Earn More Money By Using The Brand New Google Affiliate Ads For Blogger

Google Affiliate Nwtwork
Blogger is one of the most popular publishing platforms available for anyone who wants to voice their thoughts and opinions on the internet. You can also use blogs to earn money online. If you are a Blogger users, then here is a brand new opportunity for you to earn some extra cash right from your Blogger blog! Google has very recently announced another monetization option for Blogger blogs, i.e. the brand new Affiliate Ads!

The Google Affiliate Ads is a new Affiliate Marketing concept by Google, and a positive initiative towards benefiting publishers who are passionate about certain brands or products. Google says, "We believe your recommendation (about products and services) is valuable, and want you to benefit from it". Therefore, here is your chance to try out your hands at this latest Affiliate Marketing tool!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In the most simplest terms, Affiliate Marketing refers to the promotion of services or products through customers. It works like this: I buy a certain product, and then recommend it to you. Then you buy that product too through my 'referral'. In that case, the product's company will pay me, an 'affiliate', a certain amount of your purchase, as a 'commission'. If you refer other people, then you will get the commission, and so on.

Affiliate Marketing

Most popular affiliate ad marketing companies include BuySellAds, ClickBank, Amazon etc. In fact, most of the companies nowadays are offering affiliate programs to anyone willing to join. It's high time that Google do the same. This was a much awaited feature among bloggers.

About Google Affiliate Ads

This great new feature has been introduced in the form of a widget, which you can easily add to your blog posts to earn money. Whenever you write a new post about a product or service from a featured advertiser, this Google Affiliate Ad widget will help you display an affiliate ad on your post. You can choose a relevant ad from the widget. This ad can be a text-link ad, an image or a fully fledged banner.

Google Affiliate Ads

This feature is different from the pay-per-click model for AdSense Ads. Since Affiliate Marketing is all about the performance of the affiliates, this scheme pays on a par-per-action basis. Thus, you get a greater commission for a larger number of referrals that you make.

Getting Started

Before getting started, you need to make sure that you have an AdSense account. If you don't have one, Google AdSense. You do not need to set up AdSense Ads for this program. Just sign in using your AdSense account.

Once signed up, go over to your blogger homepage, and click on the Earnings tab. There, you will find an option Get Started. You will be guided through the rest of the process. It's that simple really! Browse through available ad categories to pick an ad for your blog.

Here is a preview of the Google Affiliate Ads


Since Google Affiliate Ads is a brand new program, it is still in its initial stages. Currently, the number of ad categories is limited. So if you don't see the select ad option, the maybe it's because your blog content does not match the ad categories. Google is working on expanding their reaches, so be patient please!

Secondly, this service is currently limited to the U.S. People outside of U.S. can't use this feature as yet. But then again, it's fresh feature, and will take time to mature. We are expecting Google to extend this limit to more countries in the near future.

If this feature is not available to you, don't worry. It will be made available very soon. We will notify you of any updates that Google makes.


Overall, we think that this is a great new initiative by Google that not only allows people to earn more money through Blogger, but also allows them to connect with their audience by selling products, as affiliate marketing is all about connecting with people and performance-based marketing. Do let us know about what you think about this exciting new feature. And for those who have this advertising option available, good luck with it :). For others, stay tuned :D

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  1. OH!!! Thats Great News BRO, One another great feature by Google

  2. is it work with google adsense only?should we made adsense account first?

  3. @Pk sharma
    Yes. It only works if you have an adsense account. But currently, this feature is limited i the U.S. It will come to other countries very soon

  4. If any one doesn't have adsense account and they want to have affiliate ads they can have them through amazon, clickbank and adbrite.

  5. Hi Mohammed,

    Thanks for the info. I was hesitant to do so, but with your guidelines, applied so I may make use of this opportunity to earn.


  6. Does it allow other than blogger?? self hosted websites using other platform than blogger!
    if one don't have an adsense account ,could he apply for if , i don't need adsense but want to get this new affiliate!

  7. hey! can't hacking blogs supported by google adsense??

  8. hahahahaha. sara content yahan se copy kiyya hai.
    Qasim Zaib Bhai maan gaye aap ki funkarion ko!!!!

  9. @Razi
    Razi bhaai, for ur information, I havent copied. It's they who have copied.
    Want proof? Look under Post frequency and timings. I mentioned SEM, which is our second blog Smart Earning Methods. They have mentioned it too. Kinda check this before saying anything else

  10. @Razi
    Hey Brother Better Check It Before Complaining See This The Proof
    In This Images It Shows That Qasim Bhai Posted This Post "Top 10 Tips For Increasing Blog Traffic - 2012" On 19th April 2012 And The Content You Are Locating Which is This http://www.kefline.com/top-10-tips-for-increasing-blog-traffic-2012 .Is Posted a Day After Qasim Bhai Post Which is 20th April 2012. As it is totally copied From MBT And You Want Prof Then See This Image Below


    MBT ROX Better Check it Before Making Your Self FOOL

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    That is an auto bot content infringement system that manipulates the paras and generates new content based on an adapted resource. His blog has been reported to Google by us. Thanks for bring it into focus.

    Every post that we publish at MBT or SEM is duplicated by auto both the next second and there are several copies of MBT posts everywhere and we are finding it hard to report them all.

    Please read this:

    MBT's crack down on Copyright Violators

    As far Qasim is concerned I would appreciate you better respect bloggers like him who are the best I have come across.

  12. @Razi

    Firstly,you should learn some basic ethics before commenting at someone's effort

    Now, lets check "qasim ki funakariyan" so that all of us can admire his skills.
    I wont go into much details but will highlight just the "Common sense " points

    This is the description given at your provided link:
    "Category: Security , Internet - Tags: backlink , blog , Blog Traffic , Increasing For , seo , Seo for blogs , Top 10 Tips - Date: April 20, 2012 - Written by: Ersin Tezcan"

    Will you please bother to check publishing date of our post?it is 04/19/2012

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    Do you know what is SEM?it is Smart earning methods ,our second blog
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    hopefully, this was enough to clarify things

    btw i personally do not understand why is this single post published in English there when the rest are in turkish(probably)...

    We welcome you to MBT razi and invite you to stay here and visit us regularly.We share a lot of knowledge and healthy communication.

    Rahmeen Ahmad Khan
    MBT's Gold Star Contributor

  13. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Yes Sir, But Some Of The Para Are ditto (Same) Copied From MBT. Its Better Then You Report To Either DMCA or Blogger DMCA Support

  14. Well, looks like Razi can't laugh any more :p

    Can someone write a post differentiating duplicating and regenerating an article. The title could be "Why Regenerating is not same as Duplicating".

  15. @Techno Tweaks

    Not true brother I just translatet it into Turkihs.