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404 ERROR IN BLOGGERWith the introduction of latest search preferences by Blogger, BlogSpot blogs are now far more optimized than they used to be before. One of the features was "Errors and redirections" The "404 Error" in simple terms is a page that appears when a broken link is clicked and it tells the visitor that the page he clicked no more exits or is deleted. The error page loads inside your post body surrounded a dull grey box. By default you can only add plain text along with HTML tags inside the "Custom Page Not Found" input box using search preferences option page. The message display using this technique looks pretty ugly and we would therefore need a better approach to design a creative 404 Message for a BlogSpot blog. First kindly see a demo of our error page:


Design 404 Error Page For Blogger

The reason why a box appears around the error message is because of Blogger's default style sheet for status messages. We would therefore override the existing style sheet for the error_page alone using conditional statements. I will be using the CSS code prepared by my friend aneesh joseph which really make things simple and would add slight modifications to make the error box more attractive.
Our 404 page will prompt visitor that he has landed a wrong page and will provide him three important options which are:
  • Go Back to the page from where he came from. We will use JavaScript here.
  • Contact the Admin and inform him about the broken link. This will help you track broken links
  • And finally to provide a link to homepage.
So lets get to work to achieve all the above. Simply follow the easy steps below to display 404 error message uniquely.
  1. Go To > Settings > Search Preferences
  2. Click on Edit link next to : Custom Page Not Found
  3. Inside the box paste the following code:
<!-- MBT Default Template -->
<div class='MBT-404-box'>
  <p style='line-height: 30px'><strong>
<font color='#ff0000' size='5'>
</font> <font color='#666666'>
Looks like you either clicked a broken link or a Page that no more exits. Kindly do one of the followings:
  <ol style='line-height: 25px'>
    <li><a href='javascript:history.go(-1)'>&#171; Go Back</a> </li>
    <li>Report the Problem to us by <a href=''>Clicking Here</a>&#160;&#160;&#160; (<em>This will help us serve you even better</em>) </li>
    <li>Go To Homepage by <a href=''>Clicking Here</a>
  <p align='center'><font color='#0080ff' style='font-size: 150px'><strong>404</strong></font></p>
  <p align='center'/>
  <p align='center'><font size='5'>Page Not Found!</font></p>

         Make these customizations:
  • You can edit the bolded texts with anything you like
  • Replace with link of your contact page
  • Replace with your homepage link
   4.   Click the Save changes  button and you are half way done.
    5.  Now go to Template > Edit HTML
   6.   Search for this ]]></b:skin>
    7.  Just below it paste the following code stylsheet code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;error_page&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
.status-msg-wrap {
    font-size: 100%;
    margin: none;
    position: static;
    width: 100%;
.status-msg-border {
.status-msg-body {
    padding: none;
    position: static;
    text-align: inherit;
    width: 100%;
    z-index: auto;
.status-msg-wrap a {
    padding: none;
    text-decoration: inherit;
.MBT-404-box {
  margin:10px 0px;
  padding:20px 10px;
  border:1px solid #ddd;
  box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #CCCCCC;
     To change the background colour of the box edit #FFFFFF
    8.   Save your template
    9.   Done!
Visit any page of your blog that do not exist to see it working just perfectly. You may type anything after your blog address to see the 404 error appearing. For example like:

What's next?

I am working on some exciting new designs for the 404 error page display and will share latest 404 templates soon.  Do let me know if you got into some trouble. Make the best out of blogger. Peace pals! :)

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


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  1. @Killer-SofT

    What Error You Are Having Telling in Detail might help Us to guide you further thanks

  2. @FAIZAN ALI Hi thanks for your answer Ali, i have add this template but not appear in my blog u can try with my blog

  3. @Killer-SofT
    1.Do You Added the styles in the template correctly
    2.Do you Insert the Coding in here Custom Page Not Found at blogger

    if you do it link this then if should work fine


    Yes bro i have added style and code page not found but it's not appear :(

  5. @Killer-SofT

    it might be your template problem do you try the one i shared try this and tell if this worked for you


    I have problem in my template i have adjust this problem div class has removed , now i have added this and it's work fine, thank you bro for your help :)

    Sorry if my english is bad

  7. thanx alot sir g for this great tool i hope i use it and its works?

  8. hey dude...

    i have done the same as above mentioned

    but my blog is not showing text on blog
    see on my blog

  9. @Killer-SofT
    No Problem Bro

    @Umesh Tarsariya
    This is due to your template problem

  10. @Amit Mb

    Nice but none of your link is working Your Contact Us Page Indicate to Nothing and Even Your Sitemap link Is not working.its better if you use the styles which Mustafa Sir has shared other then that its your designs :)

  11. @FAIZAN ALI, you are right! But as you can see from the url, its a demo blog. Still in development stage, its pretty easy to replace those links with links of your contact pages, sitemap etc. I am not saying that Mohd's designs are bad. But, It would be more helpful if a link to sitemap is added there. I was wondering if I could embed a labels widget into that page, so it would be more useful for the reader

  12. The above steps are working fine on all blogs may it be from blogger or third party. Please make sure that you insert the HTML code

    @: RiPDaD :

    My pleasure. Thanks for being a valuable input buddy. Always welcomed. :)

    @Umesh Tarsariya

    Looks like you have removed the code. Please add it and make sure you have inserted the html code inside "custom page not found" If all steps are followed correctly then there is no chance of an error or any problem.
    Do one thing just type a simple text message inside the box and save it. Do not add any of the codes above and then visit an error page and let me know if the same message appears there.

    If it does not then your template is missing the necessary conditional tags.

    Thanks for helping others buddy. Feels great. :)

  13. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
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  14. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    why is this service unavailable error 503 coming?
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  15. Thanks a lot, as if I did just that but I do not get any message any idea?

  16. very nice sir .. its working fine thx again

  17. @Rahmeen Ahmad Khan

    Bro this do happens to me too some times when we visit blog powered by blogger try to reload the page it will work fine this is a technical problem in blogger these days.

    And the Publish and Preview button gets hidden when we publish a comment at MBT when it happens to you Simply click on comment box (where we write the comment) Press (TAB) Keep on pressing tab until you able to see Publish or Preview Button

    @Rahul Kashyap @Vaggelis AGA

    It might be your template problem do as follow
    Go To Blogger >> Setting >> Search Preference >> Custom 404 Not Found Page >> Edit >> Remove all the coding if it has and >> Save it >> Now Check (Replace yourblog with your domain) and see you get this 404 default text (Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.) If it does not appear then its your template fault

    1. If it template fault then pls give a solution to that fault, pls help How to repair

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    dear sir...

    i have done the same as you told me

    my template is missing the necessary conditional tags.

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    I Used It But It's Not Working. In Your Site If Something Is Not Found So It Removes All Widgets And Shows 404 Not Found. But In My Website It Still Shows Widgets And In Post Body It Show 404 Not Found...

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