Receive Facebook Notifications Outside Facebook Window

How many of you spend your leisure time browsing through Facebook, and  waiting for notifications or messages from friends? I know many, if not most, of you people might. Facebook indeed is a great tool to stay in touch, and many people, like me, log on solely to communicate with their friends. But who has the time to wait on the Facebook site for their friends to appear, or to check their Facebook periodically? Using MyStatusBar, you can now get Facebook notifications outside the Facebook site, leaving you free to browse through the internet and do your work.

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MyStatusBar is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox, since those are the two most popular web browsers. It's a useful little tool that will give you real-time information about your Facebook updates, so you will see new messages or notifications as soon as you receive them.

Install MyStatusBar

Go to the MyStatusBar Download page on Chrome Web Store, and then click on the Add To Chrome Button on the top-right. Your download will initiate in a few seconds, and the installation will be started automatically. Your browser might need to restart for the changes to take effect.

Once installed, you will be redirected, and will see a bar at the bottom of your browser. Click on the Login to Facebook button as shown.

Login to Facebook

Now, a window will open which will ask confirmation for logging into Facebook. Next, you will see a list of permissions that MyStatusBar seeks in order to function. Click on Allow, and you're all set!

Now, you'll see a bar at the bottom of your browser. This will show all your messages, friend requests, and notifications, just like you see them on your Facebook header. And no matter what website you're on, this bar will always be there at your convenience.

MSB Facebook Bar

You can also see a a mini feed from your latest news feed, and you can scroll up and down to see what your friends are up to. There's also a search bar where you can search Facebook without even opening the website! Annoyingly though, there's an ad spot too, which takes up space where something useful could've been. There's a 'x' (close) button that will let you minimize the bar, which is handy if you want the full space of the website you're working on.

All-in-all though, it's quite a useful utility. It's one for the Facebook fanatics out there who don't want to keep their eyes off the notifications bar for long! For them, staying on Facebook just got easier. Enjoy and share :)

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