How To Do Blogging Using Your Voice Only?

Voice Dictation

Blogging is fun. Not only is it a great way to earn money, it also helps take your mind off things. But sometimes, when the burden becomes great, it is all a blogger thinks about. Juggling your blogging career between academic or professional, and family life can be tricky, because a blog requires some serious time and hard work. Maybe this is the reason why a lot of bloggers can't concentrate on the quality of their content. If only there was a way to reduce the time taken to write a post, so that bloggers could focus on more important issues. Well, luckily, there is! You can do blogging by voice only using voice recognition apps, so instead of writing long posts, you can simply dictate them!

Time effectiveness

The most obvious advantage of this facility would be time effectiveness. According to statistics, the average blogger (not average computer user) has a typing speed of around 50 WPM (Words Per Minute), whereas an average person speaks at an average rate of around 150 WPM. As you can see, you can speak three times faster than you can type.

For voice dictation, of course the efficiency of the software needs to be taken into account. But for a native English speaker, this should be less of a concern. Especially since voice dictation takes your mind off the physical aspect of it, that is typing and hitting the precise buttons. Hence, your mind is more free to wander off and think more about the topic at hand.

Time effectiveness

And as far as software is concerned, well, we hear every now and then about the latest technology, such as Siri. Far from being drooled at, these things can come in real handy, especially in situations such as this one.

Voice Dictation apps

You can dictate your words to your smartphones, which transcribe them into text. You can do this by using a feature such as SMS messaging supported by Siri. This feature is compatible with Google Blogger, Tumblr, YouTube etc. Alternatively, you could use a text-to-email feature, such as the one on Siri to send text emails. Now you can either use that text to post on your blog, or you can simple set up your blog to auto-publish your content via SMS or email, your call.

Here are two of the most popular apps for iPhone and Android.

Dragon Dictation (iPhone)

This is a really great app, and the best part is, it's free! You can even say out the punctuation marks you want to add, making it very simple.Simply tap it, and record your voice to let the app transcribe your words into text.

Dragon Dictation

ShoutOut (Android)

This one is for the Android users out there. It might not be as good as Dragon Dictation powered by the powerful Siri, but it does come up decently. Even though it might not be so very efficient, dictation is fun! And you can always edit the final draft for mistakes!

These apps do make your life easier, but they sure need some getting used to, because they might not be as effective as you might like. So first, just give them a try, and tell us how you feel about them. Cheers :)

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  1. Great collection of apps but i am using i phones, so interested to using Dragon Dictation app.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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  2. Any software like this for Windows Personal computer???
    my portfolio

  3. Windows 7 comes with voice recognition software. Just click on start then search and it should come right up. There is a bit of training and stuff but well worth it for the time it saves.

  4. We can also do it in our PC using windows or mac. Windows 7 comes with this software but I haven't tried it. Thanks for the post I will try now.

  5. These tool aren't useful for native language blogger

  6. Wow this is just awesome

  7. Awesome tips Thanks for sharing this Really Valuable And Useful for every blogger :)

    Rahul Kashyap
    Blog: SDMMovies.Com

  8. @Faiz Muhammad Khan

    Win 7: Go to Control Panel ->Ease of Access -> Speech Recognition
    If you are using XP then it may come under Accessibility options( i don't remember exactly)
    Set up your microphone, train your pc and it will do the same thing for you.
    However, PC is not an intelligent device and may gift you with scrap at times. Means, it may interpret your speech totally differently and will increase your editing task.
    You need to waste a lot of time to train your computer if you want it to understand and follow you.

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  10. @Rahmeen Ahmad Khan

    I Wasted my 2 Hours in Training and Still he is unable to Pick Each and Every Word, Its Useless It requires more editing so its better to write it with our own hands. :)...Peace

  11. your iphone apps collection are very amazing.iphone is leader of all technology.thanx for sharing us.

    Iphone app developments


    for me it hard to do as we wish because the apps not so accurate to detect our language slang

  13. AwesoMe Apps..!
    Thanks for this Great Tips and List of Apps..which can be used for Voice Blogging..
    Really you Bring Creative post...
    I LOVE MBT:) Technology Blog

  14. Awesome tips Thanks for sharing this and i am searching this for a long...

    Akhil Abraham
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  15. @Rahmeen Ahmad Khan
    Thanks Rahmeen !
    plase a little detail in accessbility there is an option of speach , but i think its just speak the word we write not write the words that we speach what you think? if i don't get the point please provide a litte detail to me duffer!

  16. @Faiz Muhammad Khan
    kindly tell me which windows are you using? if its windows XP then provide me with some details. What options are being displayed under Accessiblity.Look for the 'Speech Recognition' option.

    BTW, you are not a duffer. Its just that you don't have knowledge in this area.