7 Affiliate Marketing Tips Without Which It Means Nonsense

In our last post, we discussed about internet marketing. And today we will understand affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be simply explained as a method of earning where you get a commission by selling and  promoting someone else’ goods or services. But unfortunately, getting a complete control over this method is not that easy. One needs to work really hard if he/she is serious about making a living through it. You need to consider a number of things to decide whether this type will suit your blog or website or not. Also, you can’t start earning from it right away if you are a beginner; later in this post we will see why it is so. Many people prefer Adsense and other advertisement methods to increase their income, because affiliate marketing has some risks if not understood and applied wisely. Without the following fundamental 7 tips you can never expect to make money as Affiliate.
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1. What to promote?

As I have said, it is a method where you sell other peoples’ goods; you might be thinking what good to promote? Well the approach is not that narrower. You have a vast space to find out where you should go. If you have a blog, you can affiliate your blog with the advertisers and you are paid per action… the action can be as simple as signing up or even rating a post. Sometimes it is about how many goods are sold, and you are paid per sale. The payment is pre decided as a percentage of revenue generated. For example, if you are recommending a download/ buy link of an e-book to your friend and he buys it; you are paid. If you have a large group of friends on social networks like face book, twitter and Google plus; you can recommend a web page or upload a video. Well of course, everyone does not get paid; you need to sign up and complete the formalities to be an approved affiliate.

2. Affiliate Marketing via your blog:

The best way to do affiliate marketing is setting up your own blog. Interact with the readers and build a relationship with them. This relationship will give you many loyal readerships that will come to your blog and most probably spread your word too. The larger social network and popularity you have, greater are the chances of success.
Note: For higher sales, you must work hard to increase your blog readership and Traffic. Choose a product that is relevant to your website topic. Don't just pick any product blindly.

3. Understand your Audience:

Before you present any product in front of customer; it’s always a good practice to understand what they want. When you are in a regular interaction with your readers you are supposed to find out what are their interests, likes and dislikes. Not only is this but it also important to know if they have ‘buying mood’ or not. And of course you will promote what interests your readers.

4. Create a Need:

Yes, to promote your business it is sometimes important to make people feel that they had been living without a basic commodity. Whatever you are presenting is the thing, they were looking for. And now it is just impossible for them to avoid themselves from buying it.

5. Mesmerize them to act:

When you have understood your audience; you have created a need; what stops you to mesmerize them? Engage your readership in a way that they act according to your directions? Of course it requires good communication skills.

6. Build a trustworthy relationship:

My above said tips do not encourage any misdeed. Remember, honesty is the best policy. Even if you are able to make some money by recommending low quality products and services; you will suffer a lot. You will lose your readerships and of course high quality brands may give a chance to new entries but they can’t waste their money, doing business with those who have lost their repute.

7. Be selective:

It is not always about making maximum money. You should be selective to recommend reliable products and services. Secondly, you can’t market everything on your niche blog. If you are a techie, you are not supposed to sell kitchen appliances. Stay relevant and be patient.

If you are unable to generate revenue in the beginning, don’t lose heart. Continue your hard work. May be, you will need to change the way you sell products but you should never compromise on the quality of your blog. It can bring you back to zero.

Guest post by Rahmeen Khan. MBT's silver Start Contributor

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