Top 10 HTML5 Websites To Get Inspiration!

TOP10 HTML5 EXAMPLE WEBSITESHtml5 has developed an environment of enthusiasm in the web these days. And this excitement is justly explained since it has emerged as an innovative solution for web related issues, after more than ten years. HTML5 is designed to make it easy to include and handle multimedia and graphical content on the web without having to resort to proprietary plugins and APIs . We have found out some beautiful websites based on html 5 that may inspire your creativity and motivate you to learn it.


1. Design and Develop

1minus1 creates websites, web applications, and mobile applications, applications for the desktop and other digital media such as animations, illustrations, presentations and movies. They are digital specialists working since 2004.Visit them at and admire their creativity.HTML5 and CSS3 Inspirations

2. HTML5 Slider

I do not understand the language of this website. May be it’s a fashion oriented website. It uses a slider created with HTML5. Visit it at DNDHTML5 and CSS3 Inspirations

3. Ella Design

The owner is a professional graphic and web designer with 9 years of experience in this field, with many awards in her credit. You may like to visit her ‘CSS3 and Html5 playground’ at www.elladesign.comHTML5 and CSS3 Inspirations

4. Creative HTML5 Studio

It is a multi discipline creative studio. You can enjoy their creativity at gimmemoneyicandoit. They do website, brand and graphic designing.

5. Spigotdesign:

The website can be as simple as But it has a really elegant look…don’t you agree?

HTML5 and CSS3 Inspirations

6. Design and Build

Joseph claims to bring ideas to life and create intuitive interfaces using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript. Is he true? Check his claim at joeylomanto.HTML5 and CSS3 Inspirations

7. HTML5 Tutorials and More

Bored of your blog template? Looking for any new idea in html 5? Enjoy several tutorials at DavidejonesHTML5 and CSS3 Inspirations

8. Test HTML5 and CSS3 Compatibility

This tool will let you know about the compatibility of major browsers with CSS# and HTML5. It lets you know which CSS property is supported by which browser.  html5readiness.HTML5 and CSS3 Inspirations

9. Studiopygmalion.

Once again I am an ignorant to this language but I can’t stop myself from visiting and browsing it. everything you see in the background is created using this latest web technology. Get some ideas for your site as well and CSS3 Inspirations

10. Empire state of recordings:

Html5 has focused a lot on multimedia integration in the web content, so we felt it important to share one such example with you. i.e. a web station at empirestaterecordingsHTML5 and CSS3 Inspirations

For more collection you may visit

Guest post by Rahmeen Khan. MBT's silver star contributor.

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  9. cool demonstration! eventhough HTML5 audio player might not pack all of the features it works well.. it let’s iOS folk hear the mp3, tho the player will launch in a new webpage; and to return to your original page, html5 player

  10. Wow, the game has changed with the announcement that Adobe is no longer supporting development for FLASH for mobile devices or TV…it is focusing on youtube html5 and Adobe AIR apps instead….the news got around the game development community quickly. I think the market penetration of mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch from Apple being a merket leader who doesn’t support FLASH made a true impression on developers whose clients pages were losing views by this audience. Comsider Apple’s leadership history introducing CD ROM’s fiirst in computers, dropping the beige look of computers, introucing the iMAc, iTunes, Quicktime, and Jobs support of Blu Ray at Disney helped set standards in many industries…

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