Releasing Cheery Sharing Icons - Free!

Cheery icons set

I had a habit of releasing freebies on special occasions two years ago but due to laziness I neglected its importance. In order to revive that lost habit we are releasing a free icon bundle entitled "Cheery" which is the nickname of  our funny university Chairperson =p. The bundle includes all major social networking icons like the latest Google Plus, Pinterest, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, DIGG  and most importantly an icon for MBT. This set thus includes a total of 10 Free well crafted icons in PNG Format. You can download the icons in original 300 X 300 pixels size. I have not resized them to standards like 16, 32, 48 and 128.



You are allowed to use these Icons for both commercial and personal use without any charge or sticky watermark. Any reselling or redistribution is strictly forbidden. We only request an attribution link back to this page if you wish to share the set with your audience. Please do not link directly to the download URL instead link to this page. We will be automatically changing the URL to avoid bandwidth loss. 


Click the Image below to download the bundle. The icons are compressed with winrar. You will need WinRAR or WinZip to extract them.

This set will be added to the Download Page very soon.

Cheery sharing icons

How can you use these Icons?

You can either display them at the bottom of your blog posts or add them to your sidebar. We will be using these icons in our future tutorials in interactive ways. We have already published several widgets that will help you create the new script. You will find the following tutorials helpful

  1. Complete list of Sharing widgets
  2. Flipper Sharing Gadget

To find more please use the search box.

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Which Social Networking Buttons are more important?

I have written a detailed post by sharing traffic stats for some famous social media sites that play a significant role in circulating your content. The article is surely out-dated but it will give you a good idea on what to use and what to ignore.

I just hope you find this new set extremely useful. I am sure these colorful icons will help in engaging your readers even more and increasing overall blog followers. Please let me know of your valuable feedback. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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