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IzzoNet - Best Online Store SoftwareThough I am having exams but I just could not resist sharing one of the best software tools for developing an ecommerce site. It took me months to learn php, years to practice design skills but despite all these skills, I badly failed in developing an online store where I could sell logos, buttons and icons that I often design during leisure time. After the successful launch of our second blog we look forward to sell our merchandise online by building an online shopping store where people could buy our design resources online with a click of a mouse. I was looking for a highly secured, reliableeasily customized and affordable online store management software tool and fortunately just last week I came across  IzzoNet - E-Commerce Website that has now dramatically over excited me with the new creative idea of selling logos online.

Izzonet is indeed the tool I had been looking for so long despite being a developer myself. It is amazingly 100% user friendly which lets you create anything you want with a simple drag and drop. Fortunately no prior design or tech skills required! We have carefully tested, implemented and played with every bit of this tool to make sure what we are sharing today may prove a blessing to all of you who are looking to make some serious cash online by selling merchandise in professional style.

IzzoNet? What's that!

Let me make this term a little more familiar. IzzoNet is an ecommerce platform that provides people with the necessary interfacing and marketing resources that help in setting up online stores. Despite a lot of competition, IzzoNet has been able to climb up the ladder and is now one of the leading companies of its kind. Not only does it allows you to create your own Shopping website, they provide you with every single thing that you ask for like extensive list of quality templates, cool gadgets, Content management and much more. It allows you to create your very own merchandise, just like eBay or Amazon, but with your own rules. It is indeed your one-stop-shop for all your merchant and ecommerce needs. Who knows, you could become the leading salesman in your own area or niche? That's our goal for 2012 now!

Why choose IzzoNet?

I honestly hate poorly developed tools that are dead slow, poor in performance, with several security loop holes and with extremely complex user interface. Simplicity and security is a blessing in running an online business.  Starting an online store requires much more than setting up a simple website. If you know anything about this business, you will know that you need to have a proper ecommerce web hosting. For a business to grow and develop, you need to have a robust system that is flexible, reliable, and easy to configure, and one which provides a lot of features for very affordable prices. This is exactly what IzzoNet is all about.

Since its debut almost an year ago, Izzonet has been all for staging an ‘ecommerce revolution’, so to speak. During this one year, it has introduced a lot many features that can add a host of functionality to your ecommerce system. Some of these features include:

What Makes it different?
  • A 15 day free trial!
  • Easy to use, drag and drop interface for building an ecommerce website.
  • An advanced web-based CRM that allows you to manage all your contacts, orders, emails, etc.
  • Unlimited widgets to add on your website to make it more powerful.
  • The IzzoNet CSS generator lets you use and edit existing CSS templates to improve the look of your website.
  • Editor to edit CSS and HTML.
  • There’s an online catalogue feature that lets you easily build your own impressive catalogue with pictures and other information.
  • Stats and Reports let you track and monitor your progress, and provide analytics for your whole business setup, including financing, products, suppliers, campaigns, etc. Integration with Google Analytics for highly detailed reports.
  • Social media market integration.
  • Site duplication for multiple geographic locations, for example in different languages etc.
  • Unlimited number of products. You can add as many products as you want. There’s no limit to them.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. There is no cap on how much customers you can get. No matter what package plan you opt for, you will always get unlimited bandwidth.
  • Impressive slide-show feature to inform and motivate your customers about your products.
  • Infinity Design, an enhanced user interface system that redefines and stretch the boundaries of drag and drop. This system is unique, and is designed by IzzoNet’s very own Research and Development department.
  • Dozens of Templates! Lots of elegant, and good looking ecommerce website design templates
  • Advanced product display options. Ecommerce is all about showcasing the products you want to sell. With this feature, you can easily show off your products in an elegant way. Use photo galleries and more to enhance user experience.
  • Watermark your product images with digital watermarks so that others can’t copy your designs.
  • A Dedicated customer support team is always at standby to help you out should any problems or queries arise. It also has a live chat program that lets you interact with your customers and get their feedback directly.
  • Communicate with customers as well as suppliers.
  • Multiple login levels let you add staff positions on your online store, and manage their permissions.
  • Webmail service, an efficient email service that lets you send out emails and updates to your professional contacts and subscribers.
  • An easy, but advanced backup software lets you create, or schedule backup for all your products, templates, orders, and other important information.
  • Integration with all the major payment providers like PayPal make it easy for you and your customers to make transactions. We all love it!
  • Anti fraud mechanisms let you blacklist specific customers, and choose options for payment providers. Security in ecommerce is extremely important. If your customers trust you, then your business will flourish.

These are, by no means, all the features offered by IzzoNet. There’s a plethora of more features that you might find beneficial. For a complete list, visit Ecommerce Software features.

The 15 Day Trial

When you sign up for IzzoNet, you are automatically eligible for a 15 day free trial of their store software. This is a fully functional trial. You must give it a try to believe it for yourself because my views changed a lot once I dived in.

Once you submit the sign up form, you will need to wait for a minute or so for your store to be created. Once this is done, you will be taken to your Control Panel, which looks like this;

It couldn't me more easy than this honestly.

control panel

The control panel is fairly easy to navigate. Initially, a template is chosen for your store design automatically. You can, however, change the layout and design. The control panel provides many options and features for your store’s enhancement. Let’s talk about these options.

The left sidebar gives you complete navigation for your store options.


In the orders tab, you can find options for Managing Orders, Selecting Dropshippers, and Shipped product Management.order management

You can manage all your orders in order management. The good thing I found about this feature is that, I have options for exporting a list of all my orders in various formats, or printing them for my convinience.

In the Select Dropshippers and Shipped Order Management, you get their respective options for editing or customizing etc.


This is a great tool for customer relations management. It maintains a list of all your customers, with their billing and other personal info which you can edit. This tab also contains contact form management, in which you can edit the contact form on your store website and add or remove text fields.customer managementbilling and shipping details


Now the products tab is a bit more complex, since there are lots of product related options, such as Adding products, Product Management, Product brand Management, etc.product management

Adding products is the first step to take if you want to build your store from scratch. There are a lot of information fields you need to fill, after which your product will be given a unique id and will appear in the universal product list.


Here is where your blogging skills come into action to drive more traffic with high quality content. Aside from the products, content forms the main part of your store. It has to do with the written part of your website. Users don’t just buy products based on the product descriptions. They prefer to read reviews, and more information regarding those products. Hence, this is where article writing comes in. They give you easy options for managing articles, navigations, news, reviews etc for your store.content management


Now marketing is a whole new department. IzzoNet provides much and more features related to your store’s marketing. Marketing is an important aspect of any business, be it a bakery or an automobile company. Without adequate marketing, your products won’t leave the shelves anytime soon. This is where IzzoNet comes handy. It provides features for a multi-pronged marketing approach.

First of all, IzzoNet has aimed at social media integration, with Facebook store and YouTube. Social media helps in product promotion, and it is estimated that around 70% customers use some form of social media to get information about products. They have also added integration for eBay and Amazon to make it easier to sell products.

Then, there is the promotional approach, with the Email Manager, Campaign creater, Campaign Manager, Newsletter management, promotional email management, Coupon distribution etc. Again one of the things that attracted me the most.

Not only that, IzzoNet has also made efforts to improve the user experiance. Features like SMS blaster and Flash Catalogue keep the user engaged.

Then there is the focus on quality, with Page Titles Management, barcode creator, etc. And what I particularly like about this magic tool is that, it has integration for comparison shopping engines. You can export your catalogue for major comparison engines, such as Google Products, Bizrate, ShopZilla, Price Grabber, etc.

IzzoNet also makes life easier for shop owners with respect to Analytics, and SEO. It integrates your store with Google Analytics, and also sitemap generator and Google Webmaster tools, so that you don’t have to worry much about the exact semantics of such things.Marketing Options


This is where you creativity comes in. There’s no end to the things you can do in designing. You can edit the CSS and HTML of your store according to your preferences. You can also edit the default template of your site. Designing also gives you options for displaying product images, and digitally watermarking them to discourage plagiarism. You can also add dozens well developed ecommerce widgets to your site.ecommerce Templates

A great feature of the design part is the Logo Generator. All you need to do is enter your company name, a basic design, and voila! IzzoNet folks will do the rest for you! A great feature if you are not that much into graphic designing.


Dropshippers are basically product providers. They deliver products to you or your clients. In this menu, you can either set up dropshippers for your products, or become a dropshipper yourself for some products.

And More...

This tab contains many value added services, such as Translator, backup system, IP translator, Live Chat etc. These are rich and high value services which you must try on your store.other shopping store features

Pricing plans

The best thing about it is, there is absolutely no setting up fee. At first, you start with a free 15 day trial, as already discussed. Secondly, there are no hidden charges, nor any transaction fees. The charges are as they are mentioned.

For monthly subscriptions, the lowest package plan costs $19.97, while the best package costs $299.97. If you subscribe for one whole year, you will get discounts of up to 20%, making the best package cost $239.97 per month. They also promise a money back guarantee of 3o days. So if you are not satisfied after your purchase, you can claim all the money back within 30 days. There could certainly be no best ecommerce hosting available other then this.  What else could we asked for! :)

Your views

After HostGator, Izzonet has become the new playground where I would learn a lot by exploring the latest technology tools to take this small business to the next level. I am working with some designers at the moment to build a nice collection of well designed LOGO graphics and once the collection reaches some good number, our new ecommerce website will be all live to offer something new, something different. :) Now before I write more, I may better get back to studies. Four more papers to go! Do let me know how did you find the features offered by this magic tool that we recently discovered and deeply played with. What would you like to see in a shopping store? what features of IzzoNet attracted you the most? and what merchandise would you like to sell online and generate serious Revenue. Do let me know whether or not you liked our new business idea of launching an online store. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  2. Thanks rahmeen. Credits also goes to Qasim who helped a lot in making it simple.

    Looking forward to showcase our logos soon. :)

  3. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    yeah credit goes to qasim who helped you a lot:)
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    Beside, everything...take care of your self too.

  4. Sorry but the post it so long that i didn't read it completely i hope soon you will release a compressed version (Jokes a part). although I Got Few points of marketing but for small publishers its to early to start a Estore never the less thanks sir for telling us a new innovative way to earn.. I am excited about merchandise, which will be available on MBT ESTORE..Cant wait for that Bro..And Qasim SIR has done really well claps for You Mohammed Sir, Qasim Bro and Rahmeen Api For Educating us so well. :)

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  8. What about other shopping cart such as Cube-cart. The reason for asking this is b'coz as a small scale business person. I'd prefer an online solution that does not charge me a fee per month (in this case $16, $31 and so on. Indeed, this may include all the wonderful features as you mentioned above but are there other comparable options you could review and make a recommendation?

  9. @Rahmeen

    Forum idea has been postponed because there was a lot of security risk involved with it and also spam and we do need a moderating staff who could look after the responses so for the time being we are focusing more on the store.

    I thank you for the kind feedback. Indeed authors here are chosen after they pass certain criterion and they both have really tuned up to my expectations. :)
    Oh sure the store is still under progress and I am even more excited! :d


    Buddy the exams are one reason why I have missed certain updates but I have informed the co-author so he will update you guys tonight. Luckily our second blog just received a PR2 and MBT remains at 4 which is pretty satisfying. :)

    The reason why I ignored cube-cart is their lack of features. Security plus search optimization settings are few things that reall didn't impress me when I went through there demo. Price can be compromised if features seem sounding and trustworthy. To develop a large scale corporate site for selling merchandise, you will have to make sure the payment gateways are fully proofed and the CMS is smart enough to make quick changes to layout and content.

    IzzoNet charges are acceptable compared to the extra ordinary features that there developers offer. Hope this clarifies why we going with IzzoNet. :)

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