Presentation at Greenwich University - The Social Affair 2012

mohammad at greenwich universityWhenever I find an opportunity to convey the message to young talented students, I never miss jumping inside the public academic pool. On 6th October, 2012, the Media Marketing and Management Team at Greenwich University (located in defence Karachi) organized "The Social Affair 2012" event.  The event aimed at celebrating the viral spread of social media websites locally and how it has helped individuals in different ways.  Around six professionals from different IT fields were invited to share their precious experiences with the students. I was fortunately one of the invited Guest Speakers for the evening and the topic I chose was "Make Money Online From your Living Room". It turned out to be one of the most memorable events of my life with tons of warm feedback and appreciation from everywhere. The hospitality I received from the organizers, faculty members and enthusiastic young students can't simply be thanked enough.  I would like to give some highlights of the great experience I had that day.

Fellow Guest Speakers

Following is the complete list of invited guest speakers:

  • Imtiaz Mohammad - GBG manager, Google
  • Ejaz Asi - Digital Strategy & Development Head from Brands Crew
  • Shahryar Popalzai - Asst web editor, Tribune
  • Abid Beli - Guinness record holder for organizing largest National Anthem recital
  • Amin ur Rehman - PR, KESC
  • Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai - I guess that's me! ;)

What did we talk about?


Download The Slides

I tried to utilize the time by sharing some practical & smart earning methods with the audience  in order to enable them to make a living online within SIX MONTHS by applying correct legitimate ways and strategies. This time I tried to offer a more realistic approach to the topic by sharing a little of my background history dating back to the time when I was no more than just a Plastic Bag seller. Blogging and Internet Marketing are still growing terminologies in Pakistan and India. Fortunately today when I ask a crowd "What a blog is?" I at least get some interesting answers unlike 2010 & 2010 when the crowd was often dumb found on this question. Teenagers today has good grasp of Freelancing communities for making money online but there's still a dire need to educate them with more effective online earning methods for a lucrative online business. Keeping this necessity in mind, I always try to guide them in developing the right skills to survive in online industry. Last year we proposed a business plan for School, College and university students and this year I focused on encouraging students to understand the value of developing skills, applying and implementing whatever they learn and moving ahead with a crystal clear strategy.

Blogging today is mostly misinterpreted and its earning is narrowed down to Advertisements alone like AdSense. This is a wrong approach of starting a website with a goal to make a living online. Advertisements should count only for 10% of your entire earning, the remaining should depend largely on Affiliate Marketing, consultancy and Services.

To give an example of online earning potential we shared our BUYSELLADS earning with the audience just to clarify the doubts that whatever was coming next in the presentation slides was not just a verbal speech but a practical online earning approach. 

Economic Recession is growing rapidly worldwide and so is unemployment. Unless young individuals are encouraged to develop skills during their academic lives and apply them online, the traditional Boss & Worker(slave) culture would never stop prevailing. I have always emphasized on learning less and applying more. Higher education is good only if applied else you are moving ahead with no clear goal in mind. The children deserve to explore their business skills and parents must encourage them with their small entrepreneurship ideas and provide them with all required resources in order to turn them into a Man rather a Milk Feeder. This one habit of applied education has turned several individuals into Millionaires and they are still not done counting the coins.

Not forgetting! This time I even distributed some gift hampers amongst the students for participating in Question and Answer session. ;p

See it live!

Following are the recordings of a healthy discussion that took place that day. We hope you will find them useful. I love talking in both Urdu and English , so apologies for my non-native readers living in US, Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe. I would love to translate any part of the talk where you feel like I talked too much of URDU ;)




Some snapshots

Some quick captured highlights by our personal Photographer "Saad Khan".

mohammad mustafa presenting

mohammad mustafa presenting

blogger mohammad


blogger mohammad mustafa

making money tips

ejaz asi - guest speaker


Mam saim - Media Marketing Manager

students in audi


wali khan - mbt reader

skills required

mohammad being gifted

After the presentation, Mr Iqbal Jamil and a fellow faculty member (I honestly forgot the name of this great man) took me for the university tour. It was no less than an honour.

jamil tariq and mohammad

mohamamd and greenwich head organizer

mohammad visiting student stalls

Mohamamd with faculty

Gifts from Greenwich

greenwich gifts

A beautiful flower bouquet , a bag full of chocolates and a shiny glass honor award are just few glimpses of the warm hospitality I received from Greenwich university. I simply can't thank them enough. This meant a lot!

People I wish to thank

First and foremost Mam Saima, the Media and Marketing teacher at Greenwich for honoring us with such an opportunity to express our views in front of students. Then my home buddy and childhood friend Paji (Mohsin Mirza) for companying me. I would like to thank all MBT readers who took out time out of their busy schedules and for attending the event. Readers who met me that day were Wali Khan form, Furqan from TheGadgetCode, Buddy Haris and Umair.

Finally a warm thanksgiving to the organizers and administration of Greenwich University. You guys made it worth a memory!

I would be sharing two big surprises in my coming posts with MBT readers. You guys are the reason for whatever honor I am given at home. I look forward to meeting each one of you in coming events very soon inshAllah. Thank you for everything and for being the consistent source of motivation.

Please share your views after watching the presentation and do post your valuable comments. How far do you think social media has reshaped our lives and what online earning secrets would you like to share with all of us. Peace and blessings be on you all buddies. =)

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  1. Wonderful! wonderful!! wonderful!!! Mohammed you're great, well done bro,you give me more reasons why I need to do serious work in my online present, adsense advertisement to only take 10% and others for affiliate marketing are something that will make me want to focus on other ways of making money online other than adsense.
    Thanks Muhammad

  2. My Buddy! Thanks for inviting me there. I had a great time there and felt awesome to see you presenting. I felt that I was seeing my brother's success. You were too good in motivating people.

  3. Alhamdulillah..great to know u're having great time and great fun there, Bhai. :) Keep rock and Keep it up!

  4. Nyc Muhammad bhai may God give you more and more success in your life.anyway I'm happy to see that you are back :D

  5. Unbeatable Skills, MashALLAH

  6. Excuse me, I don't speak English, I speak Arabic, but translating words from Google, and sent in by you

    Mashae you, you are an excellent and hard-working student, I am of those who follow your blog, and your subscribers

    I wish you a happy life, a good day, with wishes you success in work and study
    Each year and you are fine, happy new year

    Your brother, Khaled

    I hope you visit my blog, and email you think their personal

  7. Stay Awesome bro!!! Very PROUD of you STC NETWORK and SEM ;)

  8. Congrats brother!

    I really wished that i was a part of such a gathering. IA wont be missing out such a wonderful opportunity next time. May you get the best of the worlds and be a source of inspiration for the people around you.

    Hassam Ahmad Awan

  9. MashaAllah , 10000000 likes my dear bro, may God give you more and more success in your life.

  10. Hey Mustafa,

    It was a great honor for me to be the part of that event and your presentation. I learnt a lot from your presentation.

    I felt very proud of you during your presentation.

    And dear a big thanks for this post.

  11. Hey, This Was Just Awesome. The Things were going pretty boring until The MR MOHAMMAD BRO Landed in the Seminar and Starting his a Bit Funny and Interesting Talk. I Can't Believe that How much Ups and Downs You have gone Through, Literally I Was Shocked when I heard your Child Hood Story.

    The Funny Thing when People were Stare'ing Each other Faces when you Said I Take 150 Dollar for 1 Hour Skype Lecture. (All the People were Stunned and I Was the One Who Laughed Like a Mad Man)

    I Think You forgot me to Include in the MBT Readers. I Was also their though you was too buy with the other People. That at the End of the Event I Just Shacked your Hand, and You were in Rush so i was unable to Introduce my Self. Any Ways Thanks for the invitation, it was just awesome.

    I Only liked your Presentation Other Speakers were to Boring and were telling the basic things which we already know. You Really Won my Heart That day.

    I Wish I could also Do a Presentation in a University Some Day or Near Future But for that I need lots of Hard-Work and you know that How Lazy I am. Thanks I would Love to Meet You again and This time would love to have a One-on-One Conversation. Peace and Blessings My Dear MENTOR :)

  12. Just one line,

    Kia Baat Kia baat Kia Baat ;)

    Congratulations Bhai :)

  13. You are not akhrot; from now you are a butcher. Yes you are such a cruel person who deprived many of us like me not prior informing about the event and made us miss that informative event. Don't worry we would not have bothered you to get the entry pass of the event because there are several ways to crash the gate.
    Your copy of presentation here is also quite helpful but live learning has its own taste. I hope next time you won't do this mistake

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Kia Baat hey brother...Nice..Keep it Up..

  16. That's great brother. Mashallah, Mashallah. I wish I could have attended your presentation. Do let me know of any future events Mr. speaker.Loved It..Congratulations my brother.:D

  17. well i am one of the daily readers of MBT. and i would like to meet you in uni because I am your junior.
    Hats off to you for such amazing achievements you are getting. and best of luck.

  18. For watching YouTube videos Please install ultraSurf by reading
    This post


    My pleasure Anthony. Advertisement are usually seasonal.
    Sometimes you get pretty hot flow of new adverts and
    sometimes vacant Ad spots and no reviews or contextual link ads.
    Therefore revenue through it is never consistent. This is one reason why
    I prefer affiliate sales and services over all other by-products of blogging ;)

    Thank you pal for the kind feedback!

    @Umair khan
    That was the purity of your inner self buddy. Thank you so much for coming
    and for making the day even more memorable. Your comments are what that recharge me. :p

    I am always thankful to my Indonesian readers and fellow Malay readers. You guys are my backbone
    Thank you for being there :)

    Thank you dear. I will keep you guys updated from now on.
    As soon as I publish some guest posts in queue I will
    start some new series inshAllah

    Stay tuned like always! :)

    Really? :p JazaKAllah. We got to meet!

    That is an honor. Arabic is the second language I love to learn.
    Thank you khaled and I will surely be in touch with you through the new posts.
    Will be guiding you all actively with your problems inshAllah. :)
    Your blog is well set up and designed. Clean design and tons of useful material.
    Arabic looks great on blogger layouts! =p

    I am even more proud of you for being a loyal reader. Thank you for being there :)

    My exams are near and have planned a visit to Islamabad just after it. Be ready for the hospitality. Both you and Qasim
    have to serve us there! ;)

    Your feedback means a lot. May you have the best of life too and succeed with your blog and online endeavors. Always a pleasure to have you here. :)

    There comes bhavesh! Man I honestly missed blogging myself and you for sure!
    Its tough being too out of touch from a hobby you do on daily basis.
    Looks like you are renovating the office room (living room) too.
    Bigger business plans bhavesh? =p

    Means a lot sister. 100000000 Likes for your precious motivation! :) May God bless us all and keep you and your family at peace always.

    You are man of great character wali. I always enjoy meeting you.
    Thank you for taking out time and accompanying me that day. Thank you for that kind introductory post.
    I am overwhelmed. I have to read it thoroughly and leave you a comment for sure. I am honored. :)


    Were you there buddy? Oh I must have missed you. I really looked for you in the crowd.
    I am really sorry, I must have gone too busy with the faculty and did not notice you.
    you should have dragged me! =p

    Thank you faizan for your participation and for covering the large distance. It was an honor.
    As far presentation is concerned, I am glad you liked it. The things related to earning were surely not new to you because
    you are there with us since more than a year and its always a pleasure to receive your chilling feedback. :)

    Congratulation to you too! you are always welcomed here :>

    @umar farooq
    Appreciated that. Thank you :)

    Oh Thank you!. =)

    Haider I had kept your name in my mind but I had to wait for 2 hours befor I could come up on
    stage. I would have surely mentioned yours because I mentioned Katrina kaif so why not you! ;)

    I am pleased pal. Tank you. :)

    A pleasure rahul :)


  19. @Faiz
    You should have come too by taking a bus. =p

    You missed coming young boy? :)

    Indian readers are no less than a great resource for us. Thank
    you for finding the blog worth reading. would surely help you out a lot. :)

    I will keep that in mind brother and I am glad you kept visiting the blog and kept it alive. Means a lot :)

    Thank you sri :>

    @Top 4 sale
    Thank you buddy! A pleasure :)


    InshAllah. Thank you :)

    @Mi Muba
    A butcher? Much more sweeter than the previous :p I humbly apologies that you missed it. We had informed twice all our readers both at FB and G+.
    You will have to be more active at watching our updates at FB from now onwards! :)

    Thank you for the unique feedback. I surely wont repeat the mistake. :)

    I have disappointed myself even more for being lazy with post updates. There was just more burden over me than I
    had expected, I have surely stopped accepting services and I am active now to help you all just after returning from university.
    I will be online to help you through blog at least 5 days a week and we have got enough to share this time. :)
    Thank you for your positive feedback and suggestions. You mean a lot. :)

    It was honor to have you. Thank you for the precious time furqan. :)

    Appreciated that a lot. :)

    Thank you maaz. We need to meet! :)

    Oh that was an honor. Thank you rehan. I will surely take you along in coming events.
    You will be amongst the first to get informed :)

    Glad to see an NEDian. I am pleased to know yet another fellow uni mate at MBT. It would be a pleasure helping you.
    I am a student of CIS TE SEC-A . Hats off to you for choosing blogging. :)

  20. @Mohammad
    No not really.. My dad had an appendix operation recently and you know my family thoughts. We were wanting to do that work from 7-8 months but it wasn't really happening. This time we just gone for it and I don't know how long it will take to complete.

  21. @Mohammad BRO,

    I Was Bit Nerves, LOL Thats TRUE Because I Was Seeing the Man Who Literally Changed my Life (2 Years Back I Was searching How To Earn Through Internet and Now I Tell People How They can Earn). I Could Only Manage a Handshake and a Small Hug With you and that was awesome. Next Time, I would be surly do a Big Conversation With you.

    Yes, My Home Was Very Far Away, but your Charimza Attracted ME. Though, I Came With my DAD Who Kept waited 4 Hours Outside the University :) Really Hats off. Stunningly My Story is LOT Similar to yours (THE CHILD HOOD ONE) Will reveal Some day.

    Now, No matters what happens whether you post articles or not I would try to Share my Views About the Article Because MBT is my HOME :) That changed me and my life. Peace BRO

  22. Congrats Mohammed, keep up the great work!

  23. thanks u and ur work on this field ...

  24. Such a good looking and talented man.

  25. r the master of the blogger.

  26. Update: I have a new guest Speaking coming soon, far bigger this time inshAllah. Venue and dates will be shared at FB Fanpage. Stay tuned.


    I have lived for more than 11 years at Quetta Satellite town. Looks like our tastes would match a lot. =p

    You are a humble gentleman Syed and all that you achieved so far is your keen efforts and dedication. Keep up the great spirit, I am expecting to see you really high within a short space of time inshAllah.

    I am really sorry you dad has to wait outside, you could request the organizers to let you in dear.
    Do not miss the second event especially set up for youths. Meet me this time. I will give you my cell number :)


    A pleasure brett. Thank you :)

    @abhishek @Debbie

    Your kind gratitude. Thank you pals :)


    Do not miss the second event. Be there. :)

    I am really not sure. Thanks for your love :)

    Oh that is honor mate. Thank you :>

    I wish the same to your brother. You are a great man yourself. =)

  27. wow wow.. No words to say Bro! Amazing..Just amazing! Why not visit the land of so called "Akhrots" Peshawar? Any plans?

  28. Helll Muhammad I am a young blogger and just learning things it has been a year and you are the first person I saw successful in blogging from our country pakistan , Any visit in Lahore sooner a later please tell me ?

    I would like to thank you for this great blog and hopefully you do well each day. May Allah Bless you,

  29. I want to know how much money you earns by blogging?

  30. AslamuAlaikum Mohamad bro..

    Nice to know about this

  31. wonderful! Muhammad you're great person. well done bro please keep it up.