5 Habits That Will Badly Fail You as a Businessman

5 reasons business fail Business is all around us. With the world getting over populated, ideas are flooding around everywhere. Every new idea gives birth to a new earning plan. The most difficult process for any type of earning strategy is taking the first initiative to turn an idea into a practical plan. Rest all those profit and loss sinusoidal waves follow naturally by themselves. I started blogging back in ending months of the year 2008 and to be honest I never thought it would turn out to be an everlasting business engine. This year thought me great lessons when it comes to expanding this little blog into a network of ecommerce services and online websites that gave a whole new definition to the medium I work in. After going through the lives of some famous investors and successful executives I came to a point where I realized that business is not all about Long Term Investment, there is a lot more to it. 

Note: For bloggers and freelancers who are looking to expand their career goals, the habits below are a must read.

The success of a real time earning mechanism is based on strong principles and set out rules and unless you know them then you are really just riding your business on a knife edge. I am sharing below some significant habits in a businessman's life that unless rectified could lead to a terrible end that leads no where.


1. No Clarity + No Purpose = No Results

failed businessman

Most of the business decisions that often fail are because of no clear rules, aims and financial plans. Statistics from U.S Small Business administration reveal that approximately about half of all new small business launched in USA will fail in coming 10 years. Reason? Poor financial management and set out goals.

Unless you clearly know what you need to do, how can you lead the cavalry following you at your back. Make your goals clear and write them in paper and pin it on your notice board to keep yourself focused and determined. Now to achieved these well defined goals, you need to be clear with every move you make. The best advise in this case is to look at your competitor and track all his moves. Only then you know what can turn into profit and what can cause loss. Keeping an upper hand is also the Market Samurai's style.  Clarity and Purpose will surely give fruitful result at the end of the day.

2. Abusing The Freedom

business success and failure

The above picture defines it all. Its every entrepreneur's dream to work late and sleep late. Having the freedom to work when you want and do what you want is awesome but this will drag you down to floor! Yes you are the sole boss of your business but you need to be much more disciplined when you are not working under someone. There is competition all around you and your competitor is well focused and his eyes are on all your activities. A slightest slumber can ruin all your empire. Being lazy will certainly fail you but hard work would undoubtedly rise you high.

To be honest being lazy at work is my biggest weakness. With increasing readership I should rather be thankful and should work even more, but the physical laziness has pushed me several miles away. The readers often find it uncomfortable to receive late replies to emails and comments but being late at their call is badly ruining the blog's growth. This something we need to work on it seriously.

3. Acting Like a Rabbit Rather a Wise Turtle

People often switch from one idea to another. Anything that seems more attracting, distracts your attention you jump to that discarding the project you were working on. Have patience  and give your plans a space to grow. Act wisely and never postpone or abandon a business target unless you are too sure.  Consistency and strong determination are key requirements for a risky career like entrepreneurship. Don't run like a attention seeking rabbit with distractions all around him, walk like a focused turtle who knows what his target is and how long will it take to finish.  

4. Early Demands

Small business owners often attach huge expectations before the Business has not even groomed properly. Keeping short term goals is the biggest mistake you can commit. Keep your demands high and expect them once the time is right. give a space for the business exposure. Let the market know and publicize your services as far as you can. Once you become the next Giant whale fish, you can take at a gallop all the small fishes.

5. Keeping Two Coins and  Investing One

The great billionaire and one of world's richest investors: Warren buffett gives great emphasis on investment. To grow a company no matter small or big, you will need to sacrifice a bigger share of your cake piece.  You need to keep the stomach half empty else too full a tummy could turn you clumsy and let your competitor win the applause. You must learn to invest more and store less for a bigger and faster Boom.

Just this month I upgraded the salary of both authors who work for us. They will now be publishing posts not just at our sister blog on smart earning methods but they will also be actively publishing posts at this blog. This will provide readers with a variety of fresh new posts daily and along with good quality. In order to keep readership engaged and entertained, this small investment was important.

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What are your views?

What do you think about the habits explained above and what habits do you know that has always given you the lower edge when it comes to performance. How far do you agree or disagree, please let me know your valuable views on this important topic. We will be publishing such posts more apart from coding and web designing stuff in order to keep you updated with all spices of online business requirements.  I just hope you find it helpful. Peace and blessings pals. :>

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  1. Back after a long time and first to comment as usual :P

    Well great post and i totally agree with all points.

    My final Conclusion is KEEP PATIENCE ! :)

  2. Bro i saw that you are now using 4 Adsense Ad Units. How ?

  3. I was to ask the same question of haider and thanks for this post

  4. Exactly.how possible to put more than 3 adsense ads.? I saw a lot of sites displaying up to 6 ads.mind to share how to do that ?

  5. Great advice! Number has a great impact on me, honestly I am often distracted with new ideas... giving less effort on my current project. Upon reading this one, you give me the strong push to finished what I have started! It's determination and hard-work... Thank you so much :)

  6. Nicely said, I really enjoyed this article. Plus my problem is also the laziness, as you said it's nice to be your own boss but there is no one looking at your work and it's really hard to gain discipline that way.

  7. @Haider Afridi

    You can use up to 3 Image/Rich media Adsense units, and 3 text ad units combined.

    But you can't serve 4 or more Rich media ad units on the same page, you have to mix it up with text ads.

  8. @footbal nops we can and i found the sloution :)

    It is DFP Google. With this we can add upto 5 Ad Units in one page :)

    @Mustafa bhai only one question. I have added an AD Unit through DFP so the clicks and earnings will be shown in Adsense ?

  9. Doing business is not winning lottery and become rich in one night. It requires very hard work and patience using clear and wise steps. great article sir..

  10. @haider

    Welcome back champ. Well I had to share how we started displaying 4 ad units. We became above average level adsense publishers this year in march 2012.Please avoid any such service like DFP. Normal publishers can only display 3 ad units per page along with 3 link units.

    @ahmed @ho kan toe
    I will update you guys with a post on it

    @prime aque

    We wish you best of luck with your hard work pal and in fact its better to keep both feet in one boat rather two else one would badly stuck between the two. = >

    Feels great to know you found it helpful. Always welcomed pal. :)

    @santanu @santu
    Glad to hear that santanu =)

    @Football manager blog
    you are running a football blog so I guess fitness and work should go smooth for you and you need to be extra diet and work conscious. ;)
    BTW humans are by nature lazy and that's why I recently joined gym to spit out the work stress and improve my overall performance.

    You are right about that Adsense Ad unit and link unit limit per page. We will be updating you all on how this is done.

    I am looking forward to see how far you apply this yahya :)

    Well said bro. In fact its all about working consistently and with dedication. Glad you liked it pal :>

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