Blogger Interface Upgraded! - Switch Back To Old Interface

blogger upgraded interfaceAll BlogSpot blogs will be automatically upgraded to the new blogger look so that it may blend other Google Products. With the introduction of Google Plus , developers at Google have given the same design and look to every Google service to keep things simple. The current interface at will now be officially launched at from First April 2012 onwards. This upgraded interface has many new features and is a lot faster. All your favorite blogging actions now have several shortcuts thus making your blogging experience even more worthwhile. We will also learn how to turn back to old blogger look or switching back to old user interface. Lets have a quick look at some of the important changes.


blogger upgraded dashboard

The Dashboard is now more organized and kept neat and clean. It's the first page you land on and it's the control panel from where you perform various actions like writing a new post, editing old posts, moderating comments, adjusting settings, tracking page views and post count, viewing stats and following your favorite blogs. Settings and blog customization setting options are tabbed inside the drop-down menu next to the Post List icon for a quick link to:

  1. Overview
  2. Posts
  3. Pages
  5. Stats
  6. Earnings
  7. Layout
  8. Template
  9. Settings

Customizing your template

customize template

To customize your template click the Template tab and then you have two options. The Customize option will let you make changes to your design using Bloggers Template designer WYSIWYG (“What you see is what you get”) . WYSIWYG works only for template provided by blogger. If you are using a custom template then you go with the normal way of "Edit HTML"

You also have several options of choosing a blog templates either from dynamic views list, picture window, simple or others.


blogger overview pageFrom the Overview tab, you can track your blog stats and activity. You will also find interesting tips and updates from the Blogger team, and recent Blogs of Note. Its more detailed and informative then it was before using the old traditional interface.

New post

new post interfaceClicking the orange Pencil Icon from your dashboard will let you write a new post. You will find several editing tools and options such as labels, schedules, location tagging and the latest Meta Post Description.  Write at most 150 characters of post description for every new post you write in order to rank better and higher.

New page Features

Pages can now be created ordered and added to menu (top Tabs) or sidebar (Side Links)  more easily. You can also create a Page Title and redirect it to any web address you like. Its not something extra ordinary but useful for those who are not well versed with HTML4.

page settings in blogger

Permissions and Privacy Settings

By going to the Settings > Basics tab, you can manage and edit your privacy settings. You can also grant author or admin privileges from this section. All with a click of a mouse!

permissions and privacy in blogger


Monetize Tab Now Called Earning!

earning tab bloggerThe Earnings tab is the new name for the previously called Monetize. Its well equipped with new features and easy to use instructions. You can track your page impressions, CTR, CPC and everything related to ADSENSE ADs.

How To Switch Back to Old Blogger Interface?

imageThe procedure is extremely simple. Click the "Old Blogger Interface" tab just under the settings icon at the top-right corner of your dashboard. This action will turn your dashboard layout and settings to the default one. Which looks like this:


old interface

Did you like the new interface?

With time we often get used to and habitual with old visuals and its difficult to switch to new ones but we all need to remain updated and therefore every development must be welcomed warmly. I am so far highly impressed with they way pages load now. Edit Blog template has become far easy now because changes are applied within seconds. This new interface also provides some cool shortcuts that saves time and helps you manage your blogs more effectively. I would love to hear about what your opinions are related to this second biggest development after the search preferences. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  1. Loved this new Interface. the Bonus Point is the Auto SEO Options :)

  2. The Update is really great I never thought of leaving older interface when i first saw the newer interface in 2011 but its feature attracted my like a bee who needs a juice of Flowers so i started using Newer interface it has many features which are beyond the description really hats off to Google and Blogger team who just totally make over Blogger.Now Blogger do looks like a website which is using 2012 technology.I don't think so any one will be using Older interface as newer interface is way way better then it.And comming back to you Sir well what should i say you are truly a Master piece for not only Pakistan but for entire are the men who are giving the perspective to the entire world how good talent we Pakistanis are GEO Mustafa Sir....Love YOU

  3. @Varinder Pal Singh
    I Agree with him

    But New is Diamond

  4. Awesome but i dont like this new Interface

  5. new interface is best , In fact I am using it for past few months

  6. Newer version is ok but still have few bugs.

  7. On 1 April Can We Able To Switch Back To Old Template ?

  8. I rather the old interface but the meta description for postings seems cool I guess, if it really helps who knows.

    The new features seem cool but very confusing when you go to it, could they create something that looks better and more user friendly.

    And it would not hurt them to create a contact form in the control panel.

  9. I really love this new interface. Its faster & smarter than old interface :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I think this is really bad news for all of us, and I am not sure if we would be still able to use "edit html" feature on custom templates.

  12. I haven't figured out how you can look at your posts grouped under a label. The choice seems to be just ' All, Draft or Published'. So I usually switch between new and old interface.

  13. how to upload template in new blogger interface?

  14. Thanks Mohammad, Currently I'm using new interface for my blog and your updates regarding this very useful. One more Mohammad, many of us, like me, are not comfortable with css or java script, we are using widgets or tools to our blog that is provided by u and someone other, as we like.

    Now I'm expecting a post from u How to come back to a original templates leaving all widgets, tools or other scripts except blogger's original theme , I mean how to clear all the changes.

    Thanks Mohammad

  15. @Rajeeb Bastola

    Its Very Simple Go To>YourBlog>Template>Backup/Restore>Choose File>Upload And thats all simple enough

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. hello sir..

    you new logo of ur blog is so nice

    "turning blogger into entrepreneur"
    today it self my adsence account gets approve by google really a great platform for blogger user every blogger need to be visit MTB blog

    heartily thank you so so so much (^-^)...

    (it a strength that yesterday night i seen one dream in which MTB has change there logo and see actually it change )

  18. color choice is awful. check out my post today using new color choices, and last 700 or so using old. Colors were better under old interface.
    also cannot access dashboard in IE8 after upgrading to new interface, I have to use firefox.

  19. The colors of fonts on new interface are horrible if you have older or weaker eyes. I get headaches trying to use it. I will stay with older blogger formats as long as I can or until they darken up that font to at least a medium gray. I feel as if they are forcing those with vision issues OFF the internet, just you wait you young wippersnappers techy Google programmers till your eyes start to fail, and then tell me how much you like light gray!

  20. the new interface edit html side too small letter

  21. All views are respected. Since getting adjusted with the new interface would take some time.I am sure you will like it once you discover some of its great new features.

    Those SEO options is a milestone for blogger. Thanks for the logo remarks. I finally had to get rid of that childish logo. :d


    Looks like you are really enjoying the new Bloger Dress up and this is great. As far as my contribution to blogging community is concerned then I am just a grain of salt dear. All praise goes to Allah the Mighty and readers like you who love and share the stuff else I am no different. Thanks a lot for all those kind words and remarks. Mean a lot. :>

    @Green bajgain
    I liked what you said. :d

    Bugs like?

    @Osho Garg

    I am sure just like other google products like Analytics and Webmasters, theme switching will be allowed for blogger too.

    @the blogger
    As I said it would take time to get familay with the new interface pal. There is a Send Feedback link just above the link for switching to old interface. :)


    You can use the Edit HTML option. All options are available in it. Just explore it for yourself. :>


    Thats true it lacks this option. Old interface provided label count and post display for a particular label. I am sure they will work on it.

    @Rajeeb Bastola
    Follow Faizan's comment at @Faizan

    Buddy the only way to reverse back all changes is to follow the tutorials in reverse order. Remove all the scripts and codes you may have added by following the related tutorials. Since everyone follows different tutorials and adds widgets from everywhere around the internet therefore codes would differ. So it would be difficult to write a generalized post on this.You can always ask me for any widget or plugin that may be causing problem in your blog and you want to know how to remove it. :)

    @Umesh Tarsariya
    Oh wow MashAllah thats so great. Now make sure you use Adsense wisely and may not violate any terms. I would recommend the following posts for you:

    1. Lost Adsense?

    2. Stop Misuse of Adsense

    3. Keep Adsense out of the reach of Children at home!

    Thanks for your kind remarks for the logo. I know the previous logo was giving nightmares to people just it did to you. :d

    I would recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome for blog editing purposes.

    I would surely agree with you on this point. I never realized the colour blindness issue linked with all of us. The current font styles and colours for layout buttons and links are surely dim and dull and lack contrast. You provided me with a great post idea! :)

    Press Ctrl + + to make it large. :)

  22. @James

    I got your point now thanks to carol. :)

  23. Thanks Mohammad for your valuable reply. Mohammad, when i search in google and type then search showing only 2 pages of blog, but when i type without www then its show all pages of my blog. This blog was appeared in first page for its some keyword but not now. So mohammad i need a help in this matter how to solve this.

  24. Frankly, I prefer the old dashboard display, but as a free user I can't do anything if Blogger Dev. really want to completely change the looks in this April.... now I still use Old interface :)

  25. Its good to move with times but the new look of Blogger does not work well with my mobile phone browser which I use to blog with. I will sick to the old one.

  26. How to switch from a shit to old, good interface?

  27. I love the new interface but then mygadget can't support this new application

  28. Note today's warning: The old Blogger interface will be removed in the coming month. Upgrade Now.

  29. When i logged in to my blogger today, the following statement display

    "the old blogger interface would be removed on the coming month"

    in fact this is a very bad news to people those blogging with mobile phone, because the new interface connot work on mobile phone.

    I dislike this new interface because i am using mobile phone for blogging.

    Please send your feedback to blogger that they should not removed the old blogger interface because not every person own computer and the new interface cannot work on mobile phone.

  30. I cant access the Template Section. Its always loading and never finish. any solutions for that?

  31. Hello frnds I started blogging recently but am having a problem with d way my blog displays on mobile phones. Its usually disoriented and disorganized,it not like ds blog. Pls advice me on how to fix ds problem.
    Secondly there is a feature on blogging that interests me . Example when one opens d blog home page,it opens and u will see like three lines and see next below it. When d NEXT is clicked,d blog opens completely. I will like to install dat feature in my blog so pls help me. My blogite is - . Pls u can visit it with ur mobile so as to understand me properly . Tnx alot .

  32. thanks for your helped me a lot

  33. it won't let me go back to the old interface!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. we cant use new blogger interface in opera mini or from other mobile devices. So, old interface is good.

  36. i hate the new interface with a passion, it is slow a hell & the face that you can't upload an image, the most basic function is ridiculous. you can add a image from url link! if anyone of a way to go back to old blogger so i can post again let me know, after the thousands of post i have made google has kicked me in the teeth with the new rubbish interface, now i have to repost all my stuff on thumb blogger!

  37. Hi, I was forced today to use the new interface and I hate it. I changed some content in one of my pages and hit update but when you try to view the page it states the page no longer exist. I clicked on "revert to draft" and saw the old familiar "publish button" and still nothing. I did not change the title of the page only the content. My blog is at and the page in question is the Winn Dixie Page. What can I do to get this page to publish. I left a message on Bloggers message board but no one ever responds. Please help!

  38. I HATE the new interface. If I click "new post" there is no option for me to add photos to my blog post. When I click on the drop down "wheel cog" in the upper right, I do not get an option to switch to the old interface. I HATE it!!!!!

  39. hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it.

    it makes things so much more difficult than when the old interface was active..

    now i can't go back AT ALL to the old one. very upset about this so-called improvement. HATE IT.

  40. Not easy with new interface, even cannot edit my HTML.

  41. Well new interface is good it has some exceptional features but to work fastly on blogger i am missing old interface which is in other words i will say OLD IS GOLD .!!

  42. Hi
    I would like to switch back to old one but
    my cimputer doesn't show "old blogger interface"
    and can't switch. Do you have any suggestions what I can do?
    Thank you so much. God bless.
    blessings. chiwa

  43. In April when they forced the new interface on us for a short time, my posted images would push to the left and appear smaller. I found the old dashboard and used that after a couple days. Now that's gone. So, I was forced the change my template. I had backed up my template many times in the past in different places. I thought, even if I use a new Template I could revert back to my old one, if worse comes to worse. So now my blog has everything super spaced out. It's bigger and a bit slower then before. The pictures pop up well. Adding them is a huge pain and the HTML can easily get messed up. THE WORST PART IS MY OLD TEMPLATE DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. If I do try to go back, the blog messes up and get a bunch of numbers on screen. Any attempts to change the blog, even ones were I don't save have effects on the live blog as well. Often while changing this the blog loses all it's links and gadgets. It's horribly scary to use.
    I can't use quick edit tools anymore and the Facebook options have vanished as well. This sucks.

  44. hello

    i try to change my blogger style to old style but in that option haven "Old Blogger Interface" option
    what i am do?

    i am waiting for your best reply....

  45. Hi Mohammad,its probably out of your post. But I need your help to see my blog It jus looks like old internet screen. what's happened to it? how to fix the problem?
    Thank you very much in advance..

  46. now this method can't be used... i can't change my blog to old interface.... you have any idea??

  47. The New Interface is look very complicacted..I want to switch back old interface, but doesn't appear as you explain above, instead appears "Revert to Blogger Profile" I'm confuse how to switch back Old Interface..

  48. i dont like new interface and i want to change into old one but there isnt any old blogger interface in setting buttom plz tell me how can i switch back to old interface. I dont wanna change to wordpress wix or other free blog for this into inrface thigs

  49. i think you talking about earlier time, have you ever check latest time. its not work even you have find old interface button. because that they hell of blogger server had remove