How To Restore a Deleted Blog in Blogger?

delete-blogger-blogSometimes we take decisions without giving a second thought and this leads us to trouble and we regret on what we did and wish to undo what you did in hurry. Blogger provides all users to import, export or to permanently delete their BlogSpot blogs. Suppose you deleted a blog and seconds later you realized that the deleted blog contained some important information inside posts and widgets. How to undo what you did or how to restore your blog and get it back? Fortunately Google provides a 90 days restoration option. Deleted blogs can be restored within 90 days after which they are removed forever from your blogger account. The post today will share how to restore your blog before the three months temporary limit is exceeded.

How to delete a blog?

  1. Go To blogger
  2. Click the Settings link under the chosen blog
  3. While in Basic page you will see an option of Blog Tools. This tool gives you three options. You can either import, export or delete a blog.
  4. First choose the Export blog option so that you may keep a backup copy of your blog incase you needed it. Specify a location and save the xml file.
  5. After you have exported the blog now you can Choose to Delete blog
delete blog
     5.   You will be asked again if you wish to delete your blog and made assured if you wish to export your blog before deleting. Do export your blog if you have not already done.
Choose Delete This Blog and you are all done!
delete this blog

Restore a deleted Blog

Now when you have deleted your blog. May be you paid a second thought and decided to retrieve/restore your blog. Don't worry we can surely do that if you have not exceeded the 90 days limit. Do this:
  1. Go to your blogger Dashboard
  2. Below all your blogs you will find a link that says "Show all". Blogger hides the deleted blogs on your dashboard in order to reappear them simply click the "Show all" link.
  3. Then you will be able to see your deleted blog
     4.    Click Undelete this blog
undelete this blog
      5.   Your blog will be restored in seconds! :)

Things you Must do while Deleting a Blog

1) Backup all your widget codes
You should do this mainly for HTML/JavaScript widgets. Because these widgets contain important codes.
2) Export all your posts.
If in case you didn't restored your blog within 90 days then it will be permanently deleted so it is better that you keep the backup in your hard drive. You can then import your blog whenever you wish using the same method as described above.
Hope this little help proves useful for most of you. Happy day! :>

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  1. Hi My Dear Friend.Can You Tell Me How To Restore This Blog

    Thanks I AM Waiting For Your Reply.

  2. Can I restore blogger post??

  3. @ Mohmd, does this only apply to old blogger? The new blogger doesn't seem to have the 'blog tools' option. So, how do I go about exporting my blog using the new blogger?

  4. Hi mohammad,,, why you dont sent me Cute Box templates...
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  5. @Malik
    most welcomed pal :)

    Brother this is what I shared in the post above. You can still restore it if the blog restoration time of 90 days is not exceeded.

    Unfortunately no we cant :)

    buddy you must log into account using and not
    It works on the old blogger dashboard. You can temporarily revert to it and once you have restored your blog you can then revert back to the new dashboard. :)

    Just sent you the template brother. Sorry for the delay. :)

  6. Thanks For Your Reply And A Great Answer.Keep Posting.

  7. When all blogs are deleted, there is no "SHow all" option..
    What to do in that case?

  8. There is no possible way to restore something that has been deleted past the 90 day limit? I goofed.......

  9. blogger deleted my account because they state I was spamming. Using my blogs to drive traffic to another site with more health information. Is there anyway I can gain access to the last years worth of blogs? thanks for your help!

  10. I have a blog called and it has Batman Stuff and also other stuff in it and it was removed by accident. What can i do to restore it and what should i do to get it back,

  11. Mohammed, I deleted my blogspot blog October 2011. Today is May 22, 2012 way past the 90 days. The GOOD part, is my entire blog is still on the web. The BAD part is while I can log into does nOT let me access my old "deleted" blog and syas it's not there even though I can see it when I am NOT logged in. Is there any way to reconnect/restore it to my email google/blogger account?!

  12. Hi there,
    I have accidentally deleted about 30 posts from my blog (I only wanted to delete one post and didn't realise all the previous posts I had just edited were also ticked). I really would love them back, and wondered whether you could help. I have tried the wayback machine, also a cache search, but these haven't worked. Unfortunately my blog is a private one, which is limiting me. Is there ANY way I could retrieve these posts? I really appreciate your time, and hope you can help.
    Thank you, Viki

  13. salam. really there is no way of getting back a deleted blog after 90 days? at least if u have some ways to track back the posts and archiives please let me know..thank u:)

  14. Hello! I'm in serious trouble. I deleted my google account, the one that it's connected to my blog and now I can't recover nor my blog or my account. I work with my blog so....I'm freaking out!!! I re-created another google account with the same e-mail address as the one I errased and that was probably an error because it didn't fix my blog and that might have compromised me recovering the old account with that same mail address.
    I really hope you can help me!!

    Thank you!


  15. I do not see this on my dashboard at all! "Below all your blogs you will find a link that says "Show all". Blogger hides the deleted blogs on your dashboard in order to reappear them simply click the "Show all" link.
    Then you will be able to see your deleted blog"
    NO I do not! My blog disappeared and it was not spam! Please help restore it!

  16. m not getting any "show all" option however i googlrd this page just after the incident .help plz

  17. hello ,great post ,but i have different issue ,my blog was deleted by automation spam system ,how can i import my content from my deleted blog??

  18. @Enigma You can restore the blogger posts using it's feed url on Google Reader. Search the web for a way to "retrieve blog posts using Google reader" you will find helpful articles.

  19. Hello sir thanks for providing such a great content . sir my blog was deleted by google . But I didn't post any spam content in my blog . plz sir tell me the solution to restore it . Plz sir I was hard worked on that blog . I spent more time to improve that blog . But I was disappointed due to this happen . My blog url is
    plzzzzz Reply

  20. What if the blog is beyond the 90 restoration period? I'm not sure, but can't get any response from Google, also can not find my url. available. IF the blog has been deleted and the url is available again, I should be able to start over, no?

  21. To recover a deleted blog along with posts and comments you should provide information about your deleted blog by filling up the form here :

    Blogger needs to identify your ownership of the blog before restoring it to you.

  22. please help me my blog is deleted . i go to dashboard , i click restore but i only see white screen and it only redirected in

  23. Hi Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    Please help me, I know that my blog is not spam but then also i don't know why it was deleted by google without any notice or telling where i am wrong and what should i do to prevent it, what should i do to get it back as i have done a lot of had work on it.

  24. My blog was deleted by Google two years ago. However, you know blogger restrict others to use your blog address when it's deleted. Right? Now after a year I just checked my blog and some one else registered a new blog with my blog's username. How this is even possible?? Is there any way to get back my old blog now keeping in mind that the username is not mine anymore?