts on daily basis. The priority of such questions would be even higher than the client emails that we receive daily. No question would be left unanswered and spammers would be strictly treated. Comments with irrelevant content and signature links will be deleted and only those comments would be replied that are related to the topic of the kitchen. It would be more like an Open Question/Answer forum. These recipe posts will have a lifetime free help and consultancy support!

Why are we so excited about this new strategy?

Innovation and creativity is at its boom in blogosphere these days. Traditional blogging techniques of a dull black and grey text content is no more a hobby of interest. Readers demand both unique and quality content as well as 24/7 help and support forum.

Previously bloggers would often create a forum to help their readers but forums for me at least requires more careful watch as compared to a blog and is Spammers favorite party spot. After carefully monitoring the suggestions received by my fellow blog mates, I dropped the idea of a forum and have started the idea of such kitchen with recipes that will surely change the way a blog author communicate with his audience. Related questions on one page would help both the commentator and the guest with tones of new ideas and troubleshooting techniques. With such platform, we can really hope to help more and more people resulting in an ever growing referral readership. Happy readers means growing traffic, backlinks, page impressions, pageviews and a happy lucrative income!

How to set up your Blog's kitchen?

Your kitchen should be based on your core blog categories that define the overall purpose of your blog. Create at most 5-7 such Recipes [Question/Answer Posts] and  inform your readers to ask for quick help and support through these kitchen doorways only. Do visit these posts once every 24 hours and make sure you reply each and every comment.

Write down strict rules for commenting because they really help to foster a healthy discussion and saves time.

How would such a Kitchen Outstand you from others?

What readers like most is free help and suggestions rather than daily dose of new posts. If you are only posting on daily basis but not interacting with your readers then you are actually doing nothing unique! Start getting more creative with your work and let your readers trust you more and more. A healthy communication between an author and visitor guarantee far bigger surprises than your expectations. Kindly stop building traffic alone and instead start building readers, verily your loyal readers are your true treasure.

Our Kitchen Recipes

Following is the complete list of Question/Answer forums we will be publishing:

1. Questions & Answers » Recipe: SEO
2. Questions & Answers » Recipe: SMO
3. Questions & Answers » Recipe: Web Hosting
4. Questions & Answers » Recipe: Template Customization
5. Questions & Answers » Recipe: Google AdSense
6. Questions & Answers » Recipe: Copyrights Violation

I will be publishing each of these recipes one by one and would keep your informed through the notification bar.

Recipe Description:

1. Recipe: SEO

All questions related to on-page and off-page optimization from your webmaster account, robot meta tags, robot.text entries, link attributes till your Blogger search preferences settings would be discussed here. Complete technical help related to all your search engine optimization problems would be provided in this forum.

2. Recipe: SMO

SMO stands for social media optimization. If plugins such us Pinterest, Facebook Like buttons, Google+ buttons are not picking the right thumbnail image or description snippet etc. then you can find solutions to all your problems here. You can also ask questions related to installing or customizing MBT "Social Sharing" plugins and widgets here.

3. Recipe: Web Hosting

All your Hostgator or Godaddy problems would be solved here. Complete help will be provide to solve technical errors related to DNS settings, cPanel, phpMyAdmin, Domain hosting, file storage, Database Backup, sub domain creation and what not!

4. Recipe: Template Customization

If you are using MBT Template or any widget and need help related to its customization or debugging, then this is the place where you should contact us. All web designing stuff here!

5. Recipe: Google AdSense

AdSense being the first source of earning for any newbie blogger therefore causes a lot of troubles to some.  If you have any questions related to Adsense Policy, Ad display limitations, Best performing Ad locations and formats, adsense TOS violation etc. then you must join the party here.

6. Recipe: Copyrights Violation

Has someone stolen your content and not compromising? Or if you are confused which act of yours could cause you great troubles, then this is the place where you may clear all your doubts and learn effective ways of punching the violator the TRUE way!


Comment Policy

Following comments will be deleted or marked as spam:

  1. OFF TOPIC questions
  2. Blog promotion
  3. Signature links with irrelevant feedback like "Thank you" , "Great work" etc. with no sensible question.

Simple and straight!

Want any Recipe to be included?

I have covered almost all categories that describe MBT. Details of all such recipes would be further given in their respective posts. If in case you think I have missed any important category then please do us a favor and suggest your proposed recipes which should be included in the list.

Ready to start cooking?

I hope this new idea may help all of us to turn our blogs into more interesting and productive community.  For all our dedicated readers, whose comments were never replied, now you have a good reason to start hitting us with as many queries as possible. It would be my greatest pleasure to help you all without any favor in return.

So have you started thinking of your very own kitchen? Do you have any other creative ideas to execute this plan much more effectively? Kindly post your queries and help us fulfill this purpose with great responsibility. Keep good care of yourselves buddies. Peace and blessings always! :)

For spammers:
If you just want to thank us or say great post, then that cute little dustbin awaits your comment! :>

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