How To Give Admin rights In Blogger?

blogger-admin-rightsBlogger gives you the option to choose up to 100 blog Authors or contributors and 100 blog readers. Most often while designing blogger templates I need to access my client's Edit HTML section and the only way to have such privileges is to request Admin rights from my client. After receiving Admin rights I get complete control over his posts, widgets, template and entire blog control panel. Administrator rights should be granted only when you full trust over the contributor or your partner else it is equivalent to your blog's post mortem. 



Granting Admin Privileges to Someone in Blogger?

  1. Go To Blogger > Settings > Permissions
  2. Click the Add Authors Button
  3. enter the email ID of the person you wish to grant Admin or Author rights
  4. Hit the invite button and then blogger will send an email to that person. Once he accepts your email, you will start seeing his name and ID on your Permissions page.

blogger admin rights

    5.    You can will see the word "Author" next to his email ID and word "Admin" next to your Email ID. Now to make that person an Admin and grant him full access to your blogger specific account, Click the "grant admin privileges" link

     6.     You have now successfully transferred or shared your blog with another person.

How to take Admin rights back?

If you wish to remove a person as a blog administrator and you don't want him to any further edit your settings, template or posts then you can surely take away admin powers from him by simply clicking the "revoke admin privileges" link next to that person's email ID. That person will be no longer be able to access your blog.

take away admin rights

Some Important answers to important questions

1) What privileges will be granted if you give admin rights to someone?

He will become as powerful as you are as the original owner of the blog. He will have complete control over all your pages may that be Settings, Design, Monetize, Stats Page etc.

2) Can the contributor Delete your Posts?

Yes he can delete all existing posts and blogger wont even inform you!

3) Can someone delete your entire Blog after you grant him Admin rights?

He has complete access to your Settings and he can easily import, export and surely delete your blog!

4) Can someone steal, take over your blogger blog?

If you grant admin rights to someone then that person becomes an equal account holder of your blog with full authority to all options that are available to you. He can take over your entire blog and he can surely revoke Admin privileges to you by clicking the "revoke admin privileges" link next to your email ID.


As you can see that sharing your blog account with another person can be very risky as it has both its advantages and disadvantages so always make sure that you grant this power to only him whom you trust a lot. Wish you happy and safe blogging. Peace out buddies. :)

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  1. nice post Mohd.
    I need to ask you a very big question on this topic .it will be nice if u can make a separate post on this topic .
    my question :-
    Mohd. I have blog which is run by my very dear uncle as this particular blog is in Telugu language which I dont know at he is the one who posts and i just do the designing part .

    Now the main problem is in putting the adsens in this blog ,I have not put my adsens in this because i am scared that uncle might click unknowingly as he is old and not that computer savy and it can lead in blocking my account as he has the admin rights it true ???

    2.but somewhere i had read the tutorial that we can switch off the ads while our visitors can still see them this can prevent from unsafe clicks but unfortunately i couldn't understand that tutorial well.

    mohd. pls show me a way out to this problem .as this blog too has good number of visitors which is going in vein ...

    rest is all good at my end ,hope the same for u :)
    love n blessings

  2. @Priyanka Rautela

    Priyanka, You can install Adblock google chrome extension or adblockplus firefox/chrome extension to bock any ads. Just do a google search

  3. This is something that always mystified me, "allowing Admin rights = total control equal to that of blog owner". Surely it would have been better if Blogger had redesigned the system so that the owner still has the final say whether it be to delete posts or the blog entirely?

    Let's hope Blogger makes some changes to this sometime in the future.

    Thank you for this article, my friend, I shall definitely share - there are many who do not realise the risk of allowing others to become full Admins on their blogs :)

  4. @Priyanka
    Oh please you must add Adsense to that blog also. Just tell your uncle to install this addon or the ones mentioned by @Monk

    And sis I guess if you educate him a little about Adsense then I am sure he will be careful. I am so proud of you for all that you do. Truly multitasking for a person who is a mother at the same time. :)

    Nice recommendations buddy. :)

    Indeed brother, after all Your blog is your hard earned online property. And there still exists Blog Author option in blogger but yes I would agree that Blog admin option should be based on some restrictions. Blogger will hopely change it after years as it is too slow in these matters. :p

  5. @Monk :- thanks monk for ur very good advice :)

    thanks bro for ur kind appreciation i am glad :)
    i feel we all have one life and we must use this life to help other by whatever means we can and thats the only reason i run these blogs .But believe you in me that JUST BECAUSE OF UR WEBSITE I COULD LEARN BLOGGING :)for which i am always thankful to you !!!
    I will try to install this adblockers in my PC .and will also try to communicate the same to my uncle ,i am sure it will solve my problem !!!
    thanks for ur reply

  6. @Priyanka

    This blog is meaningless with loyal friends and readers like you sis. It is no less than an honor in itself to help you all.

    please tell uncle to start visiting MBT! :p

  7. Mohd. U know after ur advice I wrote a big mail to uncle and explained all about adsense ,also told him to install ad-blocker and yepii...he understood all and infact within some hours only he had installed everything by his own and was very confident ...i never thought that my dear old uncle could so hi- tech too ...ha ha ha but thanks to you for showing me this way and also for advising me to educated uncle about adsense and its policies ...great help as ever !!!!

    Ya one more thing ...i have sent him the link of your website along with some specific links also which i wanted him to read i am sure he will get addicted too like ME :)
    love and blessings to u
    ur sister

  8. dude after giving admin previliges to person i lost my admin previliges and the Guest poster's too.No i can't access to my blog. though it is alive. But now He had changed my blog template. How to get my blog back please Help me out.

  9. It used to be that way, but not anymore. Blogger Team will not permit you to do that. Only what they think is good for you. I am still trying. My old email is overflowing with spam and I have acquire two other emails which I now use regularly. But even my old email people will not let me change the email.

  10. I had a friend of mine who posted on my blog as a guest blogger. and due to some misunderstanding , he deleted all of his post on my blog ,due to which i lost some traffic. Now how do i revoke the permission of deleting a post made by the guest blogger account itself . I don't want the same thing to happen again . Please help

  11. I really need help. Somehow I made myself and the other writer on the our blog authors instead of administrators and now we cannot access the settings, layout, etc! Please help me! How do I get back to being an administrator?

  12. sori i have this same problem now to so pls i can how can i view the replys you got so i cud get mine back

  13. Nice post and very ask-able questions for any new user. so thanks for share this information.

  14. thank you for this! this has helped me when i was finding how to add an admin on my blog :D

  15. Hello MohD,

    I am a blogger from Nigeria, and i want to ask if i can make one an Author so to post on the blog instead or Admin to avoid the risk mentioned by you above.

  16. How can invited person access that blog.

  17. How change my website name in Adsense account???!