Don't Be Fooled By Fake Google AdSense Certification Programs!

fake adsense certification program
Wouldn't it be nice if you get a certification for Google AdSense? You'd then be working for Google! Google is considered as one of the best employer in the world to work with. But sadly, this isn't possible as yet, as some of the fake certification programs would have you believe. A lot many programs in various countries have opened up promising you a certification for Google AdSense, in return for an initial setting-up fee. have even seen classifieds in local newspapers in my own country promising similar things. Pleasing as they sound, be ware of such programs though! Do not sign up with any. They are nothing but frauds, merely extravagant ways of picking people's pockets.

Such programs take your money and then completely ignore you, or provide lame excuses for not being able to complete your certification. You want proof? Google themselves say that there is no such Official AdSense Certification program.
In a statement released last month, Google said;

As you may know, the AdSense team is always looking for ways to improve the program for our publishers. Today, we’d like to take a moment to clarify that there is no official Google AdSense certification program. Please know that Google has not licensed outside professionals, agencies, or any other individuals such as search engine optimizers (SEOs) to manage AdSense accounts or become AdSense consultants. Additionally, Google has not authorized any third party to sell AdSense accounts in any country and therefore, we highly recommend that you refrain from signing up for these misleading schemes.

Some of you might be disappointed, but better be informed than be ignorant and lose money to some frauds. You can, however, use Google's online resources to know how you could increase your AdSense income.

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  1. yes, and the second thing is adsense account approved through third party sites like hubpages are being banned after a month or so because they recognize that the account approval trick was used just to place ads on other blogs. so try to apply through your own blog. cheers.

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