What Exactly is INFOGRAPHICS? Why so Popular?

imageA picture is worth a thousand words’. Data if communicated through visualization can be better understood and memorized. All disciplines of life use this pictorial representation to elaborate it. It is a universal language and can be deciphered by all human beings; and so do we bloggers. Today we will deliver the concept of info graphics. For better understanding of yours, we have not written this post. Instead we have used info graphics to compose our message. Follow up!


What is info graphics?

Info graphics is the discipline that uses information embedded in graphics to convey the desired message. This information can be in the form of text, symbols or numeric.

what is info graphics
It is a strong mean of communication and is commonly used by advertisers, marketers, artists, medical researchers and even engineers. The example we have presented below is an excellent example of info graphics, taken from daily info graphics.

what is info graphics

Why do we need info graphics?

We have already described some of the basic reasons for practicing this technique; others can be listed as follows:

why we need infographics

Elements of info graphics:

The basic elements of info graphics are data, image, knowledge and symbols. These elements when combined can create masterpieces. I have not tried to create any master piece right now. It is a simple illustration of thoughts combined with feelings makes one favorite.
 Elements of infographics

And many more...

What do we represent via info graphics?

You can represent any category of life through info graphics be it lifestyle, health, science, engineering, fun, technology, sports or any other subject. Since I do not have any specific topic yet, that’s why I am unable to add any text to this graphics.

what is InfoGraphics?

How can an InfoGraphics Increase Your Blog Traffic

People love sharing, digging, stumbling and liking Image Content. If you have some good design skills then a single share at social media can turn out to be a life changing moment for you. Do attach your blog URL as credit at the bottom of your infographic image and wait for the magic to take effect.

It was a great experience working with info graphics .We hope that all of you have enjoyed this post. Isn’t it so? So, when will you try this at your blog?

InfoGraphics: Google Plus VS Facebook Comparison

See a brilliant example:


Guest Post by Rahmeen Khan. MBT's Silver star contributor.

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