6 Steps To Make A Killer Portfolio For Freelancing

portfolioYesterday i posted 5 Tips To Win A Job As Freelancer For Beginners. And the most important point that i left for today to be discussed was, a killer portfolio that we all need to penetrate into freelancing world. A portfolio is basically your identity and reflects your potential.

So lets sum up, the true killer portfolio specs that we should adhere to our selves too. I would give examples of Elance. Same applies to most of the popular freelancing websites.

#1- How Would You Sell Your Self In 2 Lines?

This is one of the most important part. When ever you throw out a proposal on Elance, your proposal block only contains first 2 lines from your entire portfolio. So thats where you got to make the actual impact. So think deeply what you do and how would you sum it up in those precious 2 lines.

portfolio description

#2- Your Photo Describes Your Portfolio

Using your photo for your profile is extremely important. Just take Elance and all these jobs as your real life career where you would build relationships. Would you play fake in your real life job too? A picture answers thousands of questions, right?

Also when ever a hirer looks at the picture, it gives a more personal touch where he/she feels like hiring you. Its just natural. How would somebody be interested by seeing a logo or any other random pic on your portfolio page.

That just doesn't work. But yes, you could use a logo if the portfolio portrays a professional Company. And obviously professionals wont be reading this out.. :P

Same Goes with the name. Always mention your name unless its a company (as i mentioned before).

#3- Wise Paragraphing

Same is the case with freelancing. Remember how many times we pointed out in the past, the importance of writing posts in 3-4 lines. Those days are over where our teachers taught us about those 3 long paragraphs which our 300 words story contained? That had no point at all..

Notice the paragraphing of this article. It helps the eyes to sail over the content that is wisely paragraphed. So make your description (in fact every thing on your portfolio page) distributed into paragraphed as mentioned.

#4- DO Take The Relevant Skill Tests!

This is again extremely important. The skill test bar sums up your real skill level. The higher your scores are at the skill tests, the stronger your portfolio is. It just shows how expert you are in your said field. There are various skill tests, for various categories.

skill test

#5- Always Add Some Media To Your Portfolio.

Media adds a true flavor and final touches to the a great portfolio. Though it shows your work further, it also helps to make the profile lively.

#6 Creative Tag line!

What do you think on this one? Tag lines are always catchy. Whether it be a commercial or a freelancing portfolio. Again it sums up your entire work experience. Like i write technology articles, right? So i use the following tag line. Simple and smooth.

(Writes Technology/Social Media Articles..) Its not the ultimate tag line example, but you got my point. Simply wrap up what you do.

Those are the most important points that i believe a killer Portfolio should contain. Though there are so many points that we should take care of, but these are the pretty major ones. If you start freelancing in future..just in case, what will your tag line be..? Be creative and share your thoughts :)..

Lets see what you got there. Sum it up in 1 line.

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  1. One line:
    "Your portfolio is like a small wall. Decorate it!"

  2. I would like to add a point here.
    Being a freelance I have experienced that everything depends upon your cover letter.What you can tell with your words, your tests and pictures wouldn't do though they add a plus point.

    Best communication skills are the key to success.More you would have clear expression, more your winning chances would increase toward particular bid.

    Be patient and write key points rather spammy messages coz clients want solution fro their problem not for interviewing hundreds of applicants.
    Be honest and you would immediately get results.