Convert a Wordpress blog To Blogger in easy steps

Blogger is a very widely used publishing platform, mostly because its strength lies in its simplicity and ease of use. It is quite easy to use, and is recommended for beginner bloggers who are looking for a quick and easy way to create a presence for themselves online. For bloggers who have created a WordPress blog, but are at a loss to maintain or modify it, they have a great option in Blogger. They can easily migrate their WordPress blog to Blogger without any hitch. In this post, we will talk about how you can shift from WordPress to free Blogger.

Normally, such a transfer isn't easy. Data needs to be imported from WordPress first, and then imported to Blogger. Since Blogger doesn't allow any data format except its own, there needs to be a conversion process that will convert WordPress exported files. Luckily, there's just such a utility available! Here, we will guide you through the simple steps. Following them, you can convert self-hosted WordPress blogs to Blogger, as well as migrate from free WordPress to Blogspot.

Step 1: Importing from WordPress

  • Log into your WordPress account (for free WordPress users), and then choose the blog you want to convert into Blogger. Alternatively, you can log into your blog's dashboard directly by adding the /wp-login.php suffix to your blog's home URL (eg or
  • Navigate through your WordPress menu, and find the Tools option. When you click on it, you'll see further options, among which you will see the Export option. Click on it.
  • Click on the Radio Button next to 'All Content' under the heading 'Choose what to Export'. You can select only posts, or pages, or feedbacks, but it is recommended that you select All content to ensure maximum content is transferred. Then click on Download Export File, which will let you save the exported file to your hard drive. You have completed step 1 at this point.
Download exported file

Step 2: Convert into Blogger format

There is a useful little app that will do this job for you. To convert, visit this app's page, and navigate to the button in the middle of the content that says 'Choose file'. Browse to the file you downloaded from WordPress, and upload it here. Then click Convert. After the conversion, you will need to save the output file. This file is in Blogger-friendly format, and will be used inside Blogger.

Step 3: Import to Blogger

  • The import process into Blogger is pretty straightforward. Simply log into, or sign up for your Blogger account, and click on Create a Blog link. I'm assuming you want to create a new blog for your new content. But if you want to, you can import into an existing blog as well.
  • From the Dashboard, click on Settings >> Other >> Import Blog.

  • Now, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions, and upload the converted file. You will be guided through a wizard that will import data from this file into Blogger. Once done, you will see all your posts from WordPress ready to be published!


Although this is a really cool app, it has a serious limitation. You can only upload and convert a WordPress-exported file that is less than 1 MB, which is too inconvenient, especially if you have a large blog, or even a small blog with a size-able number of posts.

If you're disappointed about this, then don't worry! Because Muhammad is working on just such a tool that will allow users to upload a much larger WordPress file to convert into Blogger format. And this tool will be made available soon, so stay tuned!

Also, about the SEO requirements, well they are a bit more technical, so we'll be covering them in more detail in a future post. So try out this cool feature, and if you like it, then stay tuned for more posts and updates on our own tool for converting WordPress blogs into Blogger.

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    I am willing to convert my WordPress blog into Blogger. But my file size is little bit more than you refer. what should i do in this case?.
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  10. @Abdur Rakib we will cover that topic soon bro :)

  11. thanks for sharing that... any limit of the size of the file can be convert?

  12. Please write an article about "How to convert Wordpress Theme to Blogger Template.."...

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  14. i dont know why the people just copy paste older and odd type of articles from one another. i mean. Clearly this given link is not working bcz it limits 1mb and obviously wordpress is more than that. USELESS

  15. Any progress on building that WP-Blogger conversion utility? The current one has show over quota for days possibly longer. I think there is a ton of interest in this utility.

  16. Hi I'm not new on wordpress and I design My own Wordpress Template And done A lot of customizations Shortcodes etc .
    But After year working on wordpress I filially realize thats I'm Was wrong choosing Wordpress Instead of blogger ..
    Specially My Blog are Text and Images blog only and not need that complexes PHP codes .
    Plus wordpress need it own host which is turn my life to nightmare changing host company to another finally I stuck with worst hosting company "Hostmanster" (for 8 month) my site was extremely slow freezing when browse inner pages Makes visitors run away immanently ..
    And not have to mention hacking attempts Spam issue that I daily work with ..Block IPs on .htaccess finally result my site rank dropped down on search result .
    While one of my Competitors who choose the right decision
    (By using Blogger Platform )become on first place on most of results .
    Blogger Have all features to get rank in search result
    Specially your blog will be hosted on fastest host company (Google) for free .And you don't need to wary about anything thing else just focus on your blog .
    For SEO The only matter is Blog Contents + Title + Description + Back Link .Nothing else
    No fake Plug-ins caching SEO Security Name it .
    I will transferee my WP blog soon after Changing some Post URL from Arabic to English due Blogger not support non-English Urls name "which is not effect that much in SERp" just translate Arabic URLs to English and google will recognize the words .
    Regards Salem El Fituri blogger From Libya.

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