Tweet and Follow Button Design Updated - Ugly Look!

twitter-button new lookOn November 30, 2011 , Brian Ellin posted on Twitter buttons developers page that from December 6 onwards all button widgets will be automatically refreshed with a design update. The new button now looks grey with a blue twitter logo. The aqua blue Tweet button color is deprecated. The @username is merged inside the follow button and follower count is merged inside a dull ugly bubble. This new design is made so that the follow buttons may look similar to Tweet buttons.

Other improvements according to its developer includes:

Other enhancements:

  • Improved mobile and retina display support for the iPhone.
  • Switching from button sprites to HTML & CSS which will bring better accessibility, readability, and language support for more locales.


At present the old customization effects are not applicable to both the javascript and Iframe code. I published a post on how to change the look of tweet and follow button in 7 ways and all those previous looks were pretty much interesting and blended all backgrounds. But this new design update has terribly effected the overall design of at least our blog. The tweet button that we added at the header had followers count with transparent background which really suited the layout but now that dull white bubble has really messed things up.

twitter follow button design conflict

Design conflict also includes misaligned margin properties. As can be seen from our floating sharing widget with a wide gap just below the tweet button:

tweet button new look

I am waiting for their documentation page to be updated as soon as possible so that I could share the latest customization tutorials. If you wish to add these buttons to your blogs and websites then kindly read the following tutorial:

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  1. Thanks for sharing us.

  2. I actually liked it! :) Their sizes are a bit different though. Bloggers that specify the width and height of Tweet button containers may have to change the dimensions a bit.

  3. Hahahah...When I recognize it for first time...I think my template is broken...

  4. positive change is always welcome by Faiz

  5. I too liked it.Many a times its good to change the look and feel of these small icons and widgets. You can expect better results after them.
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  6. I am waiting for the developers page to be active again. All available properties does not work on this latest update. If new customization options were introduced then of course we can easily blend it back to any look we prefer. :>

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