How To add Social Media Links To Blog Feed?

feedflareAdding social media links to Feedburner feeds is really important in order to increase the chances of getting more and more social votes. Whether it may be a stumble, Facebook like, a Digg , Save to Delicious or +1, each link has its own importance. Feedburner Feedflare option even lets you add a "Email The author" Link to your Feed posts. Your readers can easily email you after reading your post either on their Feed Reader or Inbox. This interacts a reader more with the author and helps readership grow. Most of my readers often contact me via the same Author link that appears below blog post that I share.  The steps are extremely simple. Kindly do this,


  1. Log in to your Feedburner account
  2. Go To Optimize Tab
  3. Choose FeedFlare
  4. Activate it
  5. Choose the social services that you like. I recommend Email this, email the author, Stumble it, Save on Delicious, Share on Facebook, Digg this, Add CC license and add to Mix.

social media links in feeds

  1. Hit the Save button and you are all done.

Visit your Feed Link to see it appearing at the footer of each of your blog posts. View my feed page as an example. Click here

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  1. Assalamualaikum wr wb.
    Thanks brother, I have put it on my blog feed..
    keep posting :)

  2. Thank You so much for this trick....

  3. yes that was what i was wonder at your feeds each time i get email , i see these , but thanks for this trick i learned it!

  4. hi
    i would like to ask one offtopic question.

    i want to conditionally display an image by selecting the items from the dropbox ..both should be on the same page. image can be in an iframe?
    also.. for every new selection of item in dropbox, i dont want entire site to get refreshed to get the image in iframe.
    is this possible to achive? if yes, please guide me how to do this? thank you.

  5. thanks agin for this tutorial

    people from indonesian :)