How To Remove or Block Someone in Google+ ?

block-or-remove-Google+Google Plus unlike any other social networking site provides you with multiple privacy options.  You have complete control over your account and privacy. You can choose what to share with whom. Sometimes you don't want a person to follow you in any circle so you can easily delete that person from all your circles. You can not just remove someone from a circle but you can even block that person permanently. This world is full of envoy, jealousy and hatred so you must know how to tackle them if you encounter them in your circle list. These people can be even those who spam your profile or leave comments that you don't like. So lets kick all those who don't deserve to be in your circle.


How To Remove or Block Someone From All Circles?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go To your Google Plus Account
  2. Click the Circles Tab at the top
  3. You will see the following page,

remove from circle

     4.  This page enable you to invite a friend, create a circle, remove a friend from a circle and most importantly block a person.

     5.   Select anyone who you want to remove or block. Simply click a badge/person

     6.   Now towards the right you will find some links as shown below,

Google+ invitation page

     7.   To remove someone simply click the Remove link. If you wish to block some one then click the More Actions link and choose Block  as shown below,

Block a person in Google+

      8.   You can also select multiple people and remove or block them all with a click of a mouse.

      9. That's it!

If you needed any help just feel free to post your question in the comments box below.

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  2. hi, some people have added me on their list on google +1 , but it does'nt show on my profile?? Only one does. Do I have to change my settings or do they? Even got an EMAIL SAYING I had been added, but does not show . Help please

  3. @sunithi
    Some people still have no active accounts so may be they are following you via email only. Once they get accepted you will be able to see their profiles.

  4. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    No actually, it's the opposite. Am able to see all posts, but although it says that 6 people including yourself have added me to their circle, it publically shows as if only one has added me. So any idea what the prob here is. Click on my profile, you'll see.

  5. I wanted to remove someone completely, but this option is showing up grey. All the other options are working. Has google blocked the "remove" option for some reason?

  6. thanks..really helpfull,i want to remove someone and know have i done it, :D

  7. My problem is I removed someone from my circle. But on there page it still says I have them in my circles. When they aren't. What do I do?

  8. Yea. I find these instructions to be useless. There is no "circles" tab at the top. Nothing shows what is shown above. I assume that Google has changed things since this was written.