Reply Google+ Notifications & Update Status From Gmail! How To?

google-plus-GMAILWhen it is Google things get viral and extremely social. Whether it's the mega giant YouTube or it's the great Emailing software Gmail, with Google's new social networking project things have taken a big jump towards more amazing features and flexibilities for users. You can not only chat in Google+ using the Gmail Chat service but you can also receive real-time notifications straight in your Gmail account. Notifications appear at the top right corner of your Google navigation bar.

You can not just view them but you can reply to your friends and family members without leaving Gmail. You can browse through all notifications and see what are the new thought sharing's at your profile. Further you can share you thoughts straight from Gmail!

Replying Google Plus Notifications Through GMAIL

Whenever someone leaves a comment at your status or post or shares something on your wall like video, image etc. then you receive a fresh notification on your Google bar that is fixed at the top of your Gmail account as shown below,

Google Plus bar

Clicking the red notification count button will display the new thoughts as shown below,

Google Plus notifications

Simply click a notification just like you do in Facebook and you can then read your friends comments and views and at the same time you can reply them without leaving Gmail,

replying to notifications


Just hit the green button "Post Comment" and shoot your replies, views at your friends! That's it!


How To Share Stuff on Google+ From Gmail?

The method is exactly the same. This time click the green "Share" button on the Google bar and say your heart out! :>

Share Posts on Gmail

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