6 Reasons Why Blogger Overshines WordPress

blogger vs wordpress
Blogging enthusiast often read such articles. There are 2 types of people who might want to read this post. Whether he may be a die hard Blogger user, who wishes to get some solid points on his behalf to defend his right decision. Or he can be a blogging fan, who wishes to make the right decision in his early moments.

Before i could make any point here in the posts, i would say that its all about setting priorities. A Blogger plus might not suite you at all. So its totally up to the user. But, assuming that any one who wishes to get started with blogging, i believe these points below are enough to satisfy to choose Blogger, as a blogging platform, over WordPress.

1-Hosting 100% Free

free blogger web hosting
What does that mean? People often confuse domain name with hosting. Briefly, hosting is where we host, keep our blog content/articles/files. Hosting is done over servers. Where as domain is the name of our blog. No website can be made without a hosting. Its the only way we bring our content to the world.

So Blogger provides that for free with 100% up time. You don't have to care about blog getting down in your entire blogging career. Google Hosting services have earned a high reputation over the years.

On the other hand WordPress doesn't provide any hosting service. Unless you buy a hosting for your self, your WordPress blog would be followed by the extension (yourblog.wordpress.com). Where as, you simply pay 8-10$ for an year(to buy a domain) and your blog looks just like a professional self hosted blog.

2-Customize Your Template With Edit HTML

customize blogger blogsYou simply cant customize the template HTML code in WordPress. This is one of the major factors i would recommend Blogger over Wordpress. Unless you pay for a template that suite your choice, you would hardly get any that is 100% perfect with all those best blogging tools installed. It would never happen.

So its a huge plus for Blogger, that we could install a general template (simple one), say with one side bar and footer. Now further customizations can be easily done through Edit HTML option. There are tons of tutorials online, that give a detailed walk through for various template customizations.

3-Earn Money Without Any Investment

Working with free WordPress blog i.e (with extension your-blog.wordpress.com) doesn't allow you to put Google Adsense ads. Where as we often see those pro blogs, with great authority, that have never switched over to custom domain and are earning big amounts. You can easily display Google Adsense ads on blogspot.com blog (i.e a free Blogger domain extension).

Installing Adsense Widgets hardly take few seconds.
earn money online

4-Faster Indexing Into Google

Blogger being Google's service, is given more priority as compared to other websites and blogging platforms. A Blogger hosted blog gets faster into Google search results as compared to WordPress. This might not appeal to such tutorials blogs, but imagine a news blog. A single post that is ever hours delayed, has no worth once every body knows it around the web.

Some times faster rate of indexing is the only key tool that popular blogs play with.

5- Ease of Use / Integrated Into Dady Google

You already got the point here. Notice how Google is expanding its wings. Let it be a mobile operating platform or a blogging one, its under the name, Google. Does that really matter? Off course. Google monopoly would always benefit their products.

easy to use

With a single login (Google account login), you can access all your Blogger blogs under one roof, dashboard. Overall, its pretty easy to handle Blogger blogs.

6-Blogger Blogs Are Totally Optimized For Search Engines.

seo search engine optimized
WordPress users often talk about the extra SEO that WordPress blogs enjoy. There is no such case. The same level of search engine optimization can be achieved in Blogger blogs. WordPress blogs are provided with an extra option to add meta tags to individual posts, and that can be done through posts Edit HTML option of Blogger blogs.

So there is hardly any thing that WordPress users enjoy that Blogger fans don't.

To Summarize

When you are not getting any extra benefit from WordPress, why to spend extra loads of money over hosting? Thats the first question that a new blogger thinks of.

So, Blogger or WordPress? Which platform do you prefer.

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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  1. Hmm...

    There are some points in this post that I could not agree at all but overall, I do admit that Blogger looks much more promising than WordPress.

    Let's just hope that Google pays more attention to Blogger from now on. :)

  2. All you said was good according to your point of view , but i prefer wordpress site (self hosted) not the blog one!
    word press is simply master of blogging!!

  3. Cool, Bhai. This post seems talking about me when i was new on blogging world.

    I created my first blog both on wordpress and blogger to learn of its benefits. It took just some short while until i keep my blogger blog and abandon the wordpress one.. :D

  4. (sigh) i am weary of this age old debate, blogger users will continue to support blogger and wordpress users will continue to support wordpress !!

  5. Nice Post Bro, Very Interesting.

  6. I agree with you, before I had the second thought weather to use wordpress, and I tried to move my blog SB to wordpress hosting, but I find it hard, and I knew it could not meet my expectation as I could not really fully customize my design according to what I had planned for it to look like. So, I go on with blogging with the generous help of blogger! Blogger has it all, I have nothing to complain, it's free, and I am so happy with my blog now as I made almost all the changes now without paying for any premium hosting to do the changes!

    One thing I can add in detail, when one blogger get/buy a domain for his blog, when he hosted it at blogger.com, he wont worry anymore for extra charges as we can use custom domain, other than the yourblog.blogspot.com 100% free of the so-called domain mapping! Whereas, if you choose to use wordpress, and decided to buy a domain for your blog, you can't just do that but pay for a domain mapping for 10USD if I am not mistaken, plus if you want to fully customize your template design, you just simply need to get a premium hosting, or a sort like that. Another thing for the self-hosted wordpress though, yet if someone wants no more headache, choose blogger.com as your blogging flatform!

    BTW, I am again extending my gratitude for MBT Church Theme, as most of SB Bamboo Theme customization is adapted here!

    www.SimplifiedBlogging.com and proudly powered by Blogger.com!

  7. I used blogger on this blog: (www.designrshub.com)
    Anyway, I shared this post so that others will have an idea between the two platforms :)

  8. This makes me really satisfied.
    your posts always encourages me weather its on design or PR or platforms ..thanks

  9. If u r still in dilemma ...just have to say that Blogger is well suitable for beginners and has a lot of readymade templates and easy to learn and use. If you have good experience in blogging and has some knowledge of coding, then Wordpress is the best thing to use. Wordpress is widely used by professional bloggers...:) this post is a very good post...

  10. thanks mohammad. Actually I am planning to purchase a domain under a blogger platform. Please give advise on this thing. Thank you. Its just timely that i've read your blog. followed this already.

  11. Blogger definitely requires SEO optimisation for each post and same can e done by adding a hack where post title comes first before Home page title.

  12. For this 6 there are 50 other points in Wp's favour, I love Wordpress.

  13. google dont accept .blogspot domain anymore in adsense i have tried a thousand times... but if u know of any other way to get with blogspot domain... b my brother and do tell me.. :)

  14. @Muhammad Faisal Wahab Khan Hey Who Tell you that Adsense does not accept Blogspot sub-domain ? I think its easy to join in adsense if you follow adsense rules.

  15. Hey guess what, I just switched over to Blogger from Wordpress, one thing is that wordpress was a little bit easier to use and has great free themes. But now I've fallen in love with Blogger inly because of the ability to customise it so much (thanks to your blog too :)

  16. This is all about wordpress.com, dare draw a comparison with wordpress.org (self-hosted) ?

  17. @ Every Body

    I am glad that you guys took interest in the discussion here. There are few points that i would like to share. Note the purpose of providing these points is not to make any mark against your opinion (In case you use WordPress).

    Its to make things easier for the beginners, who are still in doubt to make the right choice of blogging platform.

    The points below draws differences between Blogger and WordPress 'hosted'.


    1- Not every WordPress hosted blog becomes the guru of market. Right? In fact most of them cant even justify the hosting amount they are paying. Its no good deal when you ain't getting anything in return. Is it? Specially for beginners. Unless you are sure that you would succeed in achieving your goals.

    Imagine, after 6-8 months of blogging with WordPress hosted, you end up giving with blogging world (as most of the people do, as per stats). That drained money would never let you sleep in peace, for the rest of you life..

    2- Blogger provides free hosting service (as i mentioned before in the post). It doesn't end up here. Google hosting service has proved to be the best out there with 100% up time with unlimited bandwidth.

    Non of the best hosting service out in market has achieved 100% up time. Recently, most of the Indians here would know that, that popular blog, Hellboundbloggers.com had to face turmoil due to this bandwidth issues.

    As the blog went popular, drawing huge amount of traffic, Host gator refused to host the blog in future, as it was not anymore in line with their policies. As a result the blog went down for a day or so, effecting the reputation.

    That would never happen with Google hosting service. Google makes sure that you concentrate on Quality content and they would support you all time.

    3- What are you loosing with Blogger and their free hosting service?

    4- The ability to customize the templates is a major plus for Blogger. To get the best template that would suite you needs, you have to pay to professionals to make just what you want from scratch. Where as in Blogger, you could even convert a shitty template with the basic backbone, to the best one, that supports everything that you need.

    5-WordPress is just over hipped. I don't find any solid reason for me to support WordPress over Blogger.

    6- Most of the WordPress users support the said platform with the SEO argument. Don't just let it come all over you. What SEO are they talking about, that is not possible in Blogger? Muhammad has managed to bring the 'Blogger blog' to page rank 4 with 10k Alexa. Isn't that enough to support the SEO argument?

    7- In fact technically, you become a dumb using WordPress. Or let just say you don't learn any technical stuff. Using Blogger, you get to know the basics of playing with templates codes. A webmaster cant get any success if hes not good at his business. You should know the basics of template coding as being a webmaster. Believe me that helps a lot.

    8- Coming to the 'All in one SEO pack' for WordPress. Dude that really makes you dumb. Putting things in a form, the meta tags and stuff does the job. BUT you would never be confident about the SEO thing. How would tell a newb that what steps you took to achieve such level of SEO? BY installing a plugin?

    So i hope its now more easy for beginners to go with Blogger, as again, you don't loose anything.

    Hope that helped. Cheers. Would like to get a constructive criticism.

    1. You cannot fully customize your URL structure, track 404 Errors before google drives crazy about it, define custom redirects to external sites.

      I am also missing by php rendered, clean HTML-Output for usefull functions such as recent/related posts or real sitemaps instead of this ugly, sitecode upmessing JavaScript.

      The biggest thing on blogger/blogspot I like and why I recomend it, is the fact that you are forced to focus on and publish new content and can't get loss in "optimizing" your site.

  18. nice tutorial friend


  19. I couldn't agree more to your list except point 6. Matt Cut google enginer have mentioned it himself that wp is ore search engine friendly than Blogger. Since its mechanic was specificly design for search engine. And as blogger user this one I have to admit that wordpress is more seo friendly thant blogger.

    I have a friend who host his blog on wordpress.org that got higher SERPs ranking without building backlinks.

  20. I've abandoned my wordpress site after the version that I'm using is not compatible for new templates upload version 3.0 & above.My site & server went down for almost 3 weeks .And the worst thing of all wordpress forums & guides are not user friendly at all.I managed to get back my site & server & decided to switch back to blogger instead.Just sharing with you guys my terrible experience & I know there are wordpress users out there do have the same problems as well.

  21. Well ownership is really a big problem for blogger, You are really not the real owner of your blog, Google can take it down any time it wants, Imagine you worked constantly for 6 months on your blog and your blog got deleted by google for any XYZ reason, Wouldn't it put the kibosh to efforts.

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