4 Crucial Reasons To Build An Email List For Blog

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We have discussed many ways to make money online here at MBT but never touched email marketing and how crucial it is to build an email list of your own. So lets take up this topic today. Email list is basically your email subscribers that have opted in to get your blog's content via emails they have provided.

Its one of those marketing techniques that have played wonders for popular bloggers online today. Name any, may it be Darren Rowse, or a young entrepreneur Micheal Dunlop, they all use email list as their one of the major sources of income.

Email list is something that you own to a very extent. Its something that you could use till you death to market your blog, increase traffic and earn tons via promoting affiliate links.

Why Email Lists?

1- Know Your Readership

Its the strong way that you would know your reader individually. At least you would have their records. In case something goes unplanned with the blog, you could always notify the loyal readership by shooting them out an email.

People often present a point that email marketing is dieing out as social media has taken over, as a way we socialize and keep in touch with our readers. True it is to some extent. But have you ever thought of the percentage of people that have signed up for these social networks as compared to those who have email accounts? 

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In fact, its the email address that is needed to make an account with Social networks (or mostly any where online). So why not to target directly those who have email accounts. Obviously its just one of the techniques to market your content to readers, in addition to social networks, but its a solid one.

2-Great Marketing Tool

Secondly strong email list can be a huge income stream. By talking Affiliate marketing, its just not promoting products via your blog posts, or banners in the sidebars. Here is where email list shows its real potential. You don't want to over do the advertisement through the list, but its always a good strategy to through out an offer 3-4 times a month.

3-Driving Traffic

Email lists can play a strong role in bring huge amounts of traffic to your blog. You could send out a link of the recent post to email subscribers and it would take them back to the blog to read out the full article. This technique makes sure that people who often read their emails much more than the visiting a blog, gets attracted over.

4-Power Of Association

Think for a minute. You have an establised blog with thousands of email subscribers. And now you wish to start a new blog. Here is how that golden email subscribers would help you give a base to your new blog. You could promote your new blog and a solid loyal readers would be ready to read what you got there. Even though many would not support the idea, as they only subscribed to get updates of a particular blog, but it works to a great extent.

When Daren started his photography blog after problogger, why do you think it was a sudden hit? Its just like those popular YouTubers. The moment they start out a new Channel, the name associated with that channel bring out followers faster than we could imagine. Thats the power of association.

So this building an email list is vital for a bloggers success. Ill be sharing few strong techniques by which we could increase our email subscribers list in a most effective way. That would help you put things together.


Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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  1. Can you please tell how to create e-mail list ???? How to get e-mails of the people ?????

  2. Nice post

    Please write a post about how to create a mail list (newsletter). Also what about Mail Chip Newsletter creator.

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  3. @Haider Afridi

    Today's post will help you out bud regarding solid email lists.


    My pleasure pal.

    Mail chimp is a great auto responder tool. But the only down side of it is that you cant use it for affiliate marketing as its against their policy. Other wise, its great to manage email subscribers and giving out eBooks etc.

    Other services like aWeber, iContact are widely used by popular bloggers today, as an email delivery systems.

    Hope that helped

  4. Appreciate your post. Really a very useful way to grow is email newsletter. Can you please tell me some service by which I can achieve email newsletter FREE.

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