Pre-requisites for Entrepreneurship: Blogging & Students

blogging and studentsBusiness is all about planning and making that plan work. The better you plan; the faster you grow. We have seen how to make a plan for your blog and track its productivity in the post describing our aim. We have also discussed some details about blogging stages and your targets. Today, we will find out what is the step before you become an entrepreneur? We are not sharing any future dreams now; we will find out what do you need to do right now? Your present will make your future, thinking and planning too much about future makes you forget your present; and we do not want you to waste any of these precious moments. So all the future entrepreneurs! Are you ready to make up your today’s plan?


Learn and Research:

research and blogStart learning from today! Keep researching on and read the latest articles in your field of interest. Just dreaming to become an entrepreneur would not work. It requires a little hard work (yeah a bit more than little :p). Those who dream big, start working at an early age. If you are a student, take some time out for your passion. Spend at least one hour daily to learn more. This learning can be acquired by conversation with a person who is already in there. Seek knowledge from experienced people; do share your opinion and ask for their advices.
Being a blogger, you can start with rewriting the articles you find interesting. Read the comments on articles and find out what people are thinking? Are you tuned with the markets’ demand and criteria? Read the same topic from multiple sources, and make comparisons.  DO NOT BECOME A FAN!!! You may admire someone but do not replicate any one; maintain your own identity. We would also strongly recommend going through the e-books because they cover much wider area without letting you surf here and there, for one topic and the other. Also, I personally feel books as more authentic and sometimes I read an entire book to compose a single article!

Gain Experience:

It is always a good idea to go to the actual workplace and see what’s going on inside the market or industry. What tricks are being played and how are they handled by the skilled professionals? You should not think about the money at this early stage, this experience worth much more. So if you are getting a chance to engage yourself with any big organization or a successful, reputed name; do not miss the opportunity. Do not forget to do networking there. Build healthy relationships and repute with people so that you will enter the market with confidence. Enjoy this confidence and you’re hardly earned contacts.
Being a blogger, you can gain experience by associating yourself with a well established blog. Communicate with the authors to clarify your reservations and try to write some guest posts there. Well, we are asking you to write your guest posts for “Well Established” blogs because they have strict criteria and high quality content. You will receive a true analysis of your post if it gets qualified or not. You will work hard to meet their standard. Just imagine yourself, taking first step with a great quality…what will be your quality after six months?  

Be Meticulous:

The purpose of learning and working with the professionals is to observe their ways. Analyze their practices, examine yourself; what is missing and how can you improve yourself. Keep a track of who’s leading the field; what is his/her style of handling matters? Go through his/her biography. Gain inspiration from his/her work. But, I repeat, analyze his/her ways. Make sure that these ways are in accordance with your moral values and are not confiscating anyone’s right.
Now the question arises, what do you need to observe being a blogger? Observe every action! The way tutorials are explained, the way readers are convinced and the way comments are catered. Observe keenly how the blog is optimized for search engines? How a post is tagged with different labels? What are the descriptions given and what keyword density is used? You may also need to observe the post frequency and the publishing timings. How many guest posts are allowed and what schedule is followed every week i.e. how many posts of a particular category are published and in what order?

Finance Management:

Finance managementHey wait; you are not an entrepreneur yet? But it will be a good idea to keep managing your finance on your own, isn’t it? If you are getting a job which can give you basic salary, go for it. Try establishing yourself with jobs other than your entrepreneurship idea. Accumulate some money so that you can start your own business. It will be highly helpful if you can handle yourself with some business management courses, because they will give you an insight and will broaden your vision about marketing strategies and managing your finance.
Once again, how do you manage your finance when you are a newbie and do not have an earning blog? Well, we would recommend starting yourself with a freelancing career along with your blogging thirst. Am I unclear? Okay, let me explain again; if you are a blogger, you will definitely be a writer or you would be having some web or graphic designing skills. Since you are in a learning process and could not run a set up of your own yet. So take advantage of the existing set ups and work as a freelancer for sometime but do not opt it as a career. Becoming a blogger is a harder goal; do not deviate from your target. Your freelancing will be a temporary job to equip you with experience, knowledge and little amount of money to satisfy your basic needs.

Apply Your Knowledge:

This was all your homework…pre-requisite to become an entrepreneur. Some training to let you enter the i-marketing world with confidence and exposing you to minimum harm. You are now fully aware of the common practices; you are acquainted with the tips and tricks used as well as the marketing strategies followed. You know seo optimization and you have improved skills. Now, you can apply all your knowledge and skills to start up your business. Start with a smaller scale and increase it gradually. Note down, we are saying “Start” with a smaller scale but you need to target “High”. Take smaller, stable steps; do not jump high directly (unless you can really bear the loss).

Wrapping Up:

This post is written especially for students who wish to maintain their blogging passion along with their studies. It needs consistency and one to two hours per day is enough to make a start. Add up to this time when your mates are enjoying vacations; and you would enjoy the reward when your mates are worried about getting into the industry. Whatever we have said above, is all a kind of safe entrepreneurship. Although, entrepreneurship is all about taking risks but, we believe, you can have some safe risks.

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  1. Very Encouraging Post for students like me. thanks Rahmeen Sis. Mohammad Bhai, You said that we should work hard for atleast six months. I liked your Six months funda. Sir but can I ask you how many pageviews can I gain after six months per day if I post one article per day? I hope you will reply. Thanks.

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    Sure you will see many buddy :)

    On average depending on your content you can generate 3K-4k views per day if you post daily for six months

    In such case please resubmit all yoru sitemaps and follow this tutorial: Submit multiple sitemaps to google

    @Linto Codes

    Dude you don't need to worry. Blogs which are new and launched recently are not deeply indexed as compared to those that update daily and rak well. All you must do at this stage is post daily and good quality content. Make sure you have submitted all your sitemaps and all your pages are indexed well. Write guests posts so that your backlinks increase and just keep posting. These things are normal.

    Please change the position of the search box on your blog or wait for my tutorial for proper search box placement. hope this helps :)

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