Make Sticky Bar For BlogSpot

sticky barYou can add sticky notification bar in blogger blogs by showing the bar either at the top of header or just below the footer. A sticky bar can is now used widely by all blogs and sites(mashable for instance) for notifying visitors of important updates, offers, coupons and latest news. You can even add your RSS link there and ask you visitors to subscribe to your blog. In this tutorial I will try to keep things simply and will share how to create such a sticky bar widget with simple text and image. I have added drop shadow effects to it using CSS3. The widget is compatible with all browsers. View the demo below and on the demo page scroll to the top to see the bar.

Live Demo

Add Sticky Bar To Blogger

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for this,
4.  Just above it paste the CSS code below,
background:#0080ff url('') repeat-x;
margin:0 auto;
padding:0px 0;
border-bottom: 1px solid #888888;
  -moz-box-shadow: #666666 0px 1px 3px;
  -webkit-box-shadow: #666666 0px 1px 3px;
  box-shadow: #666666 0px 1px 3px;
  z-index: 999;
height: 28px; position:fixed;
line-height: 1.85em;
vertical-align: baseline;
letter-spacing: 1px;
#mbt-stickybar a{
font-family: arial,"Helvetica",sans-serif;
line-height: 24px;
#mbt-stickybar a:hover{
#mbt-stickybar p {margin:0; list-style:none;}
#mbt-stickybar img {vertical-align: middle;
      margin-right: 6px;}
To change the background colour of the bar then simply change this #0080ff  Use our Color code generator for doing this.    
5.  Next search for this code
      6.  Just below it paste the following code,
<div id='mbt-stickybar'>
<a href='#'>ADD TEXT HERE</a>
Now replace # with your text link (can be your RSS link, important post link etc.) and ADD TEXT HERE with anything you wish to write.
      7.    Save your template and bingo you are done! :)
If you wish to add an image next to the link of text just like the one in the demo page, then use this code instead of the one shared in Step#6,
<div id='mbt-stickybar'>
<img src='IMAGE LINK'/><a href='#'>ADD TEXT HERE</a>
Simply replace IMAGE LINK with the URL of your image, picture etc.

Advance versions

In my coming posts I will be sharing more on this topic. We will also learn how to add plugins like FB Like and G+ buttons. We will also learn how to add this sticky bar to the bottom of your blog homepage, how to hide it on specific pages and how to add a close button to it. So it would be great fun trying new versions. Kindly let me know if you needed any further help.

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    Nice Sir, i will try it.

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    position: fixed;



  4. @john
    Photoshop bro. Read this post -> Photoshop basics

    Thanks beben for those new custom styles. :)

  5. Nice work here, thanks very much it worked. But how do i make the width match with my blog, the sticky bar is longer than my blog width.

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    Even i am facing same problem as our friend David is facing. Kindly provide us a solution!

  12. Can you kindly attach a screenshot so that I may now? David's screenshot is not working.

    You can try reducing this element

    line-height: 1.85em;

    If this did not work then look into the body class of your CSS to see if you haven't set a margin Top property.

    Share the URL please of the blog where you add it. It makes easy to explain

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