How To Find Ideas For Blog Posts Daily?

blogging ideaThe main focus of today’s post is to help newbie bloggers who are working hard to excel in blogging. Until me myself entered into blogosphere, I used to think “how do people get ideas regularly to write about it?”And this was my main constraint. I was afraid that I could not find an idea and this is not my field. But once, I stepped into it, I was amazed to find ideas clicking my mind. Of course, there cannot be any fixed method that could guarantee a good idea but still we can have some methodology of our own which can help simplify our search for ideas.

Do you need to search an idea? :

Some people really don’t need to search an idea. They have a clearer mind and may have intuition as well. With good observation skill, you may have a feeling that directs your mind towards topic idea. Topic for your new post may be hidden in your previous one. You just need to be mindful.

For example, two or three days back, a blog was posted by Mohammad about switching Blogger Profile  to Google +. And the very next day, MBT’s Gold star guest author came up with a post on reverting back from Google+ Profile To Blogger…. An excellent example of seeing what is in front of you and waiting for you.

Searching an idea:

Ideas are everywhere around you and even inside you. Yes, even inside you. Feel free to write what attracts you. You may also subscribe to different newsletters, journals and magazines to remain updated about your field of interest. When you go through any reading material, most of the times you will definitely have some questions in your mind. And then you read more to find their answers. You may then share what you have learned. You may also visit “FAQ” or “comment” section of your website to know about peoples’ confusions and you may answer some of them in the form of a post.

Belief your idea:

Don’t get confused whether to write on a particular topic or not, just because “Will people like it?”No! Not at all, go for your idea if you heart is satisfied with it and believe me, you will write your best. You don’t need to have some “revolutionary ideas”. Simple ideas, if properly put together, generate great posts. And this brings us to our next point… how to put all info together properly?

Plan your idea:

Once you are done with the idea thing, now, the next step is to properly plan it. Don’t start writing it right away. Take a paper and pen…sit in some peaceful environment and think over it. Determine what do you need to enter into it and what do you want from it. Or understand it as, determine what do you want form it and then consider how you can get it .i.e. what should be the input? What would be your resources? By resources here, I mean whether you need to search on internet or interview people or observe any phenomenon etc.

I plan my posts by making a mind map and I feel that inputs are usually my pillars on which my building will stand. So a careful selection of inputs is highly important. You may plan in any other way, you are comfortable with. But, don’t forget to plan.

Determine flow of information:

Now you need to check if your content is interconnected or not. It should follow a proper sequence and there should not be any jump to any point. You may have gathered some raw material in the beginning which now seems odd in your post… feel free to discard it. The flow should be as good that the reader feels himself/herself in harmony with the post. Don’t introduce sudden emotional hypes.

Put in the facts:

If you are done with the above mentioned steps half of your task is done. Your mind is now free to completely focus on what it needs to produce with well defined inputs and outputs. And you can enjoy the clarity of your mind with a spirit to achieve your desired target.


Guest Post by Aiman Khan. MBT's regular contributor.

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  1. Assalam O Alaikum ,

    Thanks for the Help ;)

    I need your help MUSTAFA BHAI , check XnYs Blog hover your mouse on pictures , menu and you will see that tool tip is styled :) please post something about styling tooltip\


  2. If one is truly passionate about the things he or she blog about, then he or she would not have problems in findings ideas and inspirations.

    In another word, one must have deep passion. If you are not passionate about writing stuffs, you won't last long in the blogosphere. :)

  3. @yahya

    buddy he is using Jquery to bring such effects but the drawback is that not all browsers will show the effect and somehow it effects blog load time.


    I would agree to that pal. Indeed passion is the first and foremost condition to become successful in some field of life. Blogging does surely require keen interest. I really liked the last line of your view. Several people give up because they were blogging with no interest, patience and goal in mind.

  4. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Thanx... for all your usefull article.
    I had asked for some help via your contact section so plz reply soon and plz post something regarding placing adsense ads as you have done .

  5. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Thanx... for all your usefull article.
    I had asked for some help via your contact section so plz reply soon and plz post something regarding placing adsense ads as you have done .

  6. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Thanx... for all your usefull article.
    I had asked for some help via your contact section so plz reply soon and plz post something regarding placing adsense ads as you have done .

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  8. thanx for such a nice post !

    I am sharing free ebooks om my blog is their any chance of getting banned from adsense and plz reply to mail i have send from your contact section

  9. Hi Mohammad.. this is such a useful information, and yes sometimes I have lost and stuck with an idea to create ablog post,, and get myself like a frozen. you're post helpful!

  10. Assalam o alaikum bhai zabardast post :) can u tell me how this banner can b made.. it expands when u hover over it... i know its not a relevant question to ask in this post but still...

  11. great mustafa bro. i hve learnt a ton of things in matter of few days from your blog.
    bro i have a blog and now i want to host it on blogger with custom domain .com. and i not going to use instead i hve plan to register different name.the thing wich i am concern with is if i register custom domain will it effect my search engine traffic becuase i am getting 60% traffic from search engines.what should i exactly do.
    your quick guide will be highly appreciated.
    thanks in advance

  12. hi mohammad,
    i went through all ur posts but cannot find a tutorial on how to add the google custom search in the pagestitle bar/ ad link units bar.
    can you please do it asap?

  13. Google trends , hot news can also give you some ideas .

    I have a question on how to add dotted lines for each heading as you have done.

  14. yar monop template send kar do

  15. I think this post definitely help in updating the blog regularly

  16. one off topic questions please???

    is your blog hosted on blogger???
    is it a safe thing to just register a domain, and use the free blogger hosting.
    thanks in advance

  17. I am glad you all liked the guest post. Credit goes to Aiman.

    Yes it is hosted on Blogger and I would highly recommend using it rather a paid wordpress host. Nothing goes wrong when you go right pal.

  18. Thank you all for liking the post:)

  19. Thanks for this post. As a new blogger, it will help me a lot. Please add some tutorial for adding google search box for wordpress blog too. Thanks in advance.

  20. @Sona
    We wish you the best of luck.And you can submit your request in "Blogger Help" section ,where Mohammad answers off topic questions.

  21. Hi Aiman, it says comments closed in "Blogger Help" section..