Symantec Gives Green Card to Apple iOS in Security against Android

This is a guest post by Bhavesh Mohanlal Pamecha from Plenty of Ebooks

iphone vs androidApple iOS and Google Android are the most widely used mobile operating systems in today's smart phones and are considered to safer than a traditional Desktop operating system. Due to the increasing popularity the privacy features provided are not enough to maintain a certain security level.
According to a recent research conducted by Symantec about the security of Google Android and Apple's iOS, Symantec gave a green card to Apple iOS being more secure than Google Android. The research was conducted keeping in mind to examine the core security architecture & determining their strengths & weaknesses of both platforms.
Below is the summary of analysis of the two platforms:

Apple iOS


  • Better Access Control & Encryption
  • Control Policies using password with more options such as automatic data wipe after a certain number of failed password attempts.
  • App Store more secure due to certification and control.
  • Sandboxing to isolate applications.


  • Built-in hardware encryption increases the changes of a Hacker getting control of your device.
  • Apps can perform a wide range on actions which can raise potential privacy flags.



  • Better Application Isolation
  • No built-in hardware encryption in Android 2.2 & 2.3. However, the tablet OS, Android 3.0, do have an option but is turned off by default.
  • Sandboxing to isolate applications.
  • Apps are blocked from accessing most of the system services unless a user explicitly grants permission after checking the list of permissions shown while installing an app.


  • Control Policies using password but no advanced options.
  • Android Market is more prone to Malware due to its openness.

For an in-depth, technical evaluation view this 23 Page "White Paper" (PDF INFO) released by Symantec.

What are your views?

Although I don’t see much difference regarding security in both of these platforms I guess Apple iOS wins the race with better control policy and app store. What’s your view?

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  1. Apple is being sued by S. Koreans for privacy concerns. It collects movement from iphone and ipad users. Does Android do this?

    Did Symantec consider this factor? Is this not a security issue? I realize one is an electronic and the other a physical difference, but it is still a security issue.

    Also, have they a collected any data from both phones users to see which one had more reported security issues?

    In other words, what if there were more reported security issues for Apple and less for Android?

    Also, Android is open source where users can tweak whatever they want, unlike Apple which does not allow users access to see what is under the hood.